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Even and further
Even though it did not feel like it, this was a turning point in the club's history leading to a period of turbulence and change including further promotion and exile.
Even though the French and Indian War continued over the next several years, Allen did not apparently participate in any further military activities, and is presumed to have tended his farm, at least until 1762.
Even after the loss of the nucleus in mammals, residual ribosomal RNA allows further synthesis of Hb until the reticulocyte loses its RNA soon after entering the vasculature ( this hemoglobin-synthetic RNA in fact gives the reticulocyte its reticulated appearance and name ).
Even further in this direction was the electronically sequenced, four-on-the-floor single " Blue Monday ".
* Even if life were to survive the hardships of space, or further, was being created in space, these would be very enduring life forms, as the theory itself proposes, and they would have already visibly populated and altered Venus and Mars as well as other moons in the solar system.
Even further, if S or T is normal in ST, then ST is called a semidirect product.
Even before Pius XII reduced the proportion further, only 1 % of the Old Testament and 16. 5 % of the New Testament was read at Mass.
Even further back, in 1978 Peter and Trudy Johnson-Lenz coined the term groupware ; their initial 1978 definition of groupware was, “ intentional group processes plus software to support them .” Later in their article they went on to explain groupware as “ computer-mediated culture ... an embodiment of social organization in hyperspace.
Even in Canada and other developed nations, the loss of human capital is considered a problem that can only be offset by further draws on the human capital of poorer nations via immigration.
Even then, this movement was hampered by mines and enemy positions still in action further up the draw.
Even this tiny residue was further diminished in the decades that followed, the elimination of native landholding being most complete in southern parts of the country.
Even further confusion results from the fact that vintage-dated Malmseys are often labeled " Malvasia " or " Malvazia ", probably because the relatively rare vintage Malvasias were always made with Malvasia grapes even when most non-vintage " Malmsey " was being made from lesser varieties.
Even using crude equipment, these two men had obtained an outstanding diffraction picture of DNA which sparked further interest in this molecule.
This plot is explored further in the season six two part episode “ Even Nice People and Lake Winahatchie ”.
Gobineau's basic concept, as further refined and developed in Nazism, places the black Aboriginal Australians and " African savages " at the bottom of the hierarchy, while the white Northern and Western European Aryans ( consisting of Germans, Finnish, Swedish, Icelanders, Norwegians, Danish, British, French, Northern Italians, Irish and Dutch ) were at the top ; white olive-skinned Southern Europeans ( consisting of the Spanish, Southern Italians, Greeks and Portuguese, i. e. those of what is called the Mediterranean race, which was regarded as another subrace of the Caucasian race ) in the upper middle ranks ; Slavs ( Even though the Slavs are white and of Indo-European ancestry, the Nazis placed them lower on the scale because they were regarded as primarily of the Alpine race rather than the Nordic race, and thus fit only to be peasants.
Even more remarkable is that it is further said that he was an energetic man who worked enough extra, outside of his servitude, that he was able to buy his freedom.
Even if a country does have this capacity, critics worry that corruption and patrimonalism will lead to further elite capture.
Even in this relaxed form, ERM-I proved vulnerable, and ten months later the rules were relaxed further to the point of imposing very little constraint on the domestic monetary policies of member states.
Even further, numerous cases suggest that size perception may be dissociated from other aspects of visual perception such as color and movement.
Even though there were plans for further flights by women, it took 19 years until the second woman, Svetlana Savitskaya, flew into space.
Even if the redoubts were retaken, they would have to be defended by men whose priority was the siege of Sevastopol, and he dared not expose his supply base at Balaclava to further Russian attacks.
Even before Tancred's death he had been laying plans to invade, and his resources had been further augmented by the ransom paid by Richard I of England.
Even " have a look at that man there " is arguably further doubly redundant, in that a shorter " look at that man " version would convey essentially the same meaning.
Even though many boomboxes had dual cassette decks and included dubbing, line, and radio recording capabilities, the rise of recordable CDs first and of high-density MP3 players later have further reduced their popularity to such an extent that it is difficult to find a new dual-decked boombox.

Even and Christ
Furthermore, Wesley did not teach a salvation by perfection, but rather says that, " Even perfect holiness is acceptable to God only through Jesus Christ.
Even the Christian faith, which holds Christ to be identical to God, distinguishes between God the father and Christ the begotten son.
He sums up his deep conviction that salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone when he claims, " Even if a believer for all practical purposes becomes an unbeliever, his salvation is not in jeopardy … believers who lose or abandon their faith will retain their salvation.
Even Christ doubted, on the cross.
Even at the end of his life he adhered to the non-Arian belief in the preexistence of Christ:
Even in 19th century North America, when by the decree of the President of the United States, Brigham Young, the Mormon hierarch and head of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was appointed first Governor of the Utah Territory on 28 September 1851, this was called ( politically, not in law ) establishing a semi-theocratic ( theodemocratic ) form of government there ( until the Utah War ) as an imperium in imperio, within the limits of the republic.
Even as this broken bread was scattered over the hills, and was gathered together and became one, so let Thy Church be gathered together from the ends of the earth into Thy kingdom ; for Thine is the glory and the power through Jesus Christ for ever ..
Origen did this in his Commentary on Matthew when he taught that “ Christ ’ s return signifies His disclosure of Himself and His deity to all humanity in such a way that all might partake of His glory to the degree that each individual ’ s actions warrant ( Commentary on Matthew 12. 30 ).” Even Origen ’ s milder forms of this teaching left no room for a literal millennium and it was so extreme that few actually followed it.
Even though it is no longer owned by the Brethren in Christ Church, Messiah continues to be influenced by its traditions primarily in the Anabaptist, but also the Pietist and Wesleyan holiness movements.
Even John Calvin, who rejected many Medieval ascetic practices and who favored doctrinal knowledge of God over affective experience, has Medieval influences, namely, Jean Gerson and the Devotio moderna, with its emphasis on piety as the method of spiritual growth in which the individual practices dependence on God by imitating Christ and the son-father relationship.
Even in Last Judgements Christ was now usually shown exposing his chest to show the wounds of his Passion.
Even though he was without a formal education, Mello was an eloquent preacher, using radio to spread his message, and his program, The Voice of Brazil for Christ, lasted on the air for two decades.
Even before the year 354, the Western Church had separated the celebration of the Nativity of Christ as the feast of Christmas and set its date as December 25 ; it reserved January 6 as a commemoration of the manifestation of Christ, especially to the Magi, but also at his baptism and at the wedding feast of Cana.
Even as the Jews bore the unleavened bread upon their heads out of Egypt through the desert () until they had crossed the Red Sea, after which they dedicated the bread to God, divided it amongst all their host, and having all eaten thereof, became ... terrible to their enemies, even so do we, saved by our Resurrected Lord from the captivity of that Pharaoh of the mind, the Devil, bear forth the blessed bread the Artos from the day of the Resurrection of Christ and, finally, having dedicated this bread to God, we eat of it and preserve it to the health of body and soul.
Furthermore, Wesley did not teach a salvation by perfection, but rather says that,Even perfect holiness is acceptable to God only through Jesus Christ .”
Even if the christological creative process leads one to displace Christ's central position in that history with something else, he says, that displacement itself is faithful and true to Christ.
Even the most effective scenes, those which precede the Crucifixion, are described by messengers ; almost two-thirds of the text are given to the descent from the Cross, the lament of Mary, and the apparition of Christ.
Even though previously he had torn up the Bible and was strongly opposed to Christ and Christianity, he developed a great love for the Lord Jesus Christ and an intense desire to read and study the Bible.
Even earlier, the British playwright and poet, Christopher Marlowe ( 1563 – 1593 ), was accused of atheism when a tract denying the divinity of Christ was found in his home.

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