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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1333
from Brown Corpus
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Even and so
Even so, it took her several days to force Walter to tell her Nicolas's whereabouts.
Even so, confusion in this period gained such strength ( from compromise and other factors ) that it led to the bloodiest war of the Nineteenth century.
Even so astute a commentator as Harold Clurman of The Nation has said that `` Waiting For Godot '' is `` the concentrate of the contemporary European mood of despair ''.
Even so, many of the things that happened to Wright and Olgivanna seem inordinately severe.
Even so, Edward's ambassadors can scarcely have foreseen that five years of unremitting work lay ahead of them before peace was finally made and that when it did come the countless embassies that left England for Rome during that period had very little to do with it.
Even so, the Draft Act encountered rough sledding in its progress through the Congress.
Even so Fosdick, as the new Chairman of the Commission on Training Camp Activities, encountered strong and vociferous opposition.
Even so, it adds up to impossible odds, except that the question arises, On whose side would the Mainland Chinese army fight??
Even at this short distance they were only vague shapes, setting up the machine gun on a small knoll so that it could fire above the heads of the rest of the patrol.
Even so, he could not ease the tension of his body ; ;
Even so, every pool owner, in case of emergency, should have some idea of what makes things work.
Even the non-church members -- the freewheelers, marginal religionists and so on -- have the values of Christian civilization internalized in them.
Even though the bondage of his verse is not so great as the writing poet can manage, it is still great enough for him often to be seriously impeded unless he has aids to facilitate rapid composition.
Even so, Madden's dislike of the suave, correct lawyer deepened.
Even so, he generally listened and was usually reasonable to those who voiced their objections properly.
Even so, it was still not clear to many in the enormous horde of spectators -- unquestionably the largest golf crowd ever -- that this tournament was to be, essentially, a match between Palmer and Player.
Even so, Gannett judiciously argued, the Association could legitimately decide that Parker `` should not be encouraged nor assisted in diffusing his opinions by those who differ from him in regard to their correctness ''.
Even Professor Arnold Toynbee, agreeing with his son, does so in these terms: `` Compared to continuing to incur a constant risk of the destruction of the human race, all other evils are lesser evils.
Even at a car's length I could sense that something was wrong, and so I followed her up to the turnaround in front of the house.
Even so, he often continued to give detailed directions to his generals as Commander in Chief.
Even so, half of a given amount of astatine will vaporize in an hour if put on a clean glass surface at room temperature.
Even so, his ideas helped to found one of the first adult education centers in America, and provided the foundation for future generations of liberal education.
Even so, Emerson noted that Alcott's brilliant conversational ability did not translate into good writing.
Even so, the flat country and weather uncertainties made flooding much more unpredictable than in the case of the Nile ; serious deluges seem to have been a regular occurrence, requiring constant maintenance of irrigation ditches and drainage systems.

Even and apparently
Even though the French and Indian War continued over the next several years, Allen did not apparently participate in any further military activities, and is presumed to have tended his farm, at least until 1762.
Even apparently simple changes can have unexpected effects.
Even if this did not work, Themistocles apparently intended that Xerxes would at least begin to suspect the Ionians, thereby sowing dissension in the Persian ranks.
Even such apparently unambiguous concepts such as gender can be subject to vagueness problems, not just from transsexuals ' gender transitions but also from certain genetic conditions which can give an individual both male and female biological traits ( see intersexual ).
Even though it is apparently simple, the paradox's underlying complexities have even led to it being called a " significant problem " for philosophy.
Even the expulsion of Germans from central and eastern Europe after World War II was apparently sanctioned in article 13 of the Potsdam communiqué, although research has shown that both the British and the American delegations at Potsdam strongly objected to the size of the population transfer that had already taken place and was accelerating in the summer of 1945.
Even changing the mass distribution of an aircraft or the stiffness of one component can induce flutter in an apparently unrelated aerodynamic component.
Even if he doesn't actually sin physically, his impure thoughts are sin in themselves .” However, apparently at the insistence of some of their husbands, a rabbinical authority quoted as saying “ There is a real danger that by exaggerating, you are doing the opposite of what is intended in severe transgressions in sexual matters ,” issued an edict declaring burka-wearing a sexual fetish, that is as promiscuous as wearing too little.
Even Trivers, who once dismissed her apparently illogical convictions, admits that her theory regarding female sexual strategies has " worn well.
Even when they had completed this manoeuvre at about two o ' clock, the battle did not begin until the sight of the King with his large entourage riding from regiment to regiment to encourage his soldiers, apparently goaded the Parliamentarians into opening fire.
Even though this left Wen Ho Lee apparently in the clear, the FBI continued its attempt to find evidence for implicating Lee of committing espionage for the PRC.
Even when apparently discovered in-situ archaeological finds are treated with caution.
Even late at night Scarlett can hear Melanie pacing her bedroom back and forth, apparently suffering from insomnia.
* Even after a crisis passes and there is no other crisis apparently forthcoming, rather than Doug and Tony existing in that time period, until Tunnel personnel have perfected a means of getting them back, they get sent to another time period, to face a new crisis.
Even though it seems that this new birth could apparently be had even after death, it is only through that he was already ' coming back to life ' that he was saved.
Even many of Darwin's original supporters ( such as Alfred Russel Wallace and Charles Lyell ) balked at the idea that human beings could have evolved their apparently boundless mental capacities and moral sensibilities through natural selection.
Even these informed few virtually never travel to the Umbra, and are unaware of its apparently endless diversity.
Even though the Schrödinger equation was developed two years later, Wentzel, Kramers, and Brillouin were apparently unaware of this earlier work, so Jeffreys is often neglected credit.
Even when an analyst suspects the presence of a message, an innocent letter can contain apparently hidden text.
This is much simpler than the original, however ; according to Stibbons, Hex is technically a Very Big Thing, while the Braseneck device is barely a Quite Big Thing ( the next step up would be a Great Big Thing, every particle of the universe being modelled within it ; apparently these terms are quite exact, as when the Lecturer in Recent Runes postulated that the Braseneck wizards would try and build an Even Bigger Thing, Ponder Stibbons corrected him.
Even kings were apparently expected to take part in a messhall, and were not to eat privately at home with their wives.
Even the most sophisticated optimizing compiler would have an extremely hard time amalgamating two or more apparently disparate functions which might appear in different program sections or sub-routines ( yet this would be entirely obvious to a programmer who would naturally try to ensure the sums were aggregated on the same ' pass ' of the array to minimize overhead ).
However, when he goes to arrest Even Juul, he discovers that Even has apparently committed suicide, and Harry believes that Even discovered that his " other personality ", Daniel Gudeson, had been committing the murders and that he had committed suicide in order to stop Daniel.

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