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Page "science_fiction" ¶ 273
from Brown Corpus
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Even and herself
Even though she is the one who initially trained Jen, Jen is never seen to use poison herself.
" Even Thatcher herself wrote in her 1995 memoirs, which charted her beginnings in Grantham to her victory in the 1979 General Election, that she admired Attlee, writing: " Of Clement Attlee, however, I was an admirer.
* Even though Eve had Adam for a husband, she was still a virgin ... By disobeying, Eve became the cause of death for herself and for the whole human race.
" Even so, Anne found herself increasingly ignored after Buckingham's rise and became a lonely figure towards the end of her life.
Even Queen Victoria herself was said to be amused when Mary Anne commented, in response to a remark about some lady's pale complexion, " I wish you could see my Dizzy in his bath!
Even at the start of her film career, Dietrich would often include masculine clothes in her wardrobe, giving herself an androgynous quality
" Even Bette Davis herself is quoted as saying, " Only a mother could have loved me at this point in my life.
Even more of a shock, including ( allegedly ) to Queen Victoria herself, was the omission of – Dei Gratia (" by the grace of God ") – from the coin's inscription, which resulted in it being popularly known as the godless florin.
Even though she does receive financial aid from the government, she receives barely enough money to provide a better living for herself and her six children.
Even Jones herself encouraged the workers to accept a settlement.
Even though Piper tried to distance herself from Leo, she realized how much Leo missed Wyatt and how much Wyatt missed his daddy, so she told him that he could visit as much as he wanted when she was not around.
Even if not as precisely as Madame Xanadu, Zatanna has proven herself able to call upon tarot reading for insight or divination.
Even Sally Brown, herself younger than the other children, was shown giving Rerun a tour of the bus stop and school just weeks before he started kindergarten.
Even though both Amanda and Liz herself have doubts about her competence, Happy stands by her.
Even in their very short introduction, it may become clear that the director is unsure of himself or herself, or finds it difficult to communicate ideas.
Even though Pavlichenko could see the enemy from where she was crouched during her first day on the battlefield, she couldn't bring herself to fire.
Even though she is hurt by his criticism, Lisa aims to correct it and resolves to find a singular passion to which she can devote herself, astronomy.
Even though Shalini is engaged to marry someone else, she finds herself agreeing and they both, eventually, start to feel a certain " something ".
Even when Yomiko reveals that Nancy's son lives and that she lied to her, Nancy easily forgives her ( though Yomiko is much less forgiving of herself ).
Even the Church herself is not proof against snares of this kind.
Even Lata herself stated in a live concert in the late 1990s that she found Madan Mohan's compositions difficult to master.
Even though she did not consider herself fluent in Spanish, Lhasa said that she enjoyed singing in the language because it came from " a deeper place ".
Even when one of his own officers, Yuka, is kidnapped during an attempted sting operation and sold into slavery herself.
Even seemingly happy after receiving every American dollars from her clients, she carries a silent resentment of herself and her clients.

Even and sounded
Even here, in its infancy, feature film was eager to pick up the call for social reform that sounded out in urban America before the First World War.
Even though the begena has ten strings, only six are actually sounded by plucking.

Even and little
Even the great god Faulkner, the South's one probable contender for literary immortality, has little concerned himself with these matters ; ;
Even the first wave of homesickness had passed, although there were moments when Captain Heard pointed out on his compass the direction of Bradford that she felt a little twinge at her heart.
Even so, Edward's ambassadors can scarcely have foreseen that five years of unremitting work lay ahead of them before peace was finally made and that when it did come the countless embassies that left England for Rome during that period had very little to do with it.
Even if it did not, how would this little world of gentle people cope with its new reality of grenades and submachine guns??
Even a nuclear holocaust is a little less frightful to contemplate than a race of dehumanised humans occupying the earth until doomsday ''.
Even now I am appalled at how little anyone knows of what they really are.
Even though the Bandanese had little understanding of the significance of the treaty known as ' The Eternal Compact ', or that not all Bandanese leaders had signed, it would later be used to justify Dutch troops being brought in to defend their monopoly.
Even though supply still slightly exceeds demand, there is little will to invoke the Federal Marketing Order out of the realization that any pullback in supply by U. S. growers would easily be filled by Canadian production.
Even in jurisdictions where certification has little or no legal bearing on work, engineers are subject to contract law.
Even while the country enjoyed a degree of prosperity when compared to the famines of France and Germany in this period, the Visigoths felt little reason to contribute to the welfare, permanency, and infrastructure of their people and state.
Even so, he found little to say about a historical Arthur.
Even though very little of Lesotho is covered in water, the rivers that run across the country are an important part of Lesotho's economy.
Even so, his condition appeared to have little effect on his productivity, as he compensated for it with his mental calculation skills and photographic memory.
Even for knights, in practice their horses tended to be less well protected, so that longbows could kill or wound the horses even when the arrows had little effect against the knights themselves.
Even a listing on a federal or state historic registry gives little or no protection in many cases.
Even with these forms of influence, Palau has predominantly very little influence from the Spanish occupation compared to other islands within the region, such as Guam.
Even the little children mock at you.
Even his club mate Harri Larva had learned little from him.
Even though he had little to do with the album, McDaniels was relishing the stage ; he had been suffering from an inoperable vocal disorder that had rendered his once-booming voice a strained mumble.
Even more unusually, however, many of the solo songs on Maxinquaye featured little of Tricky's own voice: his then-lover, Martina Topley-Bird, sang them, including her reimagining of Public Enemy's militant 1988 rap " Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos ", while other songs were male-female duets dealing with sex and love in oblique ways, over beds of sometimes dissonant samples.
Even then, little code was shared.
Even though Gadamer's interpretation of Heidegger has been questioned, there is little doubt that Heidegger seized upon Dilthey's concept of hermeneutics.
Even today, relatively little is known about the discourse produced in on-line communication contexts.
Even though Cooney and the CTW had very little experience with marketing, they demanded complete control over all products and product decisions.

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