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Even and today
Even today range riders will come upon mummified bodies of men who attempted nothing more difficult than a twenty-mile hike and slowly lost direction, were tortured by the heat, driven mad by the constant and unfulfilled promise of the landscape, and who finally died.
Even today there are some doubts about the value of education for Japanese women, but this University continues to grow and to send its students out into the community.
Even Norway, despite daily but limited manifestations against atomic arms in the heart of this northernmost capital of the alliance, is today closer to the NATO line.
Even today, the evaluation of forces is controversial.
Even today, the procedure is credited with ending the devastation caused by the early epidemics, and vaccination, in many ways an updated and modernized form of the procedure, continues to be recommended by the Centers for Disease Control for at-risk populations, such as potential victims of bioterrorism, and research scientists who work with surviving strains of the virus.
Even more than two hundred years later, during the last century, when Western specialists in Chinese, who had by that time created the discipline known as sinology, designed the early forms of numerous transcriptions used today, the first mistakes of enthusiastic missionaries, envoys and business men were not fully eliminated.
" Even today, though these errors have been recognized for more than a century, the general notion that Lao Tzu was Christ's forerunner has lost none of its romantic appeal.
Even today, they are invaluable tools to understanding filter behavior.
Even today, many brass pedagogues take a rigid approach to teaching how a brass player's embouchure should function.
Even today, many films are shot entirely in Cinecittà.
Even today, half a century later, many of the floating-point benchmarks to gauge the performance of new computer processors are still written in Fortran ( e. g., CFP2006, the floating-point component of the SPEC CPU2006 benchmarks ).
Even today, knowledge in the field advances so rapidly that many of the etymologies in contemporary dictionaries are outdated.
Even today these records are consulted prior to marriages.
Even though Spain, the United Kingdom and Gibraltar are all part of the European Union, the border fence is still relevant today since Gibraltar is outside the customs union.
Even though the evangelist as depicted in the New Testament doesn't match the patristic description of Luke, the traditional view is still argued today.
Even today, the various memories and interpretations of this occupation still fuel animosities between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
Even today the play is rarely performed in its entirety, and has only once been dramatised on film completely, with Kenneth Branagh's 1996 version.
Even today Russia shares many continuities of political culture and social structure with its tsarist and Soviet past.
Even today, IKEA customers in Australia cannot shop online.
Roderick Seeman says: " Even today many Japanese do not understand why this is illegal.
Even today, Id's History page makes a direct reference to Freud.
Even today, about two-thirds of the more than 3 million people in Kuwait are not Kuwaiti citizens.
Even today, the living conditions in such an environment are not particularly favourable.
Even today, Louchébem is still well-known and used among those working at point-of-sale in the meat retail industry.

Even and 1st
Even if we do make some sort of connection between the 4th century Huns and the 1st century Xiongnu, an awful lot of water has passed under an awful lot of bridges in the three hundred years ' worth of lost history.
Even before the annulment of her first marriage, Henry VI chose Margaret as a suitable bride for his half-brother, Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond.
Even so, the 1st Fighter Group maintained a heavy schedule of demonstration flights that served to introduce the fighter to a curious public.
Even though they failed in their attempt, they managed to wipe out the 1st company of Ultramarines, a feat never repeated by another race.
Even though the base of the salient was nearly broken, Lucas was able to bolster 1st Infantry Division's defenses with one of the newly-arrived brigades from 56th Division, allowing the withdrawal of the British 3rd Infantry Brigade.
Even within the context of English and colonial Irish rule, the attainder came about six years after Rory, 1st Earl of Tyrconnell, had already died.
The Even More Incredible Machine, The Incredible Machine 3, Return of the Incredible Machine: Contraptions, and The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions were released on GOG. com on October 1st, 2009 as part of the The Incredible Machine Mega Pack.
Even though he had one year of college eligibility remaining, Bradley left school to go to the NBA in 2001 and was selected as the 17th pick in the 1st round of the NBA Draft by the Toronto Raptors.
Even if this was the end of the original Greco-Bactrian kingdom, the Greeks continued to rule in northwestern India to the end of the 1st century BCE, under the Indo-Greek Kingdom.
Even though the inhabitants settled around the 1st century, the city only started to grow much later.
The Club were awarded their first ever County 1st XI fixture in 2007, however the torrential rain put paid to the fixture which was hugely disappointing as Bomere Heath is one of the nicest ground's in Shropshire. Even upon the fixture being moved after Bomere very sensibly informed the county with plenty of time that the ground was too wet.
Even though HIF were on top of the league far into the season ( they held their 1st position until the 22nd round ), they were eventually beaten by bitter rivals Malmö FF.
Even though the team had many profiles and good players, the team lacked stability and in the 1997 – 98 season, OB ended last with six season victories and were relegated to the second best league, the Danish 1st Division.
Even though it was practiced for centuries — its origins have been traced as far back as the 1st century BC — it only became popular after World War II.
Even though credit is given for WEFM Chicago and WGFM Schenectady on June 1st 1961 as the first stereo FM broadcaster I have to give credit to KDKA-FM ( WLTJ ) for being the station of choice by the FCC to test all types of Stereo Generators so WEFM & WGFM can both claim to be the ones to be the first to broadcast in stereo.

Even and Cadet
In 2002, Romano became the first person to act in three Disney Channel projects simultaneously, supplementing her work on Even Stevens with a starring role in a movie named Cadet Kelly, alongside Hilary Duff, and voice acting as the title character in Kim Possible, for which she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy.

Even and Battalion
Even then, although in great pain, he refused to be evacuated, remaining with his Battalion and continuing to inspire them by his presence on the field.

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