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Every and residence
Every person should be identified uniquely as resident in one place but where they happen to be on census day, their de facto residence, may not be the best place to count them.
Every family or rental agency has to pay a replacement tax to support these shelters, or alternatively own a personal shelter in their place of residence.
Every year, Dr. Russell Marriot, in current residence of this home, helps hold a town ceremony in Gen. William Floyd's honor.
Every residence hall is equipped with at least one communal lounge area ( with a big-screen television, sometimes a ping-pong table, pianos, etc.
Every day, some 60 people used to gather at his residence and it was rare among these, that there were not at least five or six people who were susceptible to fall into a hypnotic trance.
He stated, " Every legislator's area residence is close to the Capitol.
" Every man has a right to enter the Republic, exit it, travel through its territory, and change his residence without the need of a security card, passport, or any similar device.
Every other residence hall must be selected during room selection in the spring.
Every residence hall has lounges for relaxation or study, as well as laundry facilities.
* Rome Prize in Literature – Every year the Academy selects and partly subsidizes two young writers for a one-year residence at the American Academy in Rome.
Every residence hall also offers a small assortment of private single rooms.
Every person in the region needed a permit allowing them to be there, and registration at a command post that monitored the population, which made indefinite residence in the area almost impossible to establish.
: Every independent person can acquire a domicile of choice by the jurisdiction of residence and intention of permanent or indefinite residence, but not otherwise.
" Every temple or palace -- and by extension, every sacred city or royal residence -- is a Sacred Mountain, thus becoming a Centre.
Every summer, the Ceremonial Guard performs the Changing the Guard ceremony on Parliament Hill and posts sentries at Rideau Hall, the residence of the Governor General of Canada, and as of the summer of 2007, the National War Memorial.
Every Halloween, Muir students drop a giant pumpkin from the top of the tallest residence hall as part of the Halloween Carnival.
Every discipline that uses residence time in some way adapts the definition in order to make it more specific to the application to which it is referring.
" Every year, The Pride gathered at the Wilder residence, using the excuse of an " annual charity fundraiser ", while in reality, they would perform the " Rite of Blood ", the ritual sacrifice of an innocent young female victim ; the spirit of the victim would then be fed to the Gibborim in the " Rite of Thunder ".

Every and hall
Every hall is equipped with excellent sports and computing facilities besides institute's common facilities.
The main entrance to the hall contains a statue of Sun Yat-sen. Every hour, there is a formal changing of the guards, which is a popular tourist attraction.
Every year, the GWCC holds the SEC Football Fanfare in one of its convention halls, usually Halls C1 and C2, joined together to create one large exhibition hall.
Every night the Beebe Grill is open in the Fish Center for students to get something to eat after study hall, or a place where there are musical performances and dances on the weekends.
Every week, the Crier has traditionally shouted from the balcony of the cozy dining hall, " It's six o ' clock in Trumbull College, and all is well!
Every summer there is a theme concert by the schoolchildren and teachers of the Christian Grammar School in the school's own hall.
Every night, Sunday through Thursday, boarding students are required to attend study hall from 7-10 pm where they are required to attend to their work.
Every seat in the concert hall has an unobstructed view, since there are no interior supports for the overarching dome.
The average flow of pilgrims is about 10, 000 people everyday. Every one of the thousands of pilgrims who daily visit shri Kshetra Dharmasthala is an honored guest irrespective of caste, creed, culture or status. The " Anna Daana "( free food ) is perhaps one of the most impressive events that takes place at the holy temple. Free food is provided to devotees who come in thousands every day. The temple has modern machinery and makes quality food continuously throughout the day. Temple does not differentiate between the rich and the poor for the Anna Dhaana. The dining hall is known as " Annapoorna ".
Every two years there is a large fete held at the local Niagara Park primary school which features many rides and in the hall there is many baked goods stores.

Every and resident
Sir -- Every resident of this city should visit the Newark Museum and see the exhibit `` Our Changing Skyline in Newark ''.
Every city had a large number of resident aliens.
Every resident is White.
Every person with or without a Social Security Number is eligible to apply, however if a person does not meet any of the above criteria or is a documented resident of the United States, his or her claim can only be taken on paper and will be immediately denied.
Every resident in Germany with a radio, TV or other relevant device ( such as a computer or mobile phone with internet access ) is obliged to pay this licence fee.
Every Ontario resident with his or her primary and permanent home in Ontario is entitled to access emergency and preventive medical care ( although Bariatric surgery in many cases is not covered ) under OHIP free of charge.
Every Wednesday a general meeting of all Members of the Society resident in Malta takes place in the Society's Mother House.
Every resident is assigned a task, while Sally, a rag doll woman who is created by the town's mad scientist, begins to feel a romantic attraction towards Jack.
Every citizen, and every other person lawfully resident in Fiji, has the right to reside in any part of Fiji, to move freely throughout Fiji, and to leave Fiji.
Section 2615 of the Welfare and Institutions Code of California declares,Every person, firm or corporation, or officer or agent thereof that brings or assists in bringing into the State any indigent person who is not a resident of the State, knowing him to be an indigent person, is guilty of a misdemeanor .” A complaint was subsequently filed against Edwards in Justice Court, where he was convicted and sentenced to six months imprisonment in the county jail.
Every Saturday night at about dusk, the locals and visitors meet for a Talent Show that features permanent resident musicians and anyone else who wants to get up on stage and perform.
Every Vallentuna resident older than 16 years can register on the website to vote ; anyone in the world can take part in the debates, if they can write in Swedish.
Every resident among the Israelites shall live in booths.
According to Article 3 of the 1922 Constitution of the Irish Free State, " Every person, without distinction of sex, domiciled in the area of the jurisdiction of the Irish Free State ( Saorstát Eireann ) at the time of the coming into operation of this Constitution who was born in Ireland or either of whose parents was born in Ireland or who has been ordinarily resident in the area of the jurisdiction of the Irish Free State ( Saorstát Eireann ) for not less than seven years, is a citizen of the Irish Free State ( Saorstát Eireann ) and shall within the limits of the jurisdiction of the Irish Free State ( Saorstát Eireann ) enjoy the privileges and be subject to the obligations of such citizenship [...]".
Every evening, over 2 million resident bats spiral out for their evening feed.
Every resident of the slum pays a variable sum of money to the organization, in exchange for protection against theft and property damage.

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