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# and Every
# Every adiabat asymptotically approaches both the V axis and the P axis ( just like isotherms ).
# Every net on X has a convergent subnet ( see the article on nets for a proof ).
# Every filter on X has a convergent refinement.
# Every ultrafilter on X converges to at least one point.
# Every infinite subset of X has a complete accumulation point.
# Every open cover of A has a finite subcover.
# Every sequence in A has a convergent subsequence, whose limit lies in A.
# Every infinite subset of A has at least one limit point in A.
# Every finite and contingent being has a cause.
# Every type of state is a powerful institution of the ruling class ; the state is an instrument which one class uses to secure its rule and enforce its preferred production relations ( and its exploitation ) onto society.
# " Personality " Argument: this argument is based on a quote from Hegel: " Every man has the right to turn his will upon a thing or make the thing an object of his will, that is to say, to set aside the mere thing and recreate it as his own ".
# Moral law of karma: Every action ( by way of body, speech, and mind ) will have karmic results ( a. k. a. reaction ).
# Every principal ideal domain is Noetherian.
# Every prime ideal of A is principal.
# Every finitely generated ideal of A is principal ( i. e., A is a Bézout domain ) and A satisfies the ascending chain condition on principal ideals.
# Every possible answer takes the same amount of time to check, and
Good Trouble ( 1982 ) and Wheels Are Turnin ' ( 1984 ) were follow-up albums which also did well commercially, the former containing the hit singles " Keep the Fire Burnin '" ( U. S. # 7 ), " Sweet Time " ( U. S. # 26 ) and the un-ranked " The Key " and the latter containing the # 1 hit single " Can't Fight This Feeling " plus three more hits: " I Do ' Wanna Know " ( U. S. # 29 ), " One Lonely Night " ( U. S. # 19 ), " Live Every Moment " ( U. S. # 34 ) and the un-ranked " Break His Spell ".
# Every simple path from a given node to any of its descendant leaves contains the same number of black nodes.
# Every good work of software starts by scratching a developer's personal itch.
# Every noun belongs to a unique number class.

# and solution
# the hydrogen-like atomic orbitals are derived from the exact solution of the Schrödinger Equation for one electron and a nucleus.
# Release of a fishy odor on adding alkali — 10 % potassium hydroxide ( KOH ) solution.
# The remaining solution is treated with ammonium oxalate to convert rare earths in to their insoluble oxalates.
# The solution is treated with magnesium nitrate to produce a crystallized mixture of double salts of gadolinium, samarium and europium.
# The refining and recovering treatments including filtration, clarification, evaporation, sterilization, drying, rutting, grinding, and sifting to remove the water from the gelatin solution, to blend the gelatin extracted, and to obtain dried, blended and ground final product.
# Recalls to both Parties their obligation to seek a solution to their disputes by peaceful means in accordance with international law.
# mitigation or solution of risks using available technological, human and organizational resources.
A problem is # P-complete if and only if it is in # P, and every problem in # P can be reduced to it by a polynomial-time counting reduction, i. e. a polynomial-time Turing reduction relating the cardinalities of solution sets.
# If alkaline transfer methods are used, the DNA gel is placed into an alkaline solution ( typically containing sodium hydroxide ) to denature the double-stranded DNA.
# redirect solution
# The solution of salts in water results from the action of bipolar water on ionic salt compounds.
# In carbonation, reaction carbon dioxide in solution with water forms carbonic acid.
# a genetic representation of the solution domain,
# a fitness function to evaluate the solution domain.
# For a substance present in a solution: a concentration of exactly 1 M at a pressure of 1 bar
# The patient is then given a measured dose ( below ) of glucose solution to drink within a 5 minute time frame.
# The use of laboratory supplies for dispensing sample aliquots, washing solution and reagents in microwells is not required, facilitating the development of ready-to-use lab kits and on-site testing.
# first ( P ): generate a first candidate solution for P.
# valid ( P, c ): check whether candidate c is a solution for P.
# output ( P, c ): use the solution c of P as appropriate to the application.
# The problem exhibits economy in its construction: no greater force is employed than that required to render the problem sound ( that is, to guarantee that the problem's intended solution is indeed a solution and that it is the problem's only solution ).

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