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Examples and include
Examples of such courts include the New Jersey Court of Errors and Appeals ( which existed from 1844 to 1947 ), the Connecticut Supreme Court of Errors ( which has been renamed the Connecticut Supreme Court ), the Kentucky Court of Errors ( renamed the Kentucky Supreme Court ), and the Mississippi High Court of Errors and Appeals ( since renamed the Supreme Court of Mississippi ).
Examples include Web accessibility a set of guidelines and two accessible web portals designed for people developing reading skills are peepo. com — try typing a letter with your keyboard for more — and peepo. co. uk with enhanced graphics, unique style controls and improved interactivity ( requires an SVG supported browser ).
Examples of assistive technology for visually impairment include the Canadian currency tactile feature, which a system of raised dots in one corner, based on Braille cells but not standard Braille.
Examples of ATC include: NeuroPage which prompt users about meetings, Wakamaru, which provides companionship and reminds users to take medicine and calls for help if something is wrong, and telephone Reassurance systems.
Examples include alcohols and amines which contain O-H or N-H fragments.
Examples of Lewis acids include all metal cations, and electron-deficient molecules such as boron trifluoride and aluminium trichloride.
Examples of present-day abjads are the Arabic and Hebrew scripts ; true alphabets include Latin, Cyrillic, and Korean hangul ; and abugidas are used to write Tigrinya, Amharic, Hindi, and Thai.
Examples of true annuals include corn, wheat, rice, lettuce, peas, watermelon, beans, zinnia and marigold.
Examples of this type of communication include radio and traditional television programs such as the news.
Examples of category-theoretic statements which require choice include:
Examples of other diseases of the motor neuron that should not be confused with MND include spinobulbar muscular atrophy, spinal muscular atrophy, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, and many others.
Examples include optic ataxia ( lack of coordination between visual inputs and hand movements, resulting in inability to reach and grab objects.
Examples include one presented to Warner in 1904, another to Australian Captain M. A.
Examples include materials such as brass, pewter, phosphor bronze and amalgam.
Examples of substitutional alloys include bronze and brass, in which some of the copper atoms are substituted with either tin or zinc atoms.
Examples of Web-based Applets include:
Examples include lanthionine, 2-aminoisobutyric acid, dehydroalanine, and the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid.
Examples include electron-transfer.
Examples of journeys to the realm include " Thomas the Rhymer " and the fairy tale " Childe Rowland ", the latter being a particularly negative view of the land.
Examples include the past tense and the plural morphemes.
Examples of allotropes include:
Examples include red-green color blindness and Fragile X syndrome.
Examples of prayer which are unique to Luke include Jesus's prayers at the time of his baptism (), his praying all night before choosing the twelve (), and praying for the transfiguration ().
Examples include the U. S. M901 ITV ( Improved TOW Vehicle ) and the Norwegian NM142, both on an M113 chassis, several Soviet ATGM launchers based on the BRDM reconnaissance car, the British FV438 Swingfire and FV102 Striker and the German Raketenjagdpanzer series built on the chassis of the HS 30 and Marder IFV.
Examples of pre-packed American meals include various casserole type dishes such as Hamburger Helper, as well as bakeable and microwaveable foods such as Hot Pockets, frozen pizzas, frozen burritos, and various types of TV dinner meals.

Examples and for
Examples are in public utilities, making military aircraft and accessories, or where the investment and risk for a proprietorship would be too great for a much needed project impossible to achieve by any means other than the corporate form, e.g. constructing major airports or dams.
Examples among the Egyptian monks of this submission to the commands of the superiors, exalted into a virtue by those who regarded the entire crushing of the individual will as a goal, are detailed by Cassian and others, e. g. a monk watering a dry stick, day after day, for months, or endeavoring to remove a huge rock immensely exceeding his powers.
Examples of algebraic integers are,, and ( Note, therefore, that the algebraic integers constitute a proper superset of the integers, as the latter are the roots of monic polynomials for all
Examples of permanent applications include safety labels for power equipment, foil tape for HVAC duct work, automotive interior trim assembly, and sound / vibration damping films.
Examples include Edward Elgar's Great is the Lord ( 1912 ) and Give unto the Lord ( 1914 ) ( both with orchestral accompaniment ), Benjamin Britten's Rejoice in the Lamb ( 1943 ) ( a modern example of a multi-movement anthem and today heard mainly as a concert piece ), and, on a much smaller scale, Ralph Vaughan Williams ' O taste and see ( 1952 ) ( written for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II ).
Examples of this wider range of anthem subjects include Marilyn Manson's Irresponsible Hate Anthem and Silverchair's Anthem for the Year 2000.
Examples of continuous numbering include counting by regnal year, principally found in the writings of German authors, for example Mommsen's History of Rome, and ( most ubiquitously ) in the Anno Domini year-numbering system.
Examples are the Sushruta Samhita written in the 3rd or 4th century CE, which recommends beef for certain patients and for pregnant women, and the Charaka Samhita which describes meat as superior to all other kinds of food for convalescents.
Examples are nickel, such as Raney nickel for hydrogenation, and vanadium ( V ) oxide for oxidation of sulfur dioxide into sulfur trioxide.
Examples of such properties are structure ( i. e. the expected positions of the constituent atoms ), absolute and relative ( interaction ) energies, electronic charge distributions, dipoles and higher multipole moments, vibrational frequencies, reactivity or other spectroscopic quantities, and cross sections for collision with other particles.
Examples of applications of computer vision include systems for:
Examples of non-volatile memory are flash memory ( sometimes used as secondary, sometimes primary computer memory ) and ROM / PROM / EPROM / EEPROM memory ( used for firmware such as boot programs ).
Examples for the 9th of November 2003:
Examples cited for this include large fees for the attorneys, while leaving class members with coupons or other awards of little or no value ; unjustified awards are made to certain plaintiffs at the expense of other class members ; and confusing notices are published that prevent class members from being able to fully understand and effectively exercise their rights.

Examples and Sky
Examples include Kenner's Sky Escape Joker and Camouflage Swamp Thing, as well as Hasbro's Desert-Camo Sgt.
Examples of manufacturers catering for the advanced amateur astronomer market include Alluna Optics, Astrosib, Deep Sky Instruments, Guan Sheng Optical, Officina Stellare, Optical Guidance Systems, RC Optical Systems and Takahashi.
Examples include the film Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, set in an imaginary 1939, and The Rocketeer franchise, set in 1938.
Examples of songs from this era are " Ya Little Creep " and " Bad ," two Kerr-era NoMeansNo songs with songwriting credited to the Hanson Brothers ( the former appears on the 1991 compilation Clam Chowder and Ice Vs. Big Macs and Bombers, while the latter appears on The Sky Is Falling and I Want My Mommy, a collaborative LP with Jello Biafra.
Examples of super-domestiques in the 2009 Tour de France are Andreas Klöden ( Astana ) and George Hincapie ( Team BMC ) and 2012 Tour de France runner-up Chris Froome ( Team Sky ).

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