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Except and for
Except for the odd uptown sex maniac or an overeager Greek sailor, the people watch in calm absorption.
Except for a rich friendship with the painter, Chauncey Ryder who gave him the only professional instruction he ever had -- and this was limited to a few lessons, though the two artists often went on painting trips together -- Roy developed his art by himself.
Except for the wine waiter in a restaurant -- always an inscrutable plenipotentiary unto himself, the genii with the keys to unlock the gates of the wine world are one's dealer, and the foreign shipper or negociant who in turn supplies him.
Except for those minutes in her room, he had lost touch with her as a reality.
Except for that one morning.
Except for sophomore center Mike Kelsey and fullback Mike Rice, Meek expects the squad to be physically sound for Rice.
Except for a few months in late 1960 and early 1961, retail farm equipment sales have trailed year-earlier levels since the latter part of 1959.
`` Except for Shabbat, when they are praying all day ''.
Except for AcPO < sub > 4 </ sub >, they are all similar to the corresponding lanthanum compounds and contain actinium in the oxidation state + 3.
Except for one occasion, the Project never played live during its original incarnation.
Except for the flow direction, the Amazon and the Hamza have very different characteristics.
Except for men's and women's meetings, most meetings targeting specific demographics ( including newcomers, gays, and young people ) do not exclude other alcoholics.
Except for the American designs, tank destroyers were all turretless and had fixed or casemate superstructures.
Except for the Chobe, Okavango, Boteti and Limpopo rivers, most of Botswana's rivers cease to flow during the dry and early rainy seasons.
Except for a few primitive types such as sponges ( which have no nervous system ) and jellyfish ( which have a nervous system consisting of a diffuse nerve net ), all living animals are bilaterians, meaning animals with a bilaterally symmetric body shape ( that is, left and right sides that are approximate mirror images of each other ).
Except for this one difference, the first and second Bernoulli numbers agree.
Except for the smaller rivers in the southeast, most of the major rivers and river systems in Cambodia drain into the Tonle Sap or into the Mekong River.
Except for the several relatively good toll roads which connect major cities ( all of them one-lane ) roads are poorly maintained and subject to inclement weather, since only 10 % of the roadways are tarred.
Except for nautiloids ( represented by the modern order Nautilida ) and coleoids ( which had already diverged into modern octopodes, squids, and cuttlefish ) all other species of the molluscan class Cephalopoda became extinct at the K – T boundary.
Except for the House of Braganza ( founded by an illegitimate son of King John I of Portugal, who was himself illegitimate ), all current major Capetian branches are of the Bourbon cadet branch.
Except for one shot of the woman mentioned above sleeping and suddenly waking up, the film is composed entirely of photographs by Jean Chiabaud and stars Davos Hanich as the man, Hélène Chatelain as the woman and filmmaker William Klein as a man from the future.
Except for the partnership, all business forms are designed to provide limited liability to both members of the organization and external investors.
Except for the Antikythera mechanism, an " out of the time " astronomical device, development of computing tools arrived in the beginning of the 17th century: Geometric-military compass by Galileo, Logarithms and Napier Bones by Napier, slide rule by Edmund Gunter.
Except for a man of religion ( wadaad ), and they were few in number, all Somali males were considered potential warriors.

Except and entire
Except for the above exceptions, the entire double-precision number is described by:
Except for a few small parks, the entire two-lane street is highly urbanised with dense pedestrian and motor traffic thoroughout most of the day.
Except for the westernmost tenth of a mile, the entire road is a limited access highway through town.
Except for three short sections near Enid, Vinita, and Ponca City, US 60 is a two-lane highway its entire length across Oklahoma.
Except for its headwaters in the mountains, the river is broad and flat for its entire course, making it a useful transportation route for many types of watercraft.
Except for the Derevyannye Hills, Pleistocene sediments blanket almost the entire surface of New Siberia Island.
Except for kitchen staff, trainees who had gone to church that day, and several staff members who stayed behind to keep an eye on camp facilities, close to the entire 600 + member camp were involved in the hiking trip.
" Except for some specific bequests, his June 12, 1782 will left his entire estate to his daughter Susannah.
Except for one year ( 1966-1967 ) at Rockefeller University, he spent his entire academic career at Columbia, becoming a University Professor in 1967 until his retirement in 1970, after which he continued to teach.
Except for a few steady men, the entire column was ordered to remove their firearms ' flints and take the enemy battery on the hill with the bayonet.
Except in Belpre, leading up to the bridge into West Virginia, the entire route outside Cincinnati's beltway ( Interstate 275 ) is a high-speed four-lane divided highway, forming the Ohio portion of Corridor D of the Appalachian Development Highway System.
Except for the northeast corner, the entire township is in the Lakota Local School District.
Except where a desexed pet is desirable, entire animals usually fetch much higher prices than castrated ones, mostly because they retain the ability to breed.
Except for the two rows of large white pearls the entire surface of the crown is covered with 4936 diamonds and is quite heavy, weighing approximately nine pounds ( by contrast, the Crown of Monomakh weighs only two pounds ).
Except for the Bangaon and Gaighata thanas, the entire district became part of East Pakistan.
Except for a short section which overlaps Route 13, it is a two-lane highway its entire length.
Except for two sections ( in Springfield between Route 13 and U. S. Route 60 and about a mile between US 60 and Route 265 southwest of Billings ), the road is runs concurrent with other designations for its entire length.
Except for a short section in Neosho ( where it overlaps with Business US 71 ), the road is a two-lane highway for its entire length.

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