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Except and for
Except for the odd uptown sex maniac or an overeager Greek sailor, the people watch in calm absorption.
Except for a rich friendship with the painter, Chauncey Ryder who gave him the only professional instruction he ever had -- and this was limited to a few lessons, though the two artists often went on painting trips together -- Roy developed his art by himself.
Except for the wine waiter in a restaurant -- always an inscrutable plenipotentiary unto himself, the genii with the keys to unlock the gates of the wine world are one's dealer, and the foreign shipper or negociant who in turn supplies him.
Except for those minutes in her room, he had lost touch with her as a reality.
Except for that one morning.
Except for sophomore center Mike Kelsey and fullback Mike Rice, Meek expects the squad to be physically sound for Rice.
Except for a few months in late 1960 and early 1961, retail farm equipment sales have trailed year-earlier levels since the latter part of 1959.
`` Except for Shabbat, when they are praying all day ''.
Except for AcPO < sub > 4 </ sub >, they are all similar to the corresponding lanthanum compounds and contain actinium in the oxidation state + 3.
Except for one occasion, the Project never played live during its original incarnation.
Except for the flow direction, the Amazon and the Hamza have very different characteristics.
Except for men's and women's meetings, most meetings targeting specific demographics ( including newcomers, gays, and young people ) do not exclude other alcoholics.
Except for the American designs, tank destroyers were all turretless and had fixed or casemate superstructures.
Except for the Chobe, Okavango, Boteti and Limpopo rivers, most of Botswana's rivers cease to flow during the dry and early rainy seasons.
Except for a few primitive types such as sponges ( which have no nervous system ) and jellyfish ( which have a nervous system consisting of a diffuse nerve net ), all living animals are bilaterians, meaning animals with a bilaterally symmetric body shape ( that is, left and right sides that are approximate mirror images of each other ).
Except for this one difference, the first and second Bernoulli numbers agree.
Except for the smaller rivers in the southeast, most of the major rivers and river systems in Cambodia drain into the Tonle Sap or into the Mekong River.
Except for the several relatively good toll roads which connect major cities ( all of them one-lane ) roads are poorly maintained and subject to inclement weather, since only 10 % of the roadways are tarred.
Except for nautiloids ( represented by the modern order Nautilida ) and coleoids ( which had already diverged into modern octopodes, squids, and cuttlefish ) all other species of the molluscan class Cephalopoda became extinct at the K – T boundary.
Except for the House of Braganza ( founded by an illegitimate son of King John I of Portugal, who was himself illegitimate ), all current major Capetian branches are of the Bourbon cadet branch.
Except for one shot of the woman mentioned above sleeping and suddenly waking up, the film is composed entirely of photographs by Jean Chiabaud and stars Davos Hanich as the man, Hélène Chatelain as the woman and filmmaker William Klein as a man from the future.
Except for the partnership, all business forms are designed to provide limited liability to both members of the organization and external investors.
Except for the Antikythera mechanism, an " out of the time " astronomical device, development of computing tools arrived in the beginning of the 17th century: Geometric-military compass by Galileo, Logarithms and Napier Bones by Napier, slide rule by Edmund Gunter.
Except for a man of religion ( wadaad ), and they were few in number, all Somali males were considered potential warriors.

Except and city
Except in the city centre, all these watercourses are unregulated.
Except for bedroom communities near metropolitan centers, Marion's growth during the 1950s exceeded all but one Indiana city with populations of 10, 000-100, 000.
Except for a small portion which touches neighboring St. Bernard, Elmwood Place is nearly surrounded by the city of Cincinnati.
Except for Prescott, which is an incorporated city ( despite having neither a post office nor a separate telephone exchange ), little remains to identify these places today other than left-over identifying signs or historic landmarks, such as an abandoned or converted school buildings.
Except on a handful of occasions where the city government has been suspended for not striking a rate ( a level of local tax ), Dublin has had a mayor for nearly eight hundred years.
Except for the Danube in the south, the city is surrounded by forests and hills which rise to altitudes of over, some of them part of the Swabian Alb.
Except the Lord keep the city
Except for the Rüstem Paşa Camii, built by the Ottoman architect, Mimar Sinan, in the 16th century, and the narrow streets that help one imagine life in the Ottoman period, the city lacks antique charm.
Except for the faculties of Law, Humanities, and University College, which are located in the inner city of Utrecht, most of the buildings of the University are on De Uithof.
Except for New York City, the major urban areas in the Northeast and Midwest were organized into one family per city ; due to the sheer size of organized crime in New York, it was organized into five separate families.
* Except for China National Highway 112, which originates in Tianjin, all highways in the 100 series ( e. g. 102, 106 ) begin from Beijing, the capital city of the People's Republic of China, and spread out in all compass directions ;
Except Kolkata and Howrah it has number of small cities which forms the Greater Kolkata Agglomeration, the second biggest Indian city and former capital.
Except for the Pocheon basin, most regions of the city consist of high mountains.
Except for its western section, Bežanija, Novi Beograd is built on terrain that was essentially a swamp when construction of the new city began in 1948.
Except for the two railways ( the other is Shide Railway leading to Shijiazhuang ), National Highway 104, NH105 and a few provincial roads cross the city as well.
Except where the James River continues to define a boundary between the West End and Southside, drawing a theoretical line between quadrants of the metropolitan area is not well defined as one moves away from the city.
Except for the royal city of Amathus, the Kingdoms of Cyprus took part in the Ionian rising in 499 BC.
Except for the unplanned casualties, the battle had gone according to plan ; the Spanish had surrendered the city to the Americans, and it had not fallen to the Filipinos.
Except for the area near the river Drina, the city is surrounded by mountains with preserved forests, which creates a beautiful scenery with the town's location at the bottom of a valley.
Except for Mount Davidson, they are the highest points in the city.
Except for Vanier, all of theses neighborhoods were part of the pre-2002 city of Quebec.

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