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Extras and featured
Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's second series of Extras featured a reference to a fictional episode of The South Bank Show focused on madcap children's television presenters Dick and Dom.
Extras featured on the Eldorado convertible were a ribbed chrome saddle molding extending from the windshield to the rear window pillar along the beltline.
In addition to Merchant, the show featured several of his friends, including his housemate Dan, his childhood friend Harry, and actor Rufus Gerrard-Wright ( who also appeared in an episode of Extras ).
Extras featured on the Eldorado convertible, now known as the Biarritz in order to distinguish it from the Seville, were a ribbed chrome saddle molding extending from the windshield to the rear window pillar along the beltline and flat, pointed rear fender fins.
Excerpts from the sitcom are featured in the second series, and many of the Extras plotlines have revolved around Millman's experiences with the show.

Extras and on
For his final show, he made a black and white short film, Boy and Bicycle, starring both his younger brother and his father ( the film was later released on the ' Extras ' section of The Duellists DVD ).
Other series which subsequently aired on HBO, such as Curb Your Enthusiasm, Extras, and Entourage, shared these traits.
* Ricky Gervais, who went on to co-create The Office and Extras.
The union runs four shops on campus, Essentials ( all-purpose food and essentials ), Parkwood Essentials ( ditto, but in student village Parkwood ), Extras ( off-licence ) and " Unique " ( a clothing shop ).
Optional Extras on the Phase 2 Rallye were ; Power assisted steering, airbag and a sunroof.
For example, Asian region PSPs will not display the " Extras " option on the XMB despite having been upgraded to the US version of Firmware 6. 20, preventing owners of such PSPs from installing the Comic Book Viewer and the TV Streaming applications.
Sony's states that the " Extras " function will remain disabled on Asian PSPs until the features are officially launched in the region and gives no reason for the option being disabled aside from that it is not yet launched.
In 2005, Kemp appeared in an episode of BBC's Extras and in a two-part adaptation of the Gerald Seymour novel A Line In The Sand for ITV, and he has also presented, on The Friday Night Project and as a stand in host on The Paul O ' Grady Show ( 2007 ; 2008 ).
( Singles + Extras 1994 – 2004 ), the following year on LTM.
In more recent times, she has guest starred on the Ricky Gervais comedy Extras, and has appeared in The Inspector Lynley Mysteries as DI Fiona Knight.
Extras were being sold on the street within three hours.
The 30th Anniversary Edition of Alive: The Miracle of the Andes ( on DVD ) includes this documentary in the Extras section.
* " No Man's Land ", a song by Sufjan Stevens on the album The Avalanche: Outtakes and Extras from the Illinois Album
She has also appeared as a guest on The Frank Skinner Show, and in Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's comedy series Extras.
Currently, she is working on a sitcom pilot which is being produced by the producer of Extras.
Blair appeared in the 2007 Christmas special of the Ricky Gervais show Extras, as himself, portraying the end-stages of his showbiz career by trying to keep up his profile by appearing on Celebrity Big Brother alongside Lisa Scott-Lee and X Factor contestant Chico.
In July 2005, following a brief return of the XFM radio show ( filling in for Adam and Joe ), Gervais and Merchant's new sitcom Extras premiered on BBC2.
Series 2 of Extras aired in late 2006, followed by a Christmas special in December 2007 ; all three instalments aired on HBO in the United States.
DVD Extras ( Not on idem DVD release, 2003 )
The unnamed owner of the Belgravia vintage car dealer in James Leasor's ' Aristo Autos ' novels, ' They Don't Make Them Like That Any More ', ' Never Had a Spanner on Her ' and ' Host of Extras ' drives an SS100, and the car features prominently in the books.

Extras and set
Mézières has since been informed that Doug Chiang, design director on The Phantom Menace, kept a set of Valérian albums and Les Extras de Mézières in his library.
D Moss made 108 for Israel against Fiji, but the next highest score was Extras with 19 and they totalled a disappointing 155 ( Apenisa Waqaninamata 4-24 ) and 68 not out from VSJ Campbell set Fiji on their way to a nine-wicket victory.

Extras and include
Extras include studded tires and a bicycle computer.
Extras include filmed comments from Aeronwy Thomas.
Extensive analyses include those by: George Toles, "' Cocoon of Fire: Awakening to Love in Murnau's Sunrise "; Diane Stevenson, " Three Versions of Stella Dallas "; and Jonah Corne's " Gods and Nobodies: Extras, the October Jubilee, and Von Sternberg's The Last Command.
Extras in this release include audio commentaries.
Extras include a Making of Selena: 10 Years Later featurette, a Queen of Tejano featurette, and nine additional scenes.
Extras include introductions by Steve Smith and Red & Harold character biographies.
Extras include a " behind the scenes footage / making of the tour " interview with Il Divo.
Extras include new interviews with Brian De Palma and Nancy Allen.
Extras include bonus orbs, which can provide a finishing move or summon the monster Mothra for an airstrike.
The Extras include: Deranged Chronicles-The Making of Deranged, The Ed Gein Story-Documentary, Ed Gein: American Maniac-Documentary, The Making of: Tim Ritter's Creep ( an unofficial sequel to Deranged ), Original Trailer, Unrated Version Trailer, Teaser Trailer and a 24-page booklet.
Extras include background music, concept art, etc.
Extras include interviews with the cast and a behind the scenes featurette with Araya.
Extras include an exclusive short film Try, a previously unreleased " I Am One " music video, behind-the-scenes and outtakes footage, two live videos, and commentary by Jimmy Chamberlin, Billy Corgan, James Iha, and the video directors.
Other actors that did not appear in Extras despite initial reports from Gervais include Madonna, Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise.

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