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Finally and Andronikos
Finally his aunt Theodora Komnene, who had an affair with the new Emperor Andronikos I Komnenos ( 1183 – 1185 ) convinced the Emperor to contribute to his ransom, as did his stepfather Constantine Makrodoukas and Andronikos Doukas, another relative and a childhood friend, a sodomite and debaucher, as Niketas tells us.

Finally and settled
Finally, in 1547, he settled in Salon-de-Provence in the house which exists today, where he married a rich widow named Anne Ponsarde, with whom he had six children — three daughters and three sons.
Finally settled after two special elections and numerous petitions to the Governor and Legislature, Winfield was determined to be the county seat and a courthouse was constructed in 1873 at a cost of $ 11, 500
Finally he and his family settled in a log home not far from what is now known as Jennings Bluff Cemetery.
Finally in 1862 he settled as a professor at Berlin, where he was a member of the supreme consistorial council.
Finally in 1833, Johann Heinrich Friedrich Link settled on the name Amanita phalloides, after Persoon had named it Amanita viridis 30 years earlier.
Finally, after nearly a year of separation, Hooper was reunited with his family and they settled in Hillsborough, North Carolina, where Hooper continued to work for the North Carolina assembly until 1783.
Finally, this question was settled when the Austrian Prime Minister introduced a centralised constitution for the entire Austrian Empire, thus delegates had to give up their hopes for a " Greater Germany ".
Finally he settled at Bologna, where he founded a yeshiva ( school of advanced Jewish studies ) which he conducted until his death.
Finally, the king settled for his wife's first choice, King John I of Castile.
Finally, he settled upon Bobby Beausoleil for the role of Lucifer.
Finally the crew settled on the name N-Dubz a syllabic shortening of the initialism N. W, with the W being shortened to Dub, and the addition of the z to highlight the plurality of the lack of worries.
Finally they settled for a monochrome fresco in terra verde, a color closest to the patina of bronze.
Finally in 1975 the company settled on renting the Orpheum Theatre where it held performances for the next five years.
Finally, In November 1992, the US and EU settled most of their differences in a deal known informally as " the Blair House accord ", and on April 15, 1994, the deal was signed by ministers from most of the 123 participating governments at a meeting in Marrakesh, Morocco.
Finally accepting his lot in fate, Calis settled down in Elvandar with a widowed elf, also adopting twins who were refugees from the recent war.
Finally, during the World War III event versus Black Adam, Jason settled all differences with Lorraine, rekindling their friendship and asking for her powers, necessary to activate Firestorm after the mysterious disappearance of Martin Stein.
Finally he settled in Marseilles.
Finally, a small group of people settled down, and as the town started to grow larger, amenities were developed such as the local electric utility ( 1922 ), and a new, larger train station ( 1925 ).
Finally most of the families of this noble community settled in the islands of Mumbai for safekeeping under East India Company.
Finally, Iran surrendered its right to annul the agreement, and settled on a complex and tediously elaborate arbitration process to settle any disagreements that would arise.
Finally, the school settled in England in 1794 and the Society of Jesus was officially re-established in Britain in 1803.
Finally in 1833, he settled in Paris, where he became one of the prominent members of the Polish diaspora there and one of the close friends of Fryderyk Chopin.
Finally, " Happy New Year " by Rebels & TRSI settled at the second slot as a 4K on PC at " TUM " in December.
Finally on June 30, 1992, after confusion over whether Quebec had traded Lindros ' rights to the Philadelphia Flyers or New York Rangers was settled by an arbitrator, the Nordiques sent Lindros to the Flyers in exchange for forwards Peter Forsberg and Mike Ricci, goaltender Ron Hextall, defencemen Steve Duchesne and Kerry Huffman, " future considerations " which eventually became enforcer Chris Simon, two first-round picks and US $ 15 million.

Finally and ancestral
Finally knights guide him through medieval England to his ancestral estate, where he spent his boyhood, and then to Celephaïs.

Finally and lands
Finally, the wolf resolves to come down the chimney, whereupon the pigs boil a pot of water in which the wolf lands and is cooked.
Finally, the building stops and the Wright Brothers ' plane lands on top of it.
Finally, on 24 July 1908, the King's eldest son, Prince George, Prince of Wales, dedicated the Quebec Battlefields Park at the Plains of Abraham, then presenting the title deeds of the lands to the Earl Grey.
Finally, if the only purpose of the jubilee legislation was to serve as a pretext for the return of the exiles ' lands, certainly much simpler laws than the jubilee could have been written and ascribed to Moses.
Finally, pays d ' imposition were recently conquered lands which had their own local historical institutions ( they were similar to the pays d ' état under which they are sometimes grouped ), although taxation was overseen by the royal intendant.
Finally, the combination of European colonialism and religious zeal was expressed in a new scientific interest in the biblical lands in general and Jerusalem in particular.
Finally he deals with the law of rents, discussing the various kinds of rents that may be reserved to the grantor upon a grant of lands and the remedies for recovery of rent, especially the remedy by distress.
Finally, this table does not include lands ruled by dukes of other parts of partitioned Poland or Wenceslaus II and Wenceslaus III.
Finally, in Win & Spin, the player with the least amount of money at the end gets their total doubled if the person who actually gets to spin the wheel lands on one of 25 slots on the wheel with the Doubler ' D ' symbol.
Finally, the document provides protection of self-determination among indigenous lands, preserving traditional political structures, and follows International Labour Organization, Convention 169 that outlines generally accepted international law on indigenous rights.
Finally, the Harrier Jet swings into view and lands by the side of the school building, next to a bicycle rack.
Finally the player lands the shuttle.

Finally and at
Finally we may note that the idea appears in educational theory where its influence is at present widespread.
Finally, at dawn, he fell asleep, and when he awoke and came into the living room, he found Lewis in his pajamas before the fire, smoking a cigarette.
Finally petitioner says that he was entitled to inspect the FBI report during the proceedings before the hearing officer as well as at the trial.
Finally, at Ye Olde Gasse Filling Station on Avocado Avenue, they learned that their man, having paused to get oil for his car, had asked about the route to San Diego.
Finally, whatever the techniques used, a twin goal is common to all preventive casework service: to cushion or reduce the force of the stress impact while at the same time to encourage and support family members to mobilize and use their ego capacities.
Finally, we may also mention the several members of the self-consciously `` neoliberal '' movement that developed at the University of Chicago and is heavily indebted philosophically to the creative work of Alfred North Whitehead.
Finally, England won the Fifth Test at The Oval by a margin of 197 runs to regain the Ashes.
Finally, the player replaces the tile he played, ensuring that he has six tiles at the end of his turn.
Finally, in 1740 the French astronomer Jacques Cassini, who is traditionally credited with the invention of year zero, completed the transition in his Tables astronomiques, simply labeling this year 0, which he placed at the end of Julian years labeled avant Jesus-Christ ( before Jesus Christ or BC ), and immediately before Julian years labeled après Jesus-Christ ( after Jesus Christ or AD ).
Finally, on 10 November 1989, at the November plenum of BCP Todor Zhivkov was dismissed as a long-time party leader and head of state and the communist regime gave way to democratic elections and government.
Finally, Beowulf tears Grendel's arm from his body at the shoulder and Grendel runs to his home in the marshes to die.
Finally, at the same time as Madison Avenue became one-way northbound and Fifth Avenue became one-way southbound, Broadway was made one-way southbound between Madison Square ( where Fifth Avenue crosses ) and Union Square on January 14, 1966, completing its conversion south of Columbus Circle.
Finally, different SAT solvers will find different instances easy or hard, and some excel at proving unsatisfiability, and others at finding solutions.
Finally, a country may partially rebalance by use of quantitative easing at home.
Finally, in the German Imperial War Council of 8 December 1912 the consensus was that Germany would not be ready for war until at least mid-1914 and passed notes to that effect to the Habsburgs.
Finally, belief in the power of such a cabal is an implicit assertion of human dignity – an often unconscious but necessary affirmation that man is not totally helpless, but is responsible, at least in some measure, for his own destiny.
Finally, the Institute also organizes a number of summer schools, conferences, workshops, public lectures, and outreach activities aimed primarily at junior mathematicians ( from the high school to postdoctoral level ).
Finally, at radio wavelengths longer than 10 meters or so ( about 30 MHz ), the air in the lower atmosphere remains transparent to radio, but plasma in certain layers of the ionosphere of upper Earth atmosphere begins to interact with radio waves ( see skywave ).
Finally, the oxidized form of the metal to be reduced at the cathode, is written, separated from its reduced form by the vertical line.
Finally, Nernst divided through by the amount of charge transferred to arrive at a new equation which now bears his name:
Finally there may not be three players touching the ball at one time.
Finally the design is laid out in the FPGA at which point propagation delays can be added and the simulation run again with these values back-annotated onto the netlist.
Finally, an alternative also popular, especially among blue-collar workers, is to lunch on a sandwich, possibly followed with a dessert ; both dishes can be found ready-made at bakeries and supermarkets for budget prices.

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