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Finally and Eisenhower
Finally, Mr. Eisenhower found nothing but confusion in Washington.
Finally Eisenhower proposed that Strauss become Secretary of Commerce, and this Strauss accepted.

Finally and called
Finally, in October 1992, the Faroese national bank ( Sjóvinnurbankin ) called in receivers and were forced into asking Denmark for a broad financial bailout.
Finally, the value added during the portion of the period when surplus labor is performed is called surplus value ().
Finally, the entire nerve is wrapped in a layer of connective tissue called the epineurium.
Finally, everything comes to what is a plain flat plain at the lowest elevation possible ( called " baseline ") This plain was called by Davis ' " peneplain " meaning " almost plain " Then the rejuvenation occurs and there is another mountain lift and the cycle continues.
Finally, if both S and T are normal in ST, then ST is called a direct product.
Finally, at least some pterosaur groups had a membrane that stretched between the legs, possibly connecting to or incorporating the tail, called the uropatagium ; the extent of this membrane isn't certain, as studies on Sordes seem to suggest that it simply connected the legs but did not involve the tail ( rendering it a cruropatagium ).
Finally, most of the special ( non-alphabetic ) characters can be used as what are called binary messages.
Finally, when UpdateBatch is called the data are completely updated back at the data source.
Finally, the Varangian ruler of Novgorod, called Oleg, seized Kiev ( Kyiv ) and established the political entity of Rus '.
Finally the last, called PeopleMover or Goodyear PeopleMover, was an attraction sponsored by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company which opened at Disneyland in 1967.
Finally, if needed, 3D storyboards are created ( called ' technical previsualization ').
Finally 1 Esdras mentions a person called Sanabassar as the Governor of Judah and that it was he who laid the foundation for the first temple ( 1 Esd.
Finally, there was an early Anglo-Saxon king of Bernicia called Theodric ( also spelled Deoric, Old English ).
Finally, a player may also borrow money by betting with an IOU, called a " marker ", payable to the winner of the pot.
Finally, the term is sometimes applied to less rigorous ideas that may be interesting observations or relationships, practical or ethical guidelines ( also called rules of thumb ), and even humorous parodies of such laws.
Finally, when the fifth of the Five Dynasties ( Later Zhou Dynasty ) emerged, the jiedushi of Hedong at the time, Liu Chong, rebelled and established an independent state called Northern Han, one of the Ten Kingdoms, in what is now northern and central Shanxi.
Finally, in Pausanias ' account, Hippocoon was Oebalus ' eldest natural son, his mother being Batea ( or, according to scholiasts on Euripides and Homer, Hippocoon's mother was called Nicostrate ).
Finally, the high valley of the Aude, otherwise called the Razès, consists of a riparian forest made of beech, alder, poplar or ash.
Finally all the domains are lined up, and further increases in current only cause slight increases in the magnetic field: this phenomenon is called saturation.
Finally, he threw the cloth covering the Atmalinga to a placed called Mrideshwara in Kanduka-Giri ( Kanduka Hill ).
Finally, as the Interstate Commerce Commission began to realize that railroads needed to be able to compete successfully with trucking and other modes of transportation more than primarily each other, in 1959, the Norfolk and Western succeeded in reaching a merge with the VGN and gaining regulatory approvals, marking what became called the " modern merger era " in North American railroading which eventually resulted in Princeton's current service by Norfolk Southern Railway, one of only 6 large class 1 railroads operating in the United States in the 21st century.
Finally, he called on the Member States to limit direct aid to unprofitable farms.
Finally, the Earth's rotational axis is not exactly fixed with respect to the Earth, but undergoes small fluctuations ( on the order of 15 meters ) called polar motion, which have a small theoretical effect not only on the Tropics and Polar circles, but also on the Equator.
Finally, Sicily passed to Charles of Anjou, but the Sicilian Vespers in 1282 resulted in dual claims on the Kingdom ; the Aragonese heirs of Manfred retaining the island of Sicily and the Angevin party retaining the southern part of Italy, popularly called the Kingdom of Naples.

Finally and meeting
Finally, the detective organises a meeting of all the suspects and slowly denounces the guilty party, exposing several unrelated secrets along the way, sometimes over the course of thirty or so pages.
Finally, on April 12, 1847 the first Wayne Township organization meeting was held at the Henry Casey House on the Paterson-Hamburg Turnpike.
Finally on November 11, 1950, Hay, along with Gernreich and friends Dale Jennings and lovers Bob Hull and Chuck Rowland, held the first meeting of the Mattachine Society in Los Angeles, under the name " Society of Fools ".
Finally they are meeting once more and they get to the studio of Radio Hamburg.
Finally, at Kaaba, behind the wall of Hanbalites, Ibn ‘ Arabī was granted the privilege of being able to join a meeting of the seven Abdāl ( Addas 216 ).
Finally Elizabeth confronts Mary, who regains her royal pride and behaves defiantly at their secret meeting.
** Finally it is key that, during the meeting, it is clear that the owner of the topic is not expected to intervene to impose ideas beyond setting out parameters for consideration or to give insight.
Finally, on 5 April 1977, Arif succeeded in secretly meeting with Bhutto, revealing the plot against him.
Finally, the agreement for creation of LACNIC ( Latin American and Caribbean IP Address Regional Registry ), was signed in Santiago de Chile on August 22, 1999 during the second ICANN meeting.
Finally, the Diet, meeting in Sebeş on March 12, 1556, swore again allegiance to " the son of King John ", thus the young king and his mother returned to Transylvania.
Finally, someone stood up in a meeting and nominated another pastor to that office.
Finally, the MBW received the tenders for the Blackwall Tunnel and decided to take a decision to award the contract at its final meeting.
Finally, the meeting came to an end.
Finally, In November 1992, the US and EU settled most of their differences in a deal known informally as " the Blair House accord ", and on April 15, 1994, the deal was signed by ministers from most of the 123 participating governments at a meeting in Marrakesh, Morocco.
Finally, the group started laying the groundwork for organizing on a coastwide basis, meeting with activists from Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington and organizing a federation of all of the different unions that represented maritime workers.
Finally, the Abu Karaf contact Jake to arrange a meetingthe pieces are coming together, and Jake figures out that it was not the Abu Karaf who kidnapped Jessica and Sarah.
Finally, Béla decided to make an agreement with the Prince of Halych and they had a meeting in Zólyom in 1250 where Béla promised that he would not assist his son-in-law against Prince Danylo.
Finally, Béla had a meeting with King Ottokar II in Pressburg and they concluded a peace.
Finally, Mrs. Selwyn is able to secure a surprise meeting with Sir John.
Finally, at Bolton's behest, a special meeting was held in The Hague on Sunday, April 21, 2002.
Finally, in July 1993, Suharto invited Nasution to the Presidential Palace for a meeting.
Finally, the 1957 Bohr draft letters, written 16 years after the meeting, suggest a conflict between Bohr and Heisenberg.
Finally, at a meeting on 2 April 2007, it was agreed that the NCA would not proceed with the landmark building, and that the land would be used as a " public lakeside park ".
Finally, during encounters between two super-heavyweights, Monsoon sometimes described the match as " the irresistible force meeting the immovable object.

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