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Flags and are
* Flags of Native American nations in the United States are common and many tribes have chosen a flag as their symbol of choice.
Flags are particularly important at sea, where they can mean the difference between life and death, and consequently where the rules and regulations for the flying of flags are strictly enforced.
Flags are usually rectangular in shape ( often in the ratio 2: 3, 1: 2, or 3: 5 ), but may be of any shape or size that is practical for flying, including square, triangular, or swallow tailed.
Flags that are made to the prescribed 1. 9 ratio are often referred to as " G-spec " ( for " government specification ") flags.
Where this Latveria lies is unclear but there are Belgian Flags on display in the background in the one picture displayed of Latveria.
Mutable ( and therefore unauthenticated ) IPv4 header fields are DSCP / TOS, ECN, Flags, Fragment Offset, TTL and Header Checksum.
The Abbasides or " Black Flags ," as they were commonly called, are known in Chinese history as the Heh-i Ta-shih, " The Black-robed Arabs.
Flags are always on the right side of the stem, and curve to the right.
Manufacturing jobs are with Hutchinson Technology (~ 860 employees, computer and peripheral equipment ) and 3M ( 1300 employees, Flags and vinyl, Scotch tapes ).
They are the Pearl Pirate Band and have a partial reputation for performing at theme parks such as Disney World and Six Flags.
( 5 ) Flags that are continuously displayed must be illuminated during hours of darkness.
Flags are flown as mourning flags
Union Flags are carried and waved by the Prommers, especially during Rule Britannia.
Flags ( mostly national flags and regional flags ), balloons and party poppers are all welcome.
Flags of the respective clubs are often flown at the matches of the other club, and both clubs regularly hold pre-season friendly matches.
During state visits, the monarch and the visiting head of state are escorted in a state carriage up The Mall and the street is decorated with Union Flags and the flags of the visiting head of state's country.
In recent years volunteer members of the Community Group have transformed Church Stretton into the Town of Flags: thanks to local grants they have purchased over 120 flags-English, Union and foreign-and these are regularly flown in the town centre on special occasions throughout the year.
Flags as they are known today did not exist in Antiquity.
The Royal Warrant granting the Arms states that they are "... to be borne for Our said State on Seals, Shields, Banners, Flags, or Otherwise ... according to the Laws of Arms ", and are "... to be used on seals, shields, banners or otherwise according to the Laws of Arms.
Travelers are drawn to the Pioneer Valley by its lively college towns, such as Northampton and Amherst ; the resurgent city of Springfield ; its unspoiled nature, numerous parks, and recreational facilities, including New England's largest and most popular amusement park, Six Flags New England in Agawam ; its cultural and historical sites, such as the Emily Dickinson House in Amherst, the United States Armory at Springfield National Park, and the Basketball Hall of Fame on Springfield's riverfront.
" Then roller coasters and attractions of Six Flags are shown and says " Six Flags, More Flags, More Fun!

Flags and also
Flags also became the preferred means of communications at sea, resulting in various systems of flag signals ; see, International maritime signal flags.
Examples: Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Tuvalu, and also the Canadian provinces of Manitoba, Ontario and British Columbia, and the American state of Hawaii ; see commons: Flags based on British ensigns.
Cotten's career cooled in the 1950s with a string of less high-profile roles in films such as the dark Civil War Two Flags West ( 1950 ), the Joan Fontaine romance September Affair ( also 1950 ), and the Marilyn Monroe vehicle Niagara ( 1953 ), after James Mason turned down the role.
After the Gurnee park was sold to Six Flags, they also claimed the rights to use the characters at the other Six Flags parks, which they continue to do presently.
The park also contains Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, New Jersey's largest water park, and Six Flags Wild Safari, the largest drive-thru animal safari outside of Africa.
Jackson is also home to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor and Six Flags Wild Safari.
While the expressway travels into Howell and Millstone Townships, it is also a vital link for Six Flags since it grants access to the Garden State Parkway, Interstate 295 and the New Jersey Turnpike ( Interstate 95 ).
Hayes was also the subject of a film biography, The Outsider, and Bradley the subject of a book by his son James, Flags of Our Fathers.
This flag's design is also described in the 1704 edition of The Present State of the Universe by John Beaumont, Junior, which contains as an appendix The Ensigns, Colours or Flags of the Ships at Sea: Belonging to The several Princes and States in the World.
Alongside the Seal of Office, there is also a Flags of the Governors of the U. S. States | flag of the Governor.
The Yellow Book is also mentioned in Evelyn Waugh's Put Out More Flags:
At the same time, Six Flags also announced its plan to close corporate offices in Oklahoma City, moving its headquarters to New York City.
In addition, Six Flags also announced the sale of Wyandot Lake in Powell, Ohio to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, which is located next to the park.
Six Flags has also partnered with Brash Entertainment to create a video game called Six Flags Fun Park.
Situated between New York City and Philadelphia, the park complex also contains the Six Flags Wild Safari animal park and Hurricane Harbor water park.
In 1883, nine years after Francis Garnier's death, the French naval officer Henri Rivière was also killed by the Black Flags in Tonkin, in remarkably similar circumstances.
" Flags trough the Centuries " ( exhibition catalogue ) is also quite short of the period:
* Flags of the World, also of subnational entities, with some additional info
Until 2005, the lot also served as a parking lot for Six Flags Astroworld, which has since closed.
He is also the international director of the European Foundation, chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Flags & Heraldry Committee, UK ’ s All-Party Parliamentary Group on the British Overseas Territories and member of the Flag Institute.

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