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Following and death
Following Mr. Brown's death, there came forward in the Brown & Sharpe organization many other men who contributed greatly to the development of the company.
Following his death and the organisational deterioration of his empire, Asia Minor was ruled by a series of Hellenistic kingdoms which came under Roman control two hundred years later.
Following his death and the breakup of his empire, Anatolia was ruled by a series of Hellenistic kingdoms, much of it being controlled by the Greek Seleucid Empire.
Following the death of Kaes in 1913, Jakob succeeded him as prosector.
Following the death of Clovis, Theodoric negotiated a peace with Clovis ' successors, securing Visigothic control of the southernmost portion of Gaul for the rest of the existence of their kingdom.
Following her death, Caligula's relationship with Agrippina and Livilla changed, showing no special love or respect toward them after Drusilla's death.
Following their father's death, Andrew continuously conspired against his brother, King Emeric of Hungary who had to grant him the government of Croatia and Dalmatia.
Following World War I, Fleming actively searched for anti-bacterial agents, having witnessed the death of many soldiers from sepsis resulting from infected wounds.
Following Aalto's death in 1976 his office continued to operate under the direction of his widow, Elissa, completing works already to some extent designed.
Following this ruling, Alford petitioned for a writ of habeas corpus in the United States District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina, which upheld the initial ruling, and subsequently to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit which ruled that Alford's plea was not voluntary, because it was made under fear of the death penalty.
Following Schubert's early death in 1828, Diabelli purchased a large portion of the composer's massive musical estate from Schubert's brother Ferdinand.
* 1911 – Following the resignation and death of William P. Frye, a compromise is reached to rotate the office of President pro tempore of the United States Senate.
* Following controversy over possible increased mortality ( death ) related to antipsychotics in individuals with dementia, warnings have been added to packaging.
Following the death of Ray Wallace – a local logger – his family attributed the creation of the footprints to him.
Following her death, he moved to Boston, and continued working as a hatter.
Following Jayavarman VII's death, Khmer experienced a gradual decline.
Following the death of his son Leo IV in 780, the empress Irene restored the veneration of images through the agency of the Second Council of Nicaea in 787.
Following the death of her estranged husband, Alice Hoschedé married Claude Monet in 1892.
Following Howard's death, the copyright of the Conan stories passed through several hands.
Following Livia's death, he was sent to live with his grandmother Antonia.
" Following the news of Hester's death, Nick Seymour joined The Finn Brothers on stage at the Royal Albert Hall in London, where the three played in memory of Paul.
Following the death of Mao in 1976, however, the CPC under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping moved towards Socialism with Chinese characteristics and instituted Chinese economic reform.
Following the death of his father in 337, Constantine II initially became emperor jointly with his brothers Constantius II and Constans, with the Empire divided between them and their cousins, the Caesars Dalmatius and Hannibalianus.
Following their defeat to Ireland, the Pakistani coach Bob Woolmer was found dead in his hotel room ; it was later found out that he died of heart failure, though his death may not have been a direct result of the match's outcome.

Following and 1977
Following the 1977 Libyan – Egyptian War, relations were suspended for twelve years.
Following Unitas ' departure, the Colts would make the playoffs three consecutive season from 1975 to 1977, losing in the divisional round each time.
Following the 1977 Libyan – Egyptian War, relations were suspended for twelve years.
Following the 1977 season, the Brewers made two big hires that turned the previously underachieving Brewers into perennial contenders.
Following the death of Arthur C. Clarke, BBC Sky At Night magazine released a copy of the 1977 archive programme on the cover of their May 2008 edition.
Following the creation of the U. S. Department of Energy in 1977, ORNL's mission broadened to include research in energy production, transmission and consumption.
Following Chrysler Europe's collapse in 1977, and the sale of their assets to Peugeot, the Chrysler / Dodge British and Spanish factories were quickly passed on to Renault Véhicules Industriels, who gradually re-branded the range of vans and trucks as Renaults through the 1980s.
Following the March 1977 meeting between Rabin and U. S. President Jimmy Carter, Rabin publicly announced that the U. S. supported the Israeli idea of defensible borders ; Carter then issued a clarification.
Following his resignation and Labour Party defeat at the elections, Likud's Menachem Begin was elected in 1977.
Following a public appearance in 1974, after which unflattering photographs were published, Crawford withdrew from public life and became more and more reclusive until her death in 1977.
Following her husband's death in 1977, Margret continued writing, and in 1979, became a Professor of Creative Writing at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts.
Following an initial pilot episode in January 1976, it ran for two subsequent series of five and three episodes in October 1977 and October 1979 respectively.
* Following the last original episode on April 15, 1977, The Electric Company continued on PBS in reruns until fall 1985 ( giving the show about the amount of life expected at the time after production ended ) with the final two seasons ( 1A through 130B ) shown in rotation.
Following Milford's tenure as general manager from 1977 to 1982, the position was held by Harry Neale for three years, then Jack Gordon for two.
Following this, a report into Shipman's activities submitted in July 2002 concluded that he had killed at least 215 of his patients between 1975 and 1998, during which time he practised in Todmorden, West Yorkshire ( 1974 – 1975 ) and Hyde, Greater Manchester ( 1977 – 1998 ).
Following Vance's visit to Moscow in March 1977 to present new arms control proposals, which the Soviet leadership abruptly rejected, the SCC developed and refined arms control proposals for U. S. negotiators at the SALT talks in Geneva.
Following the conclusion of the Vietnam War, Bunker headed the US team involved in the drawing up of the 1977 Torrijos-Carter Treaties.
Following Sexton's departure in 1977 the club eventually slipped into the Second Division in 1979.
Following the victory of the Janata Party in the 1977 general elections, he became the Minister for External Affairs in the Janata government headed by Morarji Desai.
" Following the growth of industrial corporations in the area, the town finally became a city in 1977 following a proclamation by Governor Edwin Edwards.
Following the breakup, Farner began a solo career and signed with Atlantic Records which resulted in two albums: Mark Farner ( 1977 ) and No Frills ( 1978 ).
Following repeated demands by the Australian Taxation Office ( ATO ) for the payment of taxes, on 2 December 1977 the province officially declared war on Australia.
Following the 1977 elections, Lucas Mangope became president after his Bophuthatswana Democratic Party won a majority of seats.
Following 1976, Wynette's popularity slightly slowed, however, she continued to reach the Top 10 until the end of the decade, with such hits as " Let's Get Together ( One Last Time ), " One of a Kind " ( both 1977 ), " Womanhood " ( 1978 ) " No One Else in this World " and " They Call It Makin ' Love " ( both 1979 ).
Following Fine Gael's defeat in the 1977 general election, Bruton was appointed to the new front bench as Spokesperson on Agriculture by its new leader, Garret FitzGerald.

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