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Following and persecution
Following the rebellion, those Christians who survived continued to practice their faith in secret, despite persecution.
Following the failure of the last of the national uprisings, the January Uprising of 1863, the Polish nation, subjected within the territories under the Russian and Prussian administrations to still stricter controls and increased persecution, preserved its identity in nonviolent ways.
Following the Decian persecution of 250 – 251, there was disagreement about how to treat those who had lapsed from the faith, and Stephen was urged by Faustinus, Bishop of Lyon, to take action against Marcian, Bishop of Arles, who denied penance and communion to the lapsed who repented, the position called Novatianism, after Novatian, later declared a heretic, who held for the strictest approach.
Following the seven years of widespread popularity, on July 20, 1999, the government of the People's Republic of China began a nationwide persecution campaign against Falun Gong practitioners, except in the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau.
Following the Suez Crisis, the Egyptian government stepped up persecution of Jews and expelled many of them.
Constantius II, who succeeded Constantine, was an Arian sympathizer Following the abortive effort by Julian the Apostate to restore paganism in the empire, the emperor Valens — himself an Arian — renewed the persecution of Nicene hierarchs.
Following Constantine the Great's victory on Milvian Bridge, which he attributed to a Christian omen he saw in the sky, the Edict of Milan declared that the empire would no longer sanction persecution of Christians.
Following this event, along with the assassination attempt on Lenin by Fanya Kaplan on August 28, the Bolsheviks began a wave of persecution known as the Red Terror.
Following the rise of the Fascist movement of Benito Mussolini, the ethnic Germans of this enclave faced growing persecution.
Following panic and persecution when telepathic abilities in certain individuals were confirmed, the Psi Corps was created as part of EarthForce by Earth Alliance to protect telepaths, but also to identify and control them.
Following the death of Louis XIV, religious persecution became less severe, and religious attitudes in France became more tolerant.
Following Communist persecution of the foreign clergy in China in 1949, the University of San Carlos would benefit from the migration of SVD priest-scholars to the Philippines.
Following the anti-Semitic atrocities in Czechoslovakia ( Slánský trial, November 1952 ), arrests and interrogations of Jews in East Berlin and East Germany in January 1953 and the Soviet Doctors ' plot ( started on 13 January 1953 ), members of Jüdische Gemeinde in East Berlin formed a new provisional executive board competent only for the eastern sector on 21 January, hoping to spare themselves from further persecution, and thus dividing the Jewish community into an eastern and a western one.
Following the Burmese conquest of Arakan in 1785, as many as 35, 000 Arakanese people fled to the neighbouring Chittagong region of British Bengal in 1799 to avoid Burmese persecution and seek protection from British India.
Following Speer's release in 1966, their friendship gradually deteriorated, until the two men became so embittered that Wolters allowed papers demonstrating Speer's knowledge of the persecution of the Jews to become public in 1980.
Following increasing persecution of Baghdad's Jews by Daud Pasha, the family moved to Mumbai via Persia.

Following and mob
Following artistic success and critical acclaim in the American independent film community, he achieved mainstream renown with his far-East philosophical crime film Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, shot in Jersey City and starring Forest Whitaker as a young inner-city man who has found purpose for his life by unyieldingly conforming it to the Hagakure, an 18th-century philosophy text and training manual for samurai, becoming, as directed, a terrifyingly deadly hit-man for a local mob boss to whom he may owe a debt, and who then betrays him.
Following the abandonment of the Vehmic courts, the term acquired a connotation of mob rule and lynching.
Following the attack, an angry mob mutilated and burned the bodies, dragging them through the streets before they were hung on a bridge.
Following Valachi's testimony, the mob was no longer invisible to the public.
Following the death of a Special Constable near Newry on 8 June 1921, Specials and an armed mob were involved in the burning of 161 Catholic homes and the death of 10 Catholics.
Following a riot in Quebec City after the penalty-filled fourth game of the series in which Dionne's Black Hawks ' team bus was attacked by the mob, the fifth game was played at a neutral site, and the remainder of the series was not played due to fears of further violence.
Following cursory examinations in their cells at the Santa Clara County jail in San Jose, with a mob outside in the jail courtyard, both men were declared sane.
Following a broken trail of fragmentary recollections Bloodshot fights a running battle against them, the mob and the police …

Following and action
Following Wagram, Charles saw no more significant action in the Napoleonic Wars.
Following the classical dynamics of Newton and Euler, the motion of a material body is produced by the action of externally applied forces which are assumed to be of two kinds: surface forces and body forces.
Following the ' 69 season, the club posted winning records for the next few seasons, but no playoff action.
Following the experience of the South African War of 1899-1902 ( where mounted Boer citizen commandos fighting on foot from cover proved superior to regular cavalry ) the British Army withdrew lances for all but ceremonial purposes and placed a new emphasis on training for dismounted action.
Following the defeat at the river Longanus, the Mamertines appealed to both Rome and Carthage for assistance, and acting first the Carthaginians approached Hiero to take no further action and convinced the Mamertines to accept a Carthaginian garrison in Messana.
Following this action, VeriSign filed a lawsuit against ICANN on February 27, 2004, claiming that ICANN had overstepped its authority.
Following successful legal action against it, on 21 March 1982 London Buses fares were subsequently doubled and London Underground fares increased by 91 %.
Following the " kung fu wave " in Hong Kong action cinema in the 1970s, a number of mainstream films produced during the 1980s contributed significantly to the perception of martial arts in western popular culture.
Following this action the coalition of political forces decided to call off the protests.
Following the US invasion of Grenada, countries previously looking for support from Cuba saw that the United States was likely to take violent action to discourage this.
Following the Peterloo massacre of 1819, poet Percy Shelley wrote the political poem The Mask of Anarchy later that year, that begins with the images of what he thought to be the unjust forms of authority of his time — and then imagines the stirrings of a new form of social action.
Following the incident and the recommendations of the Royal Commission, the covert action function was apparently abolished.
Following the transition to democracy in 1994, the African National Congress-led government chose to implement affirmative action legislation to correct previous imbalances ( a policy known as Employment Equity ).
Following FIA's banning of Group B cars for 1987, in May after Henri Toivonen's fatal accident, Todt was outraged and even ( unsuccessfully ) pursued legal action against the federation.
Following the release of the film, Flavio Carboni sued the director Giuseppe Ferrara for slander but lost the action.
Following an action brought by a serving British naval officer, the European Court has established as precedent the illegality of any member nation attempting to ban Masonic membership for military officers, as a breach of their human rights.
Following the fetch, the CPU proceeds to execution, taking some action based on the memory contents that it obtained.
Following The Terminator, Hamilton starred in Black Moon Rising, an action thriller with Tommy Lee Jones.
Following its success, Seagal made three more movies – Hard to Kill, Marked for Death, and Out for Justice – that were box office hits, making him an action hero.
On August 1, 2008, FEMA had released " Planning Guidance for Protection and Recovery Following Radiological Dispersal Device ( RDD ) and Improvised Nuclear Device ( IND ) incidents " which indicate action guide in case of radiation contamination.
Following the war, it was converted to a US Air Force Training Base and was named for James Webb, a Big Spring native who died in action during World War II.
Following his instructions, the French division commander fought a rear guard action, drawing the Spanish troops toward Oms.
Following legal action by Merriam, successive US courts ruled by 1908 that Webster's entered the public domain when the Unabridged did, in 1889.

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