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For and concerts
For the Farewell to the World concerts Crombie designed the set, while Mombassa and Seymour designed promotional materials and artwork.
For the same reason, Goebbels worked to bring culture to the masses – promoting the sale of cheap radios, organizing free concerts in factories, staging art exhibitions in small towns and establishing mobile cinemas to bring the movies to every village.
For ten years the concerts were organized by Mrs. Theresa Cornelys, a retired Venetian opera singer who owned a concert hall at Carlisle House in Soho Square, then the height of fashionable events.
For Sweden men's national ice hockey team, the home arena is Ericsson Globe, one of the largest spherical building in the world, but it is also hosting concerts and other events.
For example the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra sells internet live streams of whole concerts, instead of several CDs or similar fixed media, by their so-called " Digital Concert Hall " using YouTube for " trailing " purposes only.
For hockey, the Garden seats 18, 200 ; for basketball, 19, 763 ; and for concerts 20, 000 center stage, 19, 522 end-stage.
For nine years Mengelberg dominated the scene, although other conductors, among them Bruno Walter, Wilhelm Furtwängler, Igor Stravinsky, and Arturo Toscanini, led about half of each season's concerts.
For many years, dating back virtually to when the song was written, " Rosalita " always closed the regular set in Springsteen concerts, often elongated to incorporate extended band introductions.
For many years until his death in 2003, Ron Goodwin gave an annual series of Christmas concerts with the orchestra around the south and west of England.
For the rest of the year, the orchestra played in the hall of Bedford School, and after the launch of the V-1 raids in 1944 the remaining broadcast concerts of that year's Proms season were performed at the Bedford Corn Exchange.
For the remaining nine years of Philip's life, Farinelli gave nightly private concerts to the royal couple.
For her new tour, it was said that some cities she visited have requested three concerts in a row to be performed by her at those locations.
For nearly a decade, the Symphony of the Air performed many concerts led by Stokowski, the orchestra's music director from 1955.
For the label's 20th anniversary in 2009, several Warp20 concerts took place in Paris, New York City, Sheffield, Tokyo, Berlin and London.
For the first eight years of his association with the Concertgebouw Monteux conducted between fifty and sixty concerts each season.
For the 2012 Tour, he scheduled 11 concerts in Europe from January 26 to February 12 in London, Paris, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Zurich.
For the upcoming concerts, former Brazil ' 66 member Dom Um Romão was recruited as the group's new percussionist on Moreira's own recommendation.
For years he hatched grand plans about operas and future concerts that would bring him money and possibly redeem him before society.
For $ 500 fans can also purchase an " All Access " privilege which will include access to any future concerts and downloads added to the site.
For their concerts he wrote a series of programme notes, many of which were eventually collected into the books for which he is now best known, the Essays in Musical Analysis.
For example, Nasser's speeches and other government messages were frequently broadcast immediately after Umm Kulthum's monthly radio concerts.
They host annual motorcycle runs & concerts, with all proceeds going to Little Kids Rock, and towards funding the Ride For Dime Scholarship Fund.
For concerts as well as recordings of string quintets ( Mozart, Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms, Anton Bruckner ) and string sextets ( Brahms ) they invited regularly Cecil Aronowitz as second viola and William Pleeth as second cello.
For the past two years, Ich Troje have given over 300 concerts.

For and recordings
For instance, it is common among Quakers to refuse to swear oaths ; however, recordings show that Nixon did swear the oath of office in the conventional manner in all cases, and while the matter is clouded for Hoover, there is newspaper and circumstantial evidence that he did likewise.
For example, when some Orthodox Jews make audio recordings of prayer services, they generally substitute HaShem for Adonai ; a few others have used Amonai.
For example, Elvis Costello recorded a version of Ono's song " Walking on Thin Ice ," the B-52's who drew from her early recordings covered " Don't Worry, Kyoko ( Mummy's Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow )" ( shortening the title to " Don't Worry ") and Sonic Youth included a performance of Ono's early conceptual " Voice Piece for Soprano " in their experimental album SYR4: Goodbye 20th century.
Beiderbecke plays piano on his recordings " Big Boy " ( October 8, 1924 ), " For No Reason at All in C " ( May 13, 1927 ), " Wringin ' and Twistin '" ( September 17, 1927 )— all with ensembles — and his only solo recorded work, " In a Mist " ( September 8, 1927 ).
For example, Panasonic's Tape Library system assigned an ID number to each cassette, and logged recording information ( channel, date, time and optional program title entered by the user ) both on the cassette and in the VCR's memory for up to 900 recordings ( 600 with titles ).
For the scene in which C-3PO speaks Ewokese, actor Anthony Daniels worked with Burtt and invented words, based on the Kalmyk recordings.
For example in a " time of day " speaking clock, concatenation is used to give the correct time by playing the appropriate recordings concatenated together.
For these reasons, many programmes survive only as monochrome film recordings, if at all.
For the middle eight bars, Emerick spliced together multiple recordings of fairground organs and calliope in an attempt to create the effect ; after a great deal of unsuccessful experimentation, Martin instructed Emerick to chop the tape into pieces with scissors, throw them up in the air, and re-assemble them at random.
For many years, Decca's British classical recordings were issued in the US under the London Records label because British Decca was not allowed to use its name there, there already being an American Decca.
Hamm's slapping, popping and two-handed tapping techniques are demonstrated on his solo recordings as well as in his instructional videos Slap, Pop & Tap For The Bass and Deeper Inside the Bass.
*" And many recent recordings of pop music demonstrate how music is killed by a metronome for they are as square as a draftsman's T. For the convenience of recording engineers, each player has to record their part on a separate track while listening to a click track — a metronome — and the clicks are then used to synchronize the tracks while the technicians adjust them to their taste and mix them.
For these two tours, the band sold recordings directly recorded from the sound-board online.
* For The Love Of Harry ( rare recordings, articles, videos, photos )
For one thing, the late recordings sometimes have a geniality that contrasts with the more mercurial, intense, and energetic performances Walter recorded in earlier decades.
For another, the late recordings focus mostly on music from Mozart through Mahler, but in Walter's youth he often conducted what was then newer music ( including Mahler ).
For a few years after Brian's death, while Simpson still had influence at the BBC, there was a revival of interest with a number of recordings and performances ; two biographies and a three-volume study of his symphonies appeared.
For the best recordings and playback, an S-VHS VCR requires S-VHS videotape, which has a different oxide media formulation for higher magnetic coercivity.
For the next eighteen years, Mike Score worked with various musicians under the A Flock Of Seagulls banner, playing live gigs and occasionally issuing new recordings.
* Yes-many recordings by Yes are notable for their use of the Minimoog, such as the albums Close To The Edge, Tales from Topographic Oceans, Going For The One, Tormato ( featuring Rick Wakeman ), Relayer ( featuring Patrick Moraz ), and Drama ( featuring Geoff Downes ).
For many years these recordings were single-sided ; only in 1923 did Victor begin making double-sided " Red Seal " records.
For most recordings the information given in the daily log included the following:
For many recordings the following additional information was written:
Black continued to record Lennon-McCartney compositions throughout the period ( 1963-1973 ) that she was under contract to EMI's Parlophone ; Black's recordings of " Yesterday ", " For No One " and " Across the Universe " were acclaimed critically and became radio favourites.

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