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From and south
From the curio cabinet on its south wall and the bureaus beneath, you abstracted seventeen ivory, metal, wood, and stone sculptures of Oriental and African origin, two snuffboxes, and a jade-handled magnifying glass.
From the 10th to late 7th centuries BC, much of Anatolia ( particularly the east, central, south western and south eastern regions ) fell to the Neo Assyrian Empire, including all of the Neo-Hittite and Syro-Hittite states, Phrygia, Urartu, Nairi, Tabal, Cilicia, Commagene, Caria, Lydia, the Cimmerians and Scythians and swathes of Cappadocia.
From the year 1053, the Almoravids began to spread their religious way to the Berber areas of the Sahara, and to the regions south of the desert.
From the time that the earliest English-speaking settlers arrived, the area has also been known as The Forks, because it is situated at the confluence of the north and south branches of the Kalamazoo River.
From there it turns south-southwest again for another, running past Big Island on the south and Belleville on the north.
* From N ' Djamena and the south west of Chad:
From 2002 until 2011 Cote d ' Ivoire was split by the rebellion between the existing government in the south and the Forces Nouvelles in the north.
From about 860, the Tang Dynasty declined due to a series of rebellions within China itself and in the former subject Kingdom of Nanzhao to the south.
From May 1828, until February 1829, he traveled with Roderick Impey Murchison ( 1792 1871 ) to the south of France ( Auvergne volcanic district ) and to Italy.
From north to south, these three counties are New Castle, Kent, and Sussex.
From north to south, the mountain ranges and valleys are:
From Haparanda on the Finnish border, it stretches south along the Gulf of Bothnia to Gävle, then on a more inland route southwards.
From there, traders continued further south to Carnuntum along the Amber Road.
From 1891 onwards, Puccini spent most of his time at Torre del Lago, a small community about fifteen miles from Lucca situated between the Ligurian Sea and Lake Massaciuccoli, just south of Viareggio.
From southern Scandinavia and northern Germany, the tribes began expanding south, east and west in the 1st century BC, coming into contact with the Celtic tribes of Gaul, as well as Iranian, Baltic, and Slavic tribes in Central Europe.
From fragmentary historical sources it seems he reached the far north of Britain and won a great battle in early summer before returning south to York.
From 1648, the Cossack Khmelnytsky Uprising engulfed the south and east, and was soon followed by a Swedish invasion, which raged through core Polish lands.
From 3200 BCE onwards, either immigrants or a strong cultural influence from south of the Gulf of Finland settled in Southwestern Finland.
From Najaf he journeyed to Wasit then followed the river Tigris south to Basra.
From there, he journeyed south to Afghanistan, then crossed into India via the mountain passes of the Hindu Kush.
From the south his magister peditum Barbatio was to come from Milan and amass forces at Augst ( near the Rhine bend ), then set off north with 25, 000 soldiers ; Julian with 13, 000 troops would move east from Durocortorum ( Reims ).
From the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the kingdom extended from Lebanon in the north to the Sinai Desert in the south, into modern Jordan and Syria in the east, and towards Fatimid Egypt in the west.
From June 1993 until September 2009 Caron owned and operated a hotel and restaurant, Auberge La Lucarne aux Chouettes ( The Owls ' Nest ), located in Villeneuve-sur-Yonne, located about south of Paris.

From and north
From the late 8th century BC a new wave of Indo-European speaking raiders entered northern and north east Anatolia, namely the Cimmerians and Scythians.
From the 1960s, pieds-noirs ( French citizens living in the north African colonies ), immigrants chiefly from the Maghreb, and continental French people also contributed to the increase.
From the north pole, all constellations north of the celestial equator are circumpolar constellations.
From its low point in the Djourab, the basin then rises to the plateaus and peaks of the Tibesti Mountains in the north.
* From the north and east of Chad:
From Mercia the army went north, stopping at Chester-le-Street, before resuming the march accompanied by a fleet of ships.
From then until the end of the war in Europe on May 8, 1945, Eisenhower through SHAEF had command of all Allied forces, and through his command of ETOUSA, administrative command of all U. S. forces, on the Western Front north of the Alps.
From the river the city starts to slope north up a hill, which is steep at some points.
From Sundsvall and further north, the road passes through most larger cities as city streets.
From the north flow Sestra River, Porvoo, Vantaa and several other small rivers.
From Rockstone it headed north to Suribanna, where a pontoon ferry was installed across the Essequibo River to Sherima.
* From late August to mid September 1995, the island was in the path of three successive cyclones: Tropical Storm Iris on 28 August — caused minor damages ; Hurricane Luis on 5 September — caused moderate damages in north coast of Grande-Terre ; Hurricane Marilyn on 15 September — caused moderate damages in Basse-Terre.
* From late August to mid September 1995, the island was in the path of three successive cyclones: Tropical Storm Iris on 28 August caused minor damages ; Hurricane Luis on 5 September caused moderate damages in north coast of Grande-Terre ; Hurricane Marilyn on 15 September caused moderate damages in Basse-Terre.
From mid-June to mid-September the prevailing wind, called the shamal, is from the north and northwest.
From there he went north to Hangzhou, which he described as one of the largest cities he had ever seen, and he noted its charm, describing that the city sat on a beautiful lake and was surrounded by gentle green hills.
From there he travelled north to relieve the rebel siege at Lincoln and back east to King's Lynn, probably to order further supplies from the continent.

From and Broadway
( From the Broadway production )
From the northern shore of Manhattan, Broadway crosses Spuyten Duyvil Creek via the Broadway Bridge and continues through Marble Hill ( a discontinuous portion of the borough of Manhattan ) and the Bronx into Westchester County.
Jazz Impressions of the USA ( 1956, Morello's debut with the group ), Jazz Impressions of Eurasia ( 1958 ), Jazz Impressions of Japan ( 1964 ), and Jazz Impressions of New York ( 1964 ) are less well-known albums, but all are brilliant examples of the quartet's studio work, and they produced Brubeck standards such as " Summer Song ," " Brandenburg Gate ," " Koto Song ," and " Theme From Mr. Broadway.
* 1977: Jazz vocalist Lorez Alexandria recorded an uptempo version for her album From Broadway To Hollywood which subsequently became popular on the UK jazz dance and soul scenes, eventually being rereleased as a 7 inch single on Jazzman Records in 2000.
From 1918 to 2006, the Drama Prize was unlike the majority of the other Pulitzer Prizes: during these years, the eligibility period for the drama prize ran from March 2 to March 1, to reflect the Broadway ' season ' rather than the calendar year.
From February to April 16, 2006, she played the role of Roxie Hart in the Broadway play Chicago.
From 1982 to 1992, Webb turned his focus from solo performing to larger-scale projects, such as film scores, Broadway musicals, and classical music.
In 1979, Radner appeared on Broadway in a successful one-woman show entitled Gilda Radner-Live From New York.
* There for Me, British feature film: From 7th-14 July 2007 the Hanwell's First Choice Cafe on the corner of Hanwell Broadway was converted into the Broadway Café for this film.
In 1960, Herman made his Broadway debut with the revue From A to Z, which featured contributions from newcomers Woody Allen and Fred Ebb as well.
From 1983 84 she reunited with Albert on Broadway as Olga in You Can't Take It with You.
Ives's Broadway career included appearances in The Boys From Syracuse ( 1938 39 ), Heavenly Express ( 1940 ), This Is the Army ( 1942 ), Sing Out, Sweet Land ( 1944 ), Paint Your Wagon ( 1951 52 ), and Dr. Cook's Garden ( 1967 ).
From 1894 he toured the United States, including the American and Knickerbocker theatres of Broadway.
* Take It From Me Broadway production opened on March 31 at the 44th Street Theatre and ran for 96 performances
* Forty-Five Minutes From Broadway Broadway production
* " Forty-Five Minutes From Broadway " w. m.
From the musical Forty-five Minutes from Broadway.
From 1982 to 1985 he played four demanding roles simultaneously: Benedick in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, for which he won a Tony for its Broadway run ( 1984 1985 ); Prospero in The Tempest ; Peer Gynt ; and Cyrano de Bergerac which he brought to the US and played in repertory with Much Ado About Nothing on Broadway and in Washington DC ( 1984 1985 ).

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