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From and 4th
From the 4th century Christianization of the Roman Empire onwards such shrines, or the framework enclosing them, are often called by the Biblical term tabernacle, which becomes extended to any elaborated framework for a niche, window or picture.
From about the 4th century certain psalms began to be grouped together, a process that was furthered by the monastic practice of daily reciting the 150 psalms.
From the 4th century, when the codex gained wide acceptance, to the Carolingian Renaissance in the 8th century, many works that were not converted from scroll to codex were lost to posterity.
From a 4th century BC, Zhou era tomb at Mashan, Hubei province, China.
From the middle of the 4th century BC, the Kingdom of Macedon became the dominant power in Greece and the neighbouring regions ; since then Macedonia has had a diverse history.
From this scarce notice, it has been concluded that a small church which encompassed a cave complex might have been located in Nazareth in the early 4th century ," although the town was Jewish until the 7th century AD.
From the 4th century onwards, Sunday worship has also taken on the observance of Sunday rest in some Christian traditions, such as the Puritans of the 16th and 17th centuries.
From the 4th century onwards, Sunday worship has also taken on the observance of Sunday rest in some Christian traditions, such as the Puritans of the 16th and 17th centuries.
From left to right: James Stewart, 1st Earl of Moray | James Stewart ( Moray ), James Hamilton, Duke of Châtellerault | James Hamilton ( Châtellerault ), Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley | Lord Darnley, Matthew Stewart, 4th Earl of Lennox | Matthew Stewart ( Lennox ), William Maitland of Lethington | William Maitland ( Lethington ), William Kirkcaldy of Grange | William Kirkcaldy ( Grange ), James Douglas, 4th Earl of Morton | James Douglas ( Morton ), John Knox, and George Buchanan
From the 4th century BC it was invaded by various Celtic tribes.
Mark Hollingsworth & Stewart Lansley, Londongrad: From Russia With Cash, 2009, 4th Estate
From 1st to 4th Technician level, the student works on his technique, continuously improving and refining it as he learns Biu Tze and begins learning Wooden Dummy.
From kindergarten to the 4th standard, the compulsory boy uniform is a white shirt and green pants, which can be short or long.
From December 3 to 6, Japanese 16th and 9th Divisions punched into the cordon lines of the Chinese 83rd and 66th Corps, took over Jurong on 4th, and pushed to the area of Huangmei, Tuqiao and Hushuzhen.
From 1976 to 1980, Coats worked for then-U. S. Representative Dan Quayle, a Republican from Indiana's 4th congressional district, as Quayle's district representative.
From as early as 1700 BC up to the 4th century AD, Eleusis was the site of the Eleusinian Mysteries, or the Mysteries of Demeter and Kore.
From the 4th century onwards, Nemesis, as the just balancer of Fortune's chance, could be associated with Tyche.
From the 4th century onwards, China experienced invasions from the north by nomadic peoples, who succeeded in conquering much of the territory of North China.
The Anthem of the International Exhibitions Bureau is the starting part of the 4th Movement of Dvořák's Symphony No. 9 in E Minor " From the New World ".
From April 2007 to July 2008 the 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team was deployed in as part of the surge to regain control of the situation in Iraq.
From 1894 to 1899, he served as ambassador to the United Kingdom, and in 1900, during the 4th Itō administration, he became Foreign Minister ; however, the Ito administration remained in office only a few months.
" From 14 December, the Australian 6th Division replaced the Indian 4th Infantry Division which was redeployed to East Africa.
From the 4th until the 14th century, caves were constructed by monks to serve as shrines with funds from donors.

From and 12th
From the 12th to the 15th century, Bordeaux regained importance following the marriage of Duchess Eleanor of Aquitaine with the French-speaking Count Henri Plantagenet, born in Le Mans, who became, within months of their wedding, King Henry II of England.
From the 12th century, major advances in the chemical arts shifted from Arab lands to western Europe.
From the 12th century it remained a distinct state with its ruler ( ban ) and parliament, but it obeyed the kings and emperors of various neighboring powers, primarily Hungary and Austria.
From the 12th century, Dachau was a summer residence for several Bavarian princes.
From the 12th to the 17th century “ handfasting ” in England referred to a ceremony, usually about a month prior to a church wedding, at which the marrying couple formally declared that each accepted the other as spouse.
From the 7th through the 12th centuries, the area of Mecklenburg was taken over by Western Slavic peoples, most notably the Obotrites and other tribes that Frankish sources referred to as " Wends ".
From 12th to 14th century, large numbers of Germans and Flemings settled the area ( Ostsiedlung ), importing German law and improved agricultural techniques.
* Singh, Upinder, A History of Ancient and Early Medieval India: From the Stone Age to the 12th century, Dorling Kindersley, 2008, ISBN 978-81-317-1120-0.
From the 12th century Abbot Hugh of Semur ( died 1109 ), Peter Abelard ( died 1142 ), and Geoffrey of Vendome ( died 1132 ) all referred to Mary Magdalene as the sinner who merited the title apostolarum apostola, with the title becoming commonplace during the 12th and 13th centuries.
From 968 until the Protestant Reformation, Merseburg was the seat of the bishop of Merseburg, and in addition to being for a time the residence of the margraves of Meissen, it was a favorite residence of the German kings during the 10th, 11th and 12th centuries.
From the town assembly, a national assembly and the progress of commerce sprang Parliament all over Europe around the end of the 12th century but not entirely representative or homogeneous for the nobility and the clergy.
From 12th to 14th century, German colonists were called into the Wend lands and settled there in large numbers, transforming the area from a Slavic to a Germanic culture.
From the time of Charlemagne until the 12th century, the silver currency of England was made from the highest purity silver available.
From the late 12th to early 13th centuries, Apulia was a favorite residence of the Hohenstaufen emperors, notably Frederick II.
From the 18th century BC the region was a part of the Hittite Empire with possible name Arzawa, which was destroyed by invaders during the 12th century BC together with the collapse of the Empire.
From the 12th century, the fame of the Lille cloth fair began to grow.
From 1081 the city came loosely under the Patriarchate of Aquileia, developing into a free commune by the end of the 12th century.
From about the 12th century, knights wore long and flowing surcoats over their armour, which were frequently emblazoned with the arms of the wearer.
From the 12th to the 14th century, Sofia was a thriving centre of trade and crafts.
From the 12th century onward chivalry came to be understood as a moral, religious and social code of knightly conduct.
From the 12th century Blakeney had a reputation for acts of piracy: between 1328 and 1350 it is recorded that men of Blakeney boarded two vessels from Flanders and sailed them back to Blakeney haven, where they were stripped of their cargoes.
From the early 12th century, there is evidence that Pershore Abbey claimed possession of some of the relics of Saint Eadburh of Winchester, the sainted daughter of King Edward the Elder.
From the 12th century AD hundreds of settlements of all sizes were founded all across Europe, who very often obtained the right of fortification soon afterwards.

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