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From and these
From these dosage isopleths it can be seen that an area of over 34,000 square miles was covered.
From these results, one sees that the study of linear operators on vector spaces over an algebraically closed field is essentially reduced to the study of nilpotent operators.
From here they proceeded to ( 3 ) These same areas in relation to their own future family life stages, developing these to the extent of examining various crises which could be expected to confront them at some time or other.
From Fig. 6 the relationship between these parameters can readily be derived and the cutting force is Af where **yl is the shear strength of the coating and is a parameter of the coatings material, W is the width of the removed coating and T is its thickness.
From the outset, these were not intended to displace the autonomy of the emerging provinces of the Communion, but to " discuss matters of practical interest, and pronounce what we deem expedient in resolutions which may serve as safe guides to future action.
From this arrangement these lines of single cells came to be known as Laurae, Laurai, " streets " or " lanes ".
From a modern perspective these figures may seem small, but in the world of Greek city-states Athens was huge: most of the thousand or so Greek cities could only muster 1000 – 1500 adult male citizens and Corinth, a major power, had at most 15, 000 but in some very seldom cases more.
From these ports to major populations centres and markets in Europe or Asia is several thousands of kilometers.
From the late 1940s to the early 1960s, following the creation of the state of Israel, most of these Jews fled their countries of birth and are now mostly concentrated in Israel.
From these studies arose the concept of using aerial applications of herbicides to destroy enemy crops to disrupt their food supply.
From these postulates stems the belief that God periodically reveals his will through divine messengers, whose purpose is to transform the character of humankind and develop, within those who respond, moral and spiritual qualities.
From New York City these agricultural products could easily be shipped to other U. S. states or to Europe, etc.
From all the Empire, war prisoners and deported people were sent to the city: these people were called " Sürgün " in Turkish ().
From these axioms, it can be proved that there is exactly one identity morphism for every object.
From these four, a multitude of equations, relating the thermodynamic properties of the thermodynamic system can be derived using relatively simple mathematics.
From inside out these are:
From west to east these are: Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion and Lasithi.
" From these principles and some additional constraints —( 1a ) a lower bound on the linear dimensions of any of the parts, ( 1b ) an upper bound on speed of propagation ( the velocity of light ), ( 2 ) discrete progress of the machine, and ( 3 ) deterministic behavior — he produces a theorem that " What can be calculated by a device satisfying principles I – IV is computable.
From a geometrical point of view, looking at the states of each variable of the system to be controlled, every " bad " state of these variables must be controllable and observable to ensure a good behaviour in the closed-loop system.
From the view of the citizens, these vicars were cruel and petty.
From these beginnings rose the various classical styles which are recognised today.
From north to south, these three counties are New Castle, Kent, and Sussex.
From 1960 these were replaced with Stainless Steel ID Tags on a Green Nylon Cord, 2 circular & 1 Oval, the Oval was withdrawn around 1990
Referring to the resolution, Lumumba wrote to UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld,From these texts it is clear that, contrary to your personal interpretation, the UN force may be used to subdue the rebel government of Katanga .’ Secretary General Hammarskjöld refused.
From the perspective of the developing world, the benefits of forest as carbon sinks or biodiversity reserves go primarily to richer developed nations and there is insufficient compensation for these services.

From and accounts
From a number of accounts, singing was apparently one of Dominic's great delights.
From most accounts David Shepherd provided the philosophical vision of the Compass Players, while Elaine May was central to the development of the premises for its improvisations.
From the Muslim perspective, a chief source of information is Usamah ibn Munqidh, a soldier and frequent ambassador from Damascus to Jerusalem and Egypt, whose memoirs, Kitab al i ' tibar, include lively accounts of crusader society in the east.
From all accounts his personal and social life exhibited the highest moral and spiritual standards.
From all accounts, the invading forces were caught entirely off guard to find a large force, well disposed and prepared for battle, with high ground, directly opposing their attack on Tours.
From these accounts, it appears that the practice was hardly exceptional nor new.
From Eusebius, two accounts of the battle survive.
From the late 1980s through the early 2000s, the number of survivors was reduced to Superman himself in the comic book stories ( the Eradicator was added in 1989 as a nonsentient device, and shown to be self-aware in 1991 ), but more recent accounts have restored Supergirl, Krypto, and Kandor, and introduced another newly discovered survivor, Karsta Wor-Ul.
From there the two accounts generally agree with each other and with Thucydides.
" From all accounts it looks as if these gentlemen had it all their own way ... and that, what with their arguments and what with their blandishments, ( they gave a champagne lunch on board the Victoria where Mr. McGee's wit sparkled brightly as the wine ), they carried the Lower Province delegates a little off their feet.
From some accounts it appears that Caunus was the first to develop the affection towards her ; others describe Byblis ' feelings as unrequited.
From the 1900s to 1930s, a period which accounts for 54 percent of the historic housing stock, these included Bungalows, Four Squares, Colonial Revivals, and Cape Cod types, sometimes modestly detailed with Craftsman or Colonial Revival trim.
From the accounts of former OGPU officer Alexander Orlov and others, the methods used to extract the confessions are known: such tortures as repeated beatings, simulated drownings, making prisoners stand or go without sleep for days on end, and threats to arrest and execute the prisoners ' families.
From surviving eyewitness and newspaper accounts, Jordá had youthful enthusiasm, energy, and charm.
In a letter to Lord George Germain, delivered by his aide-de-camp, Captain Broderick, Cornwallis commented: " From our observation, and the best accounts we could procure, we did not doubt but the strength of the enemy exceeded 7, 000 men ...
From his accounts, the Gupta Empire was a prosperous period.
From 2004 and onwards, minor tax cuts came into effect, on two accounts:
From February 2009, all new current accounts had zero credit and debit interest, along with no paid and unpaid item charges ( which were previously up to £ 35 ).
From 1761 to 1762, Schuyler made a trip to England to settle accounts from his work as quartermaster.
From the mid-17th century onwards, there are numerous vivid eyewitness accounts of the production of steel by European travellers to the Indian subcontinent.
From all accounts the experience was less than positive, though it did help cement alliances with other emerging American indie rock bands.
From the various extant accounts of Jacob's life and from the number of his known works, we gather that his literary activity was unceasing.
From comparison to Baltic mythology and from Slavic folklore accounts, one can deduce that Jarilo was associated with the Moon.
From the conflicting accounts of the sources, historians have tried to reconstruct the most likely sequence of events leading up to the battle.

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