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Generally and is
Generally, however, there is an abundance of available machinery of coordination -- in NATO, in O.E.C.D., in the U.N. and elsewhere.
Generally, throughout the South, there is a growing impatience with the pattern of violence with which every step of desegregation is met.
Generally, it is necessary to mark distances on a specimen ( or garment ) in both lengthwise and widthwise directions and to measure before and after laundering.
Generally, however, in such marriages as those cited, the husband is at his wife's mercy.
Generally the first salvo of a tsunami is a rather sharp swell, not different enough from an ordinary wave to alarm casual observers.
Generally, there is no trial in an appellate court, only consideration of the record of the evidence presented to the trial court and all the pre-trial and trial court proceedings are reviewed โ€” unless the appeal is by way of re-hearing, new evidence will usually only be considered on appeal in " very " rare instances, for example if that material evidence was unavailable to a party for some very significant reason such as prosecutorial misconduct.
Generally, an answer is a reply to a question or is a solution, a retaliation, or a response that is relevant to the said question.
Generally speaking in private, civil cases there is no plea entered of guilt or innocence.
Generally speaking, negation is an automorphism of any abelian group, but not of a ring or field.
Generally, however, northern Alberta ( and areas along the Alberta Rockies ) is forested land and logging is more important than agriculture there.
Generally the visible spectrum ( vmag ) is used for the apparent magnitude, but other spectrums such as the near-infrared J-band magnitude are also used.
Generally it is a battery, but sub-divided batteries are quite common, and in some armies very common.
The body of rules that governs financial accounting in a given jurisdiction is called Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, or GAAP.
Generally the absent zee-rhyme is not missed, although some children use a zee pronunciation in the rhyme which they would not use elsewhere.
Generally, a battle is a conceptual component in the hierarchy of combat in warfare between two or more armed forces, or combatants.
Generally Heinz Guderian is attributed as creating the military doctrine later described as blitzkrieg.
Generally, information currently available as of January 1 of the current year is used in preparing the Factbook.

Generally and impossible
Mail armour provided an effective defence against slashing blows by an edged weapon and penetration by thrusting and piercing weapons ; in fact a study conducted at the Royal Armouries at Leeds concluded that " it is almost impossible to penetrate using any conventional medieval weapon " Generally speaking, mail's resistance to weapons is determined by four factors: linkage type ( riveted, butted, or welded ), material used ( iron versus bronze or steel ), weave density ( a tighter weave needs a thinner weapon to surpass ), and ring thickness ( generally ranging from 18 to 14 gauge in most examples ).
Generally intended for use by a single person, the fumes will tend to taint food if exposed to the burning tablets, and will also leave a messy residue that may be impossible to remove from cookware.
Generally NCG should meet all the requirements of regular gearing, but in some cases, for example variable axle distance, could prove impossible to support and such gears require very tight manufacturing tolerances and assembling problems arise.
Generally, since permitting a CTL plant without CCS will likely be impossible, and CTL + CCS plants have a lower carbon footprint than conventional fuels, carbon regulation is expected to be balance-positive for synthetic fuel production.

Generally and close
Generally, a refresh rate of 85 Hz or above ( as found in most modern CRT monitors ) is sufficient to minimize flicker at close viewing distances, and all recent computer monitors are capable of at least that rate.
Generally, the form takes less than a week to prepare, after which a production rate of 1 โ€“ 10 units / hr ยท mold is achieved, with items as massive as and as small as with very good surface finish and close tolerances.
Generally, the term is restricted to those close to reaching age 12, especially age 11.
Generally, the design of a filter seeks to make the roll-off as narrow as possible, thus allowing the filter to perform as close as possible to its intended design.
Generally the bids submitted by both YTV and the ( then-independent ) Tyne Tees were considered financially questionable, and the ITC is said to have come close to rejecting the YTV bid on financial quality grounds.
Generally it is a fixed volumetric fraction of the respiratory flow, but more complex systems have been developed which exhaust a close approximation of a ratio to the surface respiratory flow rate.
Generally, systems that hand count the ballots will tabulate the ballots only after the close of polling.
Generally, those who live nearer to the Tibetans are influenced by the Tibetan culture, while the majority are more influenced by the Han Chinese, which has close links with its ethnic history.
Generally, the peripheral field of a diving mask is improved if the lenses are as close to the eye as possible, or if the lenses are large, multi-window, or is a curved wrap-around design.
Generally speaking, the F & W movement is perceived as less strident than the BWF, which has close relationships with established para-denominational evangelical organizations such as Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts.
Generally, the theories of Castroism lead to a more close, personal relationship between Russia and Cuba, during the period from 1961 โ€“ 91.
Generally, the Yampa flows north, skirting the eastern edge of the White River Uplift, then turns west and roughly parallels the northern border of Colorado until it finally empties into the Green River in Dinosaur National Monument close to the northeastern corner of Colorado.
Generally, Quebec's first past the post electoral system tends to produce strong disparities in the number of seats won even if the popular vote is fairly close.
Generally, the number of musical acts is close to 200, spanning the breadth of " dark music " from acoustic folk to medieval-influenced to deathrock, to dark electro, EBM, Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, industrial.
Generally, the package quickly reached a close geographic proximity, but would circle the target almost randomly until it found the target's inner circle of friends.
Generally, greens are built in a square shape as close to 40 metres as possible.
* Generally aggressive driving, including sudden acceleration, braking, and close tailgating.
Generally, it is considered to be more mainstream-oriented than the rest of Children of Bodom's works, which may be due to the close cooperation with the UMG.
Generally, bars must close at 23: 30 Sunday to Thursday and 00: 30 on Friday and Saturday.
Generally the hem falls to, or just below, the knee and is tailored for a close fit.
Generally speaking, the Canadian banking system is well regulated, in part by the little known Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions ( Canada ), which can in an extreme case close a financial institution.

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