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Geographically and Ångerman
Geographically, the landscape is dominated by woods, and by the Ångerman River and its tributaries Faxälven and Fjällsjöälven, which cross through the municipality.

Geographically and River
Geographically, Richmond is located at the fall line of the James River, west of Williamsburg, east of Charlottesville, and south of Washington, D. C.
Geographically, there are three rivers intersecting the municipality: the Västerdal River, the Österdal River and the Dalecarlia River.
Geographically, the Hilliard area is between Big Darby Creek on the west and the Scioto River on the east.
Geographically, the Brule River divides the township in two.
Geographically, Midtown is commonly defined as the area south of 59th Street, east of the Hudson River, and west of the East River.
Geographically, Cross Hills is in Airedale at a point where the River Aire bends east from its north-south course.
Geographically, Buckfastleigh straddles the confluence of two small streams from Dartmoor which feed into the River Dart just to the east of the town.
Geographically the area is rolling countryside below the Niagara Escarpment to the west, with the Nottawasaga River river cutting through it.
Geographically, the area is split by the Kuban River into two distinct parts.
Geographically, the term North Caucasus comprises the northern slope and western extremity of the Caucasus Major mountain range, as well as a part of its southern slope to the West ( until the Psou River ).
Geographically, it is the area to the south of Botany Bay and the Georges River.
Geographically, most of the Midlands is a region of relatively low plains drained mostly by tributaries of the Tamar River in the north and Jordan River in the south.
Geographically, Bến Tre is wedged between the two main branches of the Tiền Giang River, which is itself one of the two main branches of the Mekong.
Geographically it lies on either side of the Sindu River, ( Indus the River Goddess of Rigveda ), near the Tarbela Reservoir.
Geographically, the North Bronx includes areas which are hilly and urban to the west of the Bronx River ( much like Washington Heights, in Upper Manhattan ) as well as areas which are coastal and lower density / residential to the east.
Geographically and culturally, Greater Iran is generally acknowledged to include the entire Iranian plateau and its bordering plain s, extending from Mesopotamia and the Caucasus in the west, to the Indus River in the east, and from the Amu Darya | Oxus River in the north to the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman | Sea of Oman in the south.
Geographically, it comprises the municipalities located within the Naugatuck River basin.

Geographically and from
Geographically and geologically, Virginia is divided into five regions from east to west: Tidewater, Piedmont, Blue Ridge Mountains, Ridge and Valley, and Cumberland Plateau.
Geographically, much of the SPD's current-day support comes from large cities, especially of northern and western Germany and Berlin.
Geographically the island is formed from two mostly granite masses joined by what was presumably once a tombolo, a kind of sandbar.
Geographically, the Vosges Mountains are located wholly in France far above the Col de Saverne separating them from the Palatinate Forest in Germany, which logically continues the same Vosges geologic structure but traditionally receives this different name for historical and political reasons.
Geographically, Prachuap Khiri Khan is a moderate plain area with altitude varying from 0-1200 metres above sea level.
Geographically it is somewhat separate from the rest of Finchley, with North Finchley and West Finchley to the north, and Finchley Central to the west.
Geographically, it is part of the Dodecanese island chain, located about 41 km north-northwest of Rhodes ( and 425 km from Piraeus, the port of Athens ), with 58. 1 km² ( 22 sq mi ) of mountainous terrain.
Geographically, North and South Colonies, as well as Good Spirit Lake Annex ( Devil's Lake Annex, to non-believers ) were around Yorkton, not far from the border with today's Manitoba ; the Saskatchewan ( Rosthern ) Colony, was located north-west of Saskatoon, quite a distance from the other three " reserves ".
Geographically, the term encompasses about 217 miles of the New Jersey coastal area from Sandy Hook in the north to Cape May in the south.
Geographically, the peninsula begins its protrusion from the mainland in the area between Pearcedale and Frankston.
Geographically from the East to West, Kahoku is composed of a mountainous region, a hilly region, a terrace region, a lowland region and then a coastal region.
Geographically it is a ten minute drive from High Street Phoenix and Worli Sea Face and twenty minute drive from Mumbai CST.
Geographically, apart from the Brahmaputra, Barak and Imphal valleys and some flat lands in between the hills of Meghalaya and Tripura, the remaining two-thirds of the area is hilly terrain interspersed with valleys and plains ; the altitude varies from almost sea-level to over 7000 metres above MSL.
Geographically, anecdotal evidence places the conception of the American English variety on the West Coast – anywhere from Southern California to the Pacific Northwest.
Geographically, this puts Castle Rock in the northern hemisphere of a 37-mile radius from Portland, Maine.
Geographically Gojal is located between 70 latitude and 61 and is spread over an area of 8, 500 km² of land, at an elevation ranging from 2, 340m to 4, 877m, above the sea level.
Geographically, the mutineers were drawn from as far as the West Indies, with one mutineer being described as speaking a forerunner of a Caribbean patois.
Geographically, the mountains extend from South Bohemia in the Czech Republic to Austria and Bavaria in Germany.
Geographically, Old South is a subregion of the American South, differentiated from the " Deep South " as being the Southern States represented in the original thirteen American colonies, as well as a way of describing the former lifestyle in the Southern United States.

Geographically and through
Geographically, the Serbian Orthodox Church represents the westernmost bastion of Orthodox Christianity in Europe, which shaped its historical fate through contacts with Catholicism and Islam.
Geographically, consumers ' councils could be nested within the same neighborhood councils, ward councils, city or regional councils and a country council used for political decision-making through parpolity-parecon's political counterpart.
Geographically, Narbonne was therefore located at a very important crossroads because it was situated where the Via Domitia connected to the Via Aquitania, which led toward the Atlantic through Toulouse and Bordeaux.
Geographically the country was certainly open to India, both through Nepal and by way of Kashmir and Ladakh.
Geographically, the Lincolnshire Wolds are a continuation of the Yorkshire Wolds, which run up through the East Riding of Yorkshire.
Geographically, the Lincolnshire Wolds is a continuation of the Yorkshire Wolds which runs through the East Riding of Yorkshire ; the point at which the ranges of hill crosses the Humber is known as the Humber Gap.
Geographically, Maha Sarakham is a vast rolling plain, composed mostly of rice fields with the Chi River flowing through it.
Geographically, Bentheim is composed largely of fenland, and early settlement was concentrated along the banks of the rivers which pass through the county.
Geographically the line stretches from the Jura Mountains ( Canton of Jura and Bernese Jura ) in the north along Lake Biel, Lake Neuchâtel and Lake Murten through the Swiss plateau, then crosses the Swiss Alps and the Rhone valley, separating Lower and Upper Valais, and finally reaches the Italian border between the municipalities of Evolène and Zermatt.
Geographically, it starts in the Norrbotten County, also known as the Swedish Lappland province where it drains the lakes Hornavan, Uddjaur and Storavan near Arjeplog ; then goes south-east into Västerbotten County, passing through the town Skellefteå ( which has given it its name ), and finally discharging in the Gulf of Bothnia, in the Västerbotten province.

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