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Gorillaz and were
The following week, Gorillaz were knocked off the top by Albarn's former Britpop rivals Oasis who in turn were knocked off the top by Coldplay's eagerly awaited X & Y, which was met with mixed reviews itself.
There were also initial plans for a Gorillaz world tour using this technology.
The media were the first to bring the term into popularity, with the appearance of Britain's Gorillaz in 2000.
Though the track was selected for a single and received generally good reactions, Rise of the Ogre claims that Gorillaz were never particularly satisfied with " Rock the House ", with Murdoc expressing his opinions by claiming he " won this song in a raffle " and 2D thinking that the track should not have made it on the album at all.

Gorillaz and virtual
* " People ," 2005 B-side from the virtual band Gorillaz single " Dare " ( song )
However, he has been involved in many other high profile projects, such as Gorillaz, a virtual band.
Gorillaz is a " virtual band " consisting of four animated members: 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle and Russel Hobbs.
Gorillaz is a virtual band composed of four animated band members created in 1998 by Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, co-creator of the comic book Tank Girl.
' Not unlike the band Gorillaz, Rhodes ' alter-ego, ' Lumi ,' was conceived as a ' virtual idol ,' except in this instance, unlike Hatsune Miku, Lumi is based on a real human girl.
* 2D, the fictional character from Damon Albarn's virtual band Gorillaz, comes from Crawley, according to the back-story created for them.
At the 2006 Grammy Awards the Pepper's ghost technique was used to project Madonna with the virtual members of the band Gorillaz onto the stage in a " live " performance.
* 2D ( Gorillaz ), a member of the virtual band Gorillaz
Del collaborated with virtual trip-hop group Gorillaz for two songs on their debut album, " Clint Eastwood " and " Rock the House ", both of which became singles and videos and achieved chart success.
In their song, " The Sounder ", the virtual band Gorillaz makes a reference to the Tokyo Dome, saying: " Gorillaz rock the dome just like the one in Tokyo.
Gorillaz, the virtual pop band have shown support through a TV spot showing animated frontman, 2D, meditating with fellow supporters outside of the Chinese embassy, followed by a brief message encouraging people to join the Free Tibet Campaign.
She is also known for her work with virtual band Gorillaz, as she is the first person to provide the voice of animated member Noodle.
The virtual band Gorillaz also used the guzheng in their song " Hong Kong " from the Help!
* A short promotional video for the virtual band Gorillaz showed the fictional animated guitarist, Noodle, taking on a pack of thugs while dressed in the tracksuit and imitating Lee's fighting style.
* Russel Hobbs of the virtual band Gorillaz
The music is recorded ( and, in the case of concerts, performed ) by human musicians and producers, while any media related to the virtual band, including albums, video clips and the visual component of stage performances, feature the animated line-up ; in some cases ( including all four of the Gorillaz albums, Gorillaz, Demon Days, Plastic Beach, and The Fall ), the virtual band members have been listed as the writers and performers of the songs.
The term virtual band was popularised with Gorillaz in 2000 ; however, the concept of the virtual band was first demonstrated by Alvin and the Chipmunks in 1959, when their creator, Ross Bagdasarian, accelerated recordings of his own voice to achieve the ' chipmunk voice '.
Perhaps the most complex live performance by a virtual band was Gorillaz ' performances at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Lisbon and the 2006 Grammy Awards.

Gorillaz and band
It was rumoured that Gilliam may direct – or be involved in the production of – the animated band Gorillaz ' movie.
In an August 2008 Observer interview, Gorillaz band members Albarn and Hewlett revealed the nature and title of the project, Journey to the West, a movie adaptation of the opera of the same name based on a 16th-century Chinese adventure story also known as Monkey.
A song from the band Gorillaz is named " Clint Eastwood ", and features references to the actor, with the iconic yell featured in The Good, the Bad and the Uglys score heard at the beginning of the video.
Graham Coxon recorded a string of solo albums, while Damon Albarn dedicated his time to Gorillaz, the animated band he had created with Jamie Hewlett.
Two modern examples of the " cartoon rock group " could include the British band, Gorillaza musical project created in 1998 by British musician Damon Albarn and British cartoonist Jamie Hewlett, and Dethklok, a fictional death metal band created by Brendon Small.
Another example is the on-going Free Tibet Campaign, which has been seen on numerous websites as well as having a slight tie-in with the band Gorillaz in their Gorillaz Bitez clip featuring the lead singer 2D sitting with protesters at a Free Tibet protest.
The band ' met ' Gorillaz in December 2005, and interviewed each other for a feature in Observer Music Monthly.
Headliners included Jay-Z, Muse and Gorillaz, along with LCD Soundsystem, a reunited Faith No More, a reunited Pavement, Thom Yorke of Radiohead and his live band Atoms for Peace, Tiesto, and supergroup Them Crooked Vultures.
He has also presented some of Channel 4's most controversial programmes including The Autopsy and The Exorcism, has reported from around the world covering many disasters and conflicts, and has also appeared in a mockumentary about the band Gorillaz called Charts of Darkness .< ref >
Paul reunited with Damon Albarn and Mick Jones on the new Gorillaz album Plastic Beach, and is also the bassist of the Gorillaz live band supporting Plastic Beach, along with Mick Jones on guitar.

Gorillaz and for
Furthermore, the artwork for the song " November has Come " off of the Gorillaz ' 2005 album Demon Days has a picture of a calendar pinned to a brick wall set to the month of October with all the dates marked off in red Xs ( reminiscent of the opening scene in Day of the Dead ).
Willis appeared in the music video for the song " Stylo " by Gorillaz.
Tong appeared as a live replacement for ex-guitarist Graham Coxon in Blur, and as additional guitarist for Gorillaz ( both Jones and Tong played guitar for Demon Days Live ).
In 2006, the group won a Grammy for their collaboration with Gorillaz on the single " Feel Good Inc ."
In 2005, De La Soul collaborated with Gorillaz on the hit single " Feel Good Inc .," which won a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Collaboration ( the first Grammy win in the group's career ) after being nominated for a total of three Grammys.
Gorillaz ' frontman Damon Albarn played the song when he filled in for Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1.
He often fills in for rapper Mos Def on the Gorillaz ' song Stylo on the group's Escape to Plastic Beach World Tour & at the Glastonbury Festival in 2010.
Pazuzu appears on the album cover of the Gorillaz compilation album D-Sides and as a statue in front of the band's former recording studio, as well as in the promo video for the band's song Dare, the promo video for the song Rockit, and the unmade promo video for Rhinestone eyes.
As a sculptor, Stoten has provided many maquettes for the animation film industry whilst also sculpting an exclusive range of Gorillaz figures for the designer toy company Kidrobot.
It has provided inspiration for many modern bands of today, including Coldplay, Radiohead, The Verve, Snow Patrol, Gorillaz, Muse, Kaiser Chiefs, Placebo, Franz Ferdinand, Bullet for My Valentine, The Libertines, Bush, The Kooks, Bloc Party, Stereophonics, Keane, Florence and the Machine, Mumford & Sons, Lostprophets and Arctic Monkeys.
* Gorillaz shot the music video for Stylo in Calico.
* Blur's video for " For Tomorrow ", the video for " Kingdom of Doom " by Blur lead singer Damon Albarn's 2007 project The Good, the Bad and the Queen, and in the video for " Tomorrow Comes Today " by further side project Gorillaz

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