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Harrison and had
Browne Willis built a mansion in 1711, but this was pulled down by Thomas Harrison, who had acquired the property in 1793.
Courtney Michelle Harrison was born in 1964 in San Francisco, California, to Linda Carroll, now a psychotherapist, and Hank Harrison, a publisher who had some association with the Grateful Dead ; consequently, Love was included in a group picture on the back of the band's album Aoxomoxoa ( 1969 ).
Major-General Thomas Harrison, who had commanded the troop which aided Oliver Cromwell in dissolving the Rump, suggested that there be a ruling body based upon the Old Testament Sanhedrin of 70 selected " Saints ", which was based on his beliefs, as a Fifth Monarchist, that the rule of the Saints would usher in the reign of Christ on Earth.
In 1979 Sonia brought a High Court action against Harrison who had in the meantime transferred 75 % of the company's voting stock to himself and had dissipated much of the value of the company.
Clark and W. Harrison Moore, who had contributed to the first draft of the constitution put before the 1897 Adelaide Convention and was Professor of Law at the University of Melbourne, postulated that the letters patent and the royal instructions issued by Queen Victoria were unnecessary " or even of doubtful legality ".
Harrison, a dual Australian Champion Beach Sprinter who went on to row in the coxless four at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, had been introduced to rowing after a chance meeting with one of the fathers of modern athletic physiological training and testing, and the coach of the Leichhardt Guinea Pigs, Professor Frank Cotton.
Adams sat for the earliest confirmed photograph still in existence of a U. S. president in 1843, although other sources contend that William Henry Harrison had posed even earlier for his portrait, in 1841.
The master noted that his own calculations had placed the ship sixty miles east of its true landfall which had been correctly predicted by Harrison using H1.
Although Gresham was a Republican, he had supported Cleveland ( a Democrat ) in the 1892 election because of his intense dislike for the Republican nominee, President Benjamin Harrison.
' These included: Chief Justice Coke, who had been Solicitor to the High Court of Justice, Major-General Harrison, Col. John Jones ( also a member of the High Court of Justice ), Mr. Thomas Scot, Sir.
William Henry Harrison hoped to receive the support of the Western voters, Daniel Webster had strength in New England, and Hugh Lawson White had support in the South.
In the July 20, 1956 issue of Science, Clyde Cowan, Frederick Reines, F. B. Harrison, H. W. Kruse, and A. D. McGuire published confirmation that they had detected the neutrino, a result that was rewarded almost forty years later with the 1995 Nobel Prize.
* Dhani Harrison, son of George Harrison and front-man of English electronic / alternative rock group Thenewno2, has stated that No Logo had a large influence on their 2008 release, You Are Here.
Harrison Ford, who played Deckard in the film, has said that he did not think Deckard was a replicant, and also states he and the director had discussions that ended in the agreement that the character was human.
Along the way, Harrison had to stop by Tom Petty's house to pick up his guitar ; Petty and his band had backed Dylan on his last tour.
Said safety Rodney Harrison, " If I had to go through another year like that, I'd probably quit playing ".
The next book to carry Charteris ’ s name, 1964's Vendetta for the Saint, was written by science fiction author Harry Harrison, who had worked on the Saint comic strip, after which Charteris edited and revised the manuscript.
In recent years, Oxford historian Peter Harrison has further developed the idea that the Protestant Reformation had a significant and positive influence on the development of modern science.
The very citadel of spoils politics, the hitherto impregnable fortress that had existed unshaken since it was erected on the foundation laid by Andrew Jackson, was tottering to its fall under the assaults of this audacious and irrepressible young man .... Whatever may have been the feelings of the ( fellow Republican party ) President ( Harrison ) — and there is little doubt that he had no idea when he appointed Roosevelt that he would prove to be so veritable a bull in a china shop — he refused to remove him and stood by him firmly till the end of his term.

Harrison and number
Also located at the SFU Library is the Electronic Document Centre, which provides internet access to digitized documents from a number of archival collections, such as Harrison Brown's Xi ' an Incident collection, and the history of British Columbia and Western Canada in general, including documents from the Doukhobor migration from the Russian Empire to Saskatchewan and then to British Columbia assembled for donation to the university by John Keenlyside
The Traveling Wilburys also appeared in a number of projects outside of their two albums ; Harrison appeared as Nelson Wilbury on Warner Bros. Records 1988 " holiday promo album " Winter Warnerland, which also included Paul Reubens as " Pee Wee Wilbury.
While Keanu Reeves and Harrison Ford both had major roles in action science fiction films ( The Matrix and Blade Runner, respectively ), Ford branched out into a number of other action genres, such as action-adventure films.
A number of distinguished visitors including presidents Grover Cleveland and Benjamin Harrison were reported to have stayed here.
The film was Hitchcock's second Hollywood production since leaving the United Kingdom in 1939 ( the first was Rebecca ) and had an unusually large number of writers: Robert Benchley, Charles Bennett, Harold Clurman, Joan Harrison, Ben Hecht, James Hilton, John Howard Lawson, John Lee Mahin, Richard Maibaum, and Budd Schulberg, with Bennett, Benchley, Harrison, and Hilton the only writers credited in the finished film.
A number of songs were recorded during these sessions but were not issued on The Beatles, including Harrison's " Not Guilty " ( which he re-recorded for his eponymous 1979 album, George Harrison ), Lennon's " What's the New Mary Jane ", and McCartney's " Jubilee " ( later retitled " Junk " and released on his first solo LP ).
The Thriae or Thriai were nymphs, three virginal sisters, one of a number of such triads (" maiden trinities " Jane Ellen Harrison called them ) in Greek mythology.
In 1917 about half of the residential area of Harrison and a number of businesses were burned in a major fire.
Harrison Village Park is the final resting place for a small number of veterans of the Revolutionary War.
One of the longer-running police dramas of the day, the series featured appearances by a number of actors, familiar and unfamiliar, among whom were Lynn Borden, Kim Darby, Antonio Fargas, Tiny Tim ( in the pilot TV-movie ), Randolph Mantooth, Cal Bellini, Sharon Gless, Dabbs Greer, Bernie Kopell, Frank Gorshin, Jess Walton, Pernell Roberts, Alan Oppenheimer, Dan Kemp, E. G. Marshall, Harrison Ford, John Schuck, Ingrid Pitt, Susan Saint James, Ivan Dixon, Harry Townes, Pat Hingle, Norman Alden, Anne Francis, David Carradine, Charo, Joseph Campanella, Bill Quinn, Bernard Fox, Tyler McVey, Robert Webber, Alan Hale, Jr., Marion Ross, Marcia Strassman, Susan Sullivan, Suzanne Pleshette, Bo Hopkins, James Hong, Jeanne Cooper, Paul Winfield, Harold Gould, James Farentino, Robert Reed, Bill Bixby, David Cassidy, David Hartman, Dana Elcar, Tina Louise, Lincoln Kilpatrick, Robert Karnes, Tyler MacDuff, Greg Mullavy, Rod Serling, Gene Raymond, Francine York, Peter Mark Richman, Jennifer Gan, Clu Gulager, Joel Grey, Van Williams, John Hoyt, Scott Glenn, William Windom, Joshua Bryant, Dorothy Malone, Robert Alda, Barbara Rush, Jack Kelly, Jason Wingreen, George Takei, George Wallace, John M. Pickard, Diana Muldaur, Jodie Foster, William Katt, Lee Grant, Steve Forrest, Susan Olsen, Michael Lerner, Edward Asner, Eddie Garrett, Darwin Joston, John Rubinstein, Jack Lord, Scott Marlowe, Norman Fell, Gavin MacLeod, Gary Collins, Johnny Seven, William Shatner, Bobby Darin, Martin Sheen, Cheryl Ladd, William Daniels, William Schallert, Burgess Meredith, Vic Tayback, Arch Johnson, James Drury, Ed Flanders, Bruce Lee and Ellen Corby ( Grandma Walton of TV fame ).
President Benjamin Harrison and University founder Leland Stanford pictured together in 1891 The law department was almost exclusively composed of undergraduates at this time, and included a large number of students who might not have been welcome at more traditional law schools at the time, including women and Hispanic, Chinese and Japanese students.
The band has featured a number of guest musicians on its albums, including Steven Wilson, Mikael Åkerfeldt, Sean Malone, Joey Vera and Gavin Harrison.
Pran Nath's students included a number of American composers of Minimal music, including La Monte Young, Terry Riley, and Michael Harrison.
" Harrison, Quay added, would " never know how close a number of men were compelled to approach the gates of the penitentiary to make him president.
A number of the crew from the 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark were also appointed, including first assistant director David Tomblin ; director of photography Douglas Slocombe and production designers Philip Harrison and Stephen Grimes.
Over the course of ten years, Bulfinch built a remarkable number of private dwellings in the Boston area, including Joseph Barrell's Pleasant Hill ( 1793 ), a series of three houses in Boston for Harrison Gray Otis ( 1796, 1800, 1806 ), and the John Phillips House ( 1804 ).
Soon after being promoted to Senior Vice President of Product Development at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe ( SCEE ) in 2000, Harrison brought Marks to the division's headquarters in London to demonstrate the technology to a number of developers.
Harrison used it in his prototype marine chronometers, H1-H3, and Justin and Benjamin Vulliamy made a small number of regulators using Harrison's design, but it remains today what it was in Harrison's time: a brilliant, unique curiosity.
His credits number well into the hundreds and include work on Pete Townshend's 1981 disc, " All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes " and for artists Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones, George Harrison, Steve Winwood, Police guitarist Andy Summers, film composer Mark Isham, Freddie Hubbard, Jaco Pastorius, Wayne Horvitz, Bill Frisell, Zakir Hussain, Airto Moreira and Amon Tobin.
In reaching the 600 career receptions plateau in 118 games, he tied Herman Moore for the second fewest number of games needed in NFL history to reach that mark, and he became one of only three players in league history ( Moore and Marvin Harrison ) to reach 600 receptions in fewer than 120 games.
In 1805, Harrison negotiated the Treaty of Grouseland with a number of important Indian leaders, including Little Turtle and Buckongahelas.

Harrison and trademark
James is mentioned in The Beatles ' song " For You Blue ": while John Lennon plays the slide guitar ( James ' trademark ), George Harrison says, " Elmore James got nothin ' on this, baby.
Harrison started sporting a moustache, which became something of a trademark for him in the coming years.
Co-produced by Phil Spector and featuring the latter's trademark Wall of Sound in a live setting, the fundraiser album was delayed for three months due to protracted negotiations between Harrison and two record companies keen to protect their business interests, Capitol and Columbia / CBS.

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