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Having and background
" Having unsuccessfully approached both the University of Oxford and Harvard University, Morris was able to talk his way into Princeton University, where he began studying the history of science, a topic in which he had " absolutely no background.
Having such a strong background in administration, and being an expert on East Pakistan affairs, General Yahya Khan appointed Vice-Admiral Syed Mohammad Ahsan as Martial Law Administrator, with absolute authority in his command.
This idea of being detailed relates to another feature that can be understood without mathematical background: Having a fractional or fractal dimension greater than its topological dimension, for instance, refers to how a fractal scales compared to how geometric shapes are usually perceived.
Having chosen an appropriate animal as a totem for the lodge, the committee turned to finding a new name, which was supposed to be symbolic of the Native American background of the Order of the Arrow.
Having an agricultural background for at least a thousand years, the community houses for the most part commuters to nearby towns like Hoogezand, Groningen and Delfzijl.
Having background on the subject helps the interrogator retain the initiative in an interview.
Having worked as a cowboy himself, McClintock was one of the few " country " singers who had an authentic background from which to draw.
In an interview with Claes Widlund ( Disco Guy of www. disco-disco. com ), Brown recalled, " Having Dan Hartman join me singing background vocals for my album was great fun.
Having had no brothers, she received an education that would have only been bequeathed to a son, and this background greatly influenced the way she educated her children.
Having lost his virginity, Rivers feels guilt for betraying his mother and pious background, and also for betraying his sick master Henry Maartens.
Having come from a corporate law background, Dickson often contributed to the judgements in that field.
Having repaired his relationship with Island Records, Cope began recording his next record against the background of the civil demonstrations which became the Poll Tax Riots.
Having a modest education and social background, New Russians are perceived as arrogant nouveau riche and gaudy, conspicuous consumers with poor taste.
Having turned his blue-collar background into an advantage, Ralph begins accumulating a small but loyal and compassionate following.
Having failed to realize that the role of King comes with formal expectations, and that he cannot rely entirely on his charm or blue-collar background, Ralph accepts a stern rebuke from Sir Cedric Willingham and endeavors to set things right.
Having a religious background, Takahisa showed himself to be benevolent and already allowed freedom of worship but not helping the missionaries nor favoring their church.
Having expected viewers to be mostly those with past links to coal mining, the film does not make explicit the political background to the plot.
Having no entrepreneurial background, she refused the offer at first.
Having an extensive background in martial arts, Thornton fought in an infamous " Different Style Fight " against Shinya Hashimoto, which he lost in the second round.
Having grown up in California instead of in India like Sanjeev, she doesn't seem to have any background knowledge in Indian cooking.

Having and sector
Having assumed office, the need for such action was justified when Kennett and his new Treasurer Alan Stockdale discovered that the outgoing government had left them with $ 2. 2 billion budget deficit, a net public sector debt of $ 33 billion and budget sector debt of $ 16 billion.
Having been the minister of law, power, prisons, irrigation and social welfare in the Government of Kerala, he was instrumental in bringing about many significant changes in thse sector.
Having prospered first with the coffee industry, and later with industrialization, in the early 21st century it expanded into the tertiary, or services sector.
Having founded the All Party Parliamentary Group on Human Trafficking, Steen established the Human Trafficking Foundation, an organisation that works with NGOs and charities in the sector combatting human trafficking around the UK.
Having led public sector unionism through a period where almost no workers had the right to strike, Little has been credited with bringing public sector unions " from collective begging to collective bargaining.
Having establish and supported by high-level learned persons of India and Abroad CWES has its own credential in education sector providing quality service to the un-reached with an expose to international standards.
Having retired from Duke Energy after 29 years of service in early 2008 to run for governor, McCrory decided to return to the private sector.
Having ventured into a predominantly Chinese sector, he might have expected to encounter insurmountable problems, but he did not.

Having and joined
Having played baseball throughout his youth, Spalding first played competitively with the Rockford Pioneers, a youth team, which he joined in 1865.
" Having witnessed the success of the anarcho-syndicalist communities, for example in Anarchist Catalonia, and the subsequent brutal suppression of the anarcho-syndicalists, anti-Stalin communist parties and revolutionaries by the Soviet Union-backed Communists, Orwell returned from Catalonia a staunch anti-Stalinist and joined the Independent Labour Party, his card being issued on 13 June 1938.
Having reached the requisite standard, Prince Harry attended the Defence Helicopter Flying School at RAF Shawbury, where he joined brother Prince William.
Having thus become a Privatdozent, Weber joined the University of Berlin's faculty, lecturing and consulting for the government.
Having joined the Liberal Party only in 1965, he was still considered an outsider as well as too radical and outspoken.
Having joined Ibrahim in 1534, Suleiman made a push towards Persia, only to find the Shah sacrificing territory instead of facing a pitched battle, resorting to harassment of the Ottoman army as it proceeded along the harsh interior.
Having joined the Council of Europe as a full member in 1988, San Marino held the rotating chair of the organisation during the first half of 1990.
Having ended his international career, Grace then began the last phase of his overall first-class career when he joined the new London County Cricket Club, based at Crystal Palace Park, which played first-class matches between 1900 and 1904.
Having joined Brabham in 1978 for a $ 1 million salary, Lauda endured two unsuccessful seasons, notable mainly for his one race in the Brabham BT46B, a radical design known as the Fan Car: it won its first race, but Brabham did not use the car in F1 again, not wanting the car to be banned outright.
Having now changed his appearance to mimic that of the CAT captain, Horza witnesses a game of " Damage ", which Kraiklyn has joined in the hopes of winning enough to make up the losses from his foolhardy expeditions with the crew.
Having heard of Sweyn's defeat by Magnus, Harald met up with his fellow exile in Sweden ( who was also his nephew ), as well as with the Swedish king Anund Jacob, and the three joined forces against Magnus.
Having joined up with Stig O ' Hara ( a guitarist of no fixed hairstyle ), they started playing as a trio.
Having already appeared as a musical guest and then host of Saturday Night Live, McKean joined the cast in 1994 and remained a cast member until 1995.
Having defeated the Fara Sabakh and Fara Sandial, he joined the two countries together ( hence: Sabakh-Sandial ) and ruled it.
Having entered the Capuchin order, after a brief period of service at Kilkenny, he joined the mission in Cork.
Having been defeated twice in recent memory by France, and being keen on revenge, Austria joined the coalition a few months later.
Having at last returned to complete his college degree, he earned the Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Berkeley in 1922, and joined the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity.
Having joined the Fourth Crusade in about 1201, he distinguished himself at the sieges of Constantinople and elsewhere.
Having obtained a solid grounding in Talmud, Hutner joined a group of the Slabodka yeshiva that established a new yeshiva in Hebron.
Having been joined by the River Etherow, the Goyt joins the River Tame at Stockport, forming the River Mersey.
Having briefly joined the Royalist army, he went abroad to avoid further involvement in the English Civil War.
* Having a skeleton of phalanges, joined by hinge-like joints that provide flexion toward the palm of the hand
Having buried his wife Jane ( Purdon ) and two sons ( of their 20 children ) in the family vault at St. Patrick ’ s, Adam Loftus died at his Episcopal Palace in Kevin Street “ worn out with age ” and joined his family in the same vault.
Having been named as his father's representative in England in 1345 and again in 1346, Lionel joined an expedition into France in 1355, but his chief energies were reserved for the affairs of Ireland.
Having been engaged in continual warfare in the field for two years, without holiday or accommodation, he was showing considerable signs of strain, and was joined in South Africa by his wife.

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