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Having and thus
Having whipped Mr. De Sapio in the primaries and thus come into control of Tammany Hall, they have changed the name to Chatham Hall.
Having banished or murdered some 10, 000 citizens, and thus made himself master of Syracuse, he created a strong army and fleet and subdued the greater part of Sicily.
Having left his widow expecting a child, the spectre of Kirk told Graham that he would appear at the baptism, whereupon Graham was to throw an iron knife at the apparition, thus freeing Kirk from the Fairies ' clutches.
Having thus gained substantial territories to the east without a fight, Ahmad Shah turned westward to take possession of Herat, which was ruled by Nader Shah's grandson, Shah Rukh of Persia, and then Mashhad ( in present-day Iran ).
Having thus become the enemy of Persia, Athens was already in a position to support the Ionian cities when they began their revolt.
: Having a CPI that is very high ( in some cases, very high is only 1. 2 ) may mean that the plan was too conservative, and thus a very high number may in fact not be good, as the CPI is being measured against a poor baseline.
Having thus secured his eastern frontier, Justinian turned his attention to the West, where Arian Germanic kingdoms had been established in the territories of the former Western Roman Empire.
Having thus become a Privatdozent, Weber joined the University of Berlin's faculty, lecturing and consulting for the government.
Having outlived his father Philip, Charles succeeded Maximilian as Holy Roman Emperor in 1519, and thus ruled both the Holy Roman Empire and the Spanish Empire simultaneously.
Having thus made secure his position in the East, he began to prepare a crusade to recover the Latin Empire.
Having become the second most important general in the Union army, he thus had come full circle to the city where he started his war-time service as colonel of a non-existent infantry regiment.
Having thus to support his mother, Rossiter was unable to take up the place he had been offered by Liverpool University.
Having led his men out from the castle to meet the enemy, Edward gained early success, but unwisely pursued a retreating force to the north, thus sacrificing the chance of overall victory.
Having only a mere lens at his disposal, Harvey was not able to reach the adequate images that were attained through such microscopes used by Leeuwenhoek ; thus he had to resort to theory – and not practical evidence – in certain parts of his book.
Having thus demonstrated his usefulness, Gerald was selected to accompany the Archbishop of Canterbury, Baldwin of Forde, on a tour of Wales in 1188, the object being a recruitment campaign for the Third Crusade.
Having furnished them with the means of crossing into Asia, where they founded Galatia, he first turned the arms of his new auxiliaries against Zipoetes II, whom he defeated and put to death, and thus reunited the whole of Bithynia under his dominion.
Having scared the horses onto the high ground of a peninsula, Heracles quickly dug a trench through the peninsula, filling it with water, thus making it an island.
Having thus recovered the central part of Asia Minor ( for the Seleucid government had perforce to tolerate the dynasties in Pergamon, Bithynia and Cappadocia ) Antiochus turned to recovering the outlying provinces of the north and east.
Having watched the play, Ryder thought it would be a good idea to make the match official and thus the Ryder Cup was founded, with Ryder donating the trophy.
Having halted all spice production and thus making his own stockpile the only source of melange left in the universe, Leto is able to maintain firm control over the various factions and effects a " forced tranquility.
Having been founded in 1838, Acadia Divinity College was re-established in 1968 after the Board of Governors of Acadia University voted to reduce the role of the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches in the governance of the university, thus effectively making Acadia a secular school.
Having coincidentally also met popular singer Rudy Vallée on the cruise ship, Lucy arranges an audition for Ricky who is hired to be in Vallée's orchestra thus allowing him to immigrate to the United States on the very ship on which Lucy and the Mertzes were returning.
Having thus hemmed in the Gond states, however, they made no efforts to assert any effective sovereignty over them ; the Gond rajas for their part were content with practical independence within their own dominions.
Having thus introduced a measure of order and economy into the workings of the government, Colbert now called for the enrichment of the country by commerce.

Having and preserved
Having renounced the world, in his roles of father and king, he attained the status of an immortal being while retaining the duty of ensuring that his dynasty is preserved and that there is always a new king for each generation.
Having first appeared as a script in the 1st century AD after being spoken as an unwritten language for five centuries, Classical Syriac became a major literary language throughout the Middle East from the 4th to the 8th centuries, the classical language of Edessa, preserved in a large body of Syriac literature.
Having become convinced of the Ship's true purpose, Hugh convinces Joe-Jim to complete the Vanguard's mission of reaching its intended destination ( preserved in fable as " Far Centaurus "), and returns to the lower levels of the Ship to convince others to help him ; but is arrested by his former boss Bill Ertz and sentenced to death.
Having synthesized or translated the whole of the Sinhalese commentary preserved at the Mahavihara, Buddhaghosa reportedly returned to India, making a pilgrimage to Bodh Gaya to pay his respects to the bodhi tree.
Having travelled an official mileage of, locomotive number 1275 is preserved at the National Railway Museum in York.
Having completed his visionary journey Viraf is told by Ahura Mazda that the Zoroastrian faith is the only proper and true way of life and that it should be preserved in both prosperity and adversity.

Having and Empire
Having restored the unity of the Empire, and, being in course of major governmental reforms as well as of sponsoring the consolidation of the Christian church, he was well aware that Rome was an unsatisfactory capital.
Having defeated the Huns at Chalons and at the Nedao, migrating Germanic tribes invaded the Western Roman Empire and transformed it into Medieval Europe.
Having consolidated power in the northwest, Chandragupta pushed east towards the Nanda Empire.
Having the Eastern Roman Empire on its southern border was preferable to Adrian than having to constantly deal with the troublesome Normans.
Having been an autonomous grand duchy within the Russian Empire since 1809, Finland declared independence during the Soviet revolution of Russia in 1917.
* Having been freed by the Parthians, Demetrius II of Syria recovers the throne of the Seleucid Empire.
Having the " civilised " Eastern Roman Empire on its southern border was infinitely preferable to the Papacy than having to constantly deal with the troublesome Normans of Sicily.
Having recently made peace with the Eastern Empire, Geiseric saw no need to make new concessions to Nepos.
Having thus founded the Empire of British India, Clive sought to put in place a strong administration.
Having previously operated its British Empire export assembly plant at Walkerville, Ontario, Studebaker settled on Hamilton as a post-war Canadian manufacturing site because of the city's centrality to the Canadian steel industry.
Having moved to London and begun performing stand up comedy after university, he rose to greater prominence in 1990, winning the prestigious Hackney Empire New Act of the Year competition.
Having a weather control station on the moon by 2070, by the year 200, 000, the Earth is in the middle of the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire.
Having spent three years consolidating his authority in the vast Angevin Empire, Henry II of England resolved on a strategy against Owain I of Gwynedd by 1157.
Having chosen a military career, Poniatowski joined the Austrian imperial army where he was commissioned Lieutenant in 1780, in 1786 / 1788 promoted to Colonel and when Austria declared war against Ottoman Empire in 1788, he became an Aide-de-camp to Emperor Joseph II.
Having remained loyal to the crown during the American Revolution, the family of John Howe joined the flood of United Empire Loyalists out of the United States after the American revolutionaries succeeded in their claims of independence.
Having recently consolidated the new Sikh Empire, Maharaja Ranjit Singh crossed the Sutlej in 1806 in his first expedition against the Cis-Sutlej states and stripped the Rais of all their possessions, including Ludhiana.
Having renounced offensive warfare and expansionism, Ashoka nevertheless continued to maintain this large army, to protect the Empire and instill stability and peace across West and South Asia.
Having become a political thorn in the side of the government for over three years, the government concocts ways to eliminate the popularity of Honor and Hamish Alexander, promoting a slime campaign depicting the two as sexual partners, and when that blows up, decides the deteriorating situation in Silesia warrants sending Honor in command of a fleet to check expansionist activity by the Andermani Empire.
Having spent four years in the West Indies as lieutenant of marine artillery, he was promoted to captain, and was sent in 1799 by the government to Constantinople to train the forces of the Ottoman Empire in the use of artillery.
Having served in the Gulf War, he was promoted to Commander of the Order of the British Empire ( CBE ) later in 1991.

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