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Kimmel cites Heinlein's “ colloquial language .. an extrapolated lunar creole that has arisen from the forced intersection of multiple cultures and languages in the lunar penal colonies ”; the protagonist's disability ; “ the frank treatment of alternative family structures ”; andthe computer which suddenly wakes up to full artificial intelligence, but rather than becoming a Monster that threatens human society and must be destroyed as the primary Quest of the story, instead befriends the protagonist and seeks to become ever more human, a sort of digital Pinocchio .”
In tribute, Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant cites Forever Changes as one of his favorite albums ever.
In an NPR interview, Middle East expert Dr. Jack Shaheen of Southern Illinois University cites Road To Morocco as " one of the most stereotypical films ever to come out of Hollywood.
" Researcher Fred R. Shapiro questions whether Greeley ever wrote it at all and cites, instead, an occurrence of Greeley writing " If any young man is about to commence the world, we say to him, publicly and privately, Go to the West " in the Aug. 25, 1838 issue of the newspaper New Yorker.
" In particular, he cites Bette Davis as being the guest who " more than anyone, made it clear she was there to plug a product, not because she was, or ever would be, your buddy.
Arsenio Hall turned down the role of Mike Lowrey and cites that choice as the worst mistake he has ever made.
" The Penguin Guide to Jazz cites it as " one of the most moving memoirs ever written by a musician, and a classic of jazz writing.
During that time he was emcee for hockey legend Gordie Howe's 50th birthday celebration in 1978, which Rasmussen cites as a career highlight: " nothing in my professional career will ever equal the thrill ...".
: The Guinness World Book of Records cites this as longest distance ever sailed continuously by any vessel.

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Paul Ford cites several scholars who have weighed in against the decision of HarperCollins to present the books in the order of their internal chronology, and continues, " most scholars disagree with this decision and find it the least faithful to Lewis's deepest intentions ".
She cites this as standard legal filler text that does not necessarily prove the person was present.
However, the political stance of Funker Vogt is decidedly anti-war ; the band cites " war and social injustice " as their primary topics of discussion, noting that the goal of the album Execution Tracks, along with the accompanying video, was to " present the grotesque cruelties and the tragedy of war.
The first written record cites the founding of St Bartholomew's Church in 1223 on the site of the present 18th century parish church, and over the next two centuries there were around 20 homes in the village.
She cites errors present in secondary literature passed over by generations,
She cites this as standard legal filler text that does necessarily prove the person was present.
The JE also cites Hebrew poetry on tobacco: “ Solomon Wilder of Amsterdam composed one in acceptance of a tobacco-pipe as a birthday present ( Ha-Karmel, 1862, vol.
As with 5: 3 this verse cites the Kingdom of Heaven as the reward, also like that first verse the reward is in the present tense, the other six have it in the future.
The classical commentary of Rashi ( Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki 1040-1105 ), who cites older sources from Judaism's Oral Torah, which is relied upon by traditional Judaic scholarship as the most basic commentary to the present time, provides an introductory explanation.
The evidence suggest further that presumably, Igala separated form the group before the split of Yoruba into the present day Yoruba dialects considering the extent of linguistic divergence found between Igala on one hand, and the rest of Yoruba on the other ” ( 1978: 32 ) Akinkugbe cites lexicostatistic evidence as well as evidence of sound shifts and lexical innovations as support or corroboration of this claim.

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In contrast to News International's earlier denials of knowledge, The Guardian cites suppressed evidence revealing that News of the Worlds editorial staff were involved with private investigators who engaged in illegal phone-hacking, and that both reporters and executives were commissioning purchases of confidential information ; this is illegal unless it is shown to be in the public interest.
" He cites the growing distrust of the empiricism of the nineteenth century and the growing interest in non-Christian religions and spirituality coupled with convergence of the work of social scientists and that of scholars of religion as factors involved in the rise of Religious Studies.
This view shared by Bulkeley, who cites the Australian federal government's actions to avoid compliance with the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, on the concerns of economic loss and national interest.
DirecTV cites low interest in their subscriber base and Nielsen ratings as the primary reason for dropping of the channel.
Farmer cites Bede's intense interest in the schism over the correct date for Easter as support for this argument, and also cites the lengthy description of the Synod of Whitby, which Farmer regards as " the dramatic centre-piece of the whole work.
Nine Perspectives from the Edge of Hell ," cites from " Tour of Duty " that he " found of interest ... the specific criticism the book offers of the officers to whom Kerry and his fellow Swift boat skippers reported.
He also argues that civilizational ties are only utilized by states and groups when it is in their best interest to do so and that modernity and secularism are here to stay, especially in places with considerable struggles to obtain them, and he cites the example of the Indian Middle class.
When Unger was 7, his mother began reading to him Benjamin Jowett's translation of Plato's Republic an experience he cites as the origin of his interest in speculative thought.
The appellate court decision also cites extensively and with approval from another recent federal court case that Lincoln lost involving insurable interest and its ability to rescind policies.
Weingarten cites two events from her childhood which helped define her lifelong interest in trade unions and political advocacy.
His interest in journalism and film criticism began as a student at Detroit ’ s Central High School, when he first read film critic Pauline Kael's book, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang whom he cites for " her willingness to go against the hype ", along with Andrew Sarris, for his " sophisticated love of cinema ", as being a major inspiration on his choice of professional career.

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Fromm also cites a poll on attitudes toward work restriction conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation in 1945, in which 49 per cent of manual workers said a man ought to turn out as much as he could in a day's work, while 41 per cent said he should not do his best but should turn out only the average amount.
Because Augustine cites part of the commentary on Romans as by " Sanctus Hilarius " it has been ascribed by various critics at different times to almost every known Hilary.
In the 1985 film „ Out of Africa ” Karen “ Tanja “ Blixen, the character played by Meryl Streep, cites poems by A. E.
" Buckley also claimed the creature was common in the Barwon River and cites an example he heard of an Aboriginal woman being killed by one.
Rosenthal also cites masked-priming, in which the individual is presented a priming stimulus which is quickly replaced by a masking stimulus.
Dionysius of Halicarnassus ( 1. 72. 5 ) cites Xenagoras, the second century BC historian, as claiming that Odysseus and Circe had three sons: Romus, Anteias, and Ardeias, who respectively founded three cities called by their names: Rome, Antium, and Ardea.
The term " direct " means that the court itself cites the person in contempt by describing the behaviour observed on the record.
In order to reinforce his position that the Greeks were inclined towards plagiarism, he cites numerous instances of such inappropriate appropriation by classical Greek writers, reported second-hand from On Plagiarism, an anonymous 3rd century BC work sometimes ascribed to Aretades.
The Doctrine and Covenants of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints cites David as one directed by God to practice polygamy, but who sinned in committing adultery with Bathsheba and having Uriah killed.
He cites as examples Hollywood coverage and the use of language in publications like Empire Magazine, as well as blockbuster dominance in multiplexes, but he also notes that this is an industrial matter: " The Full Monty was entirely financed and distributed by one of the US majors, Twentieth Century Fox, The praise went to Britain, but all the film ’ s profits went to America.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term ' frequentist ' was first used by M. G. Kendall in 1949, to contrast with Bayesians, whom he called " non-frequentists " ( he cites Harold Jeffreys ).
Parmanand Singh cites Pingala's cryptic formula misrau cha (" the two are mixed ") and cites scholars who interpret it in context as saying that the cases for m beats ( F < sub > m + 1 </ sub >) is obtained by adding a to F < sub > m </ sub > cases and to the F < sub > m − 1 </ sub > cases.
For example, the OED cites an 1897 edition of Whitaker's Almanack, which specified the number of gallons of wine in a hogshead varying by type of wine: claret ( presumably ), port, sherry ; and Madeira.
Mighton cites a 2000 paper by Simon and two co-authors which counters arguments by French mathematics educator Guy Brousseau and others suggesting that excessive practice hampers children's understanding:
" Andreas Andreopoulos cites the 1910 Catholic Encyclopedia article by Fortescue as an example of how Barlaam's distrustful and hostile attitude regarding hesychasm survived until recently in the West, adding that now " the Western world has started to rediscover what amounts to a lost tradition.
See for example RFC3501 section 5. 2 which specifically cites " simultaneous access to the same mailbox by multiple agents " as an example.
The Qur ' an cites the story of the " people of Lot " ( also known as the people of Sodom and Gomorrah ), destroyed by the wrath of God because they engaged in " lustful " carnal acts between men.
In the editorial notes of his compendium Portraits by Sir Joshua Reynolds, Hilles theorizes that " as a corollary one might say that he was somewhat lacking in a capacity for love ", and cites Boswell's notary papers: " He said the reason he would never marry was that every woman whom he liked had grown indifferent to him, and he had been < u > glad </ u > he did not marry her.
An example of such intellectual catholicity was set by Anatoli himself ; for, in the course of his " Malmad ," he not only cites incidentally allegoric suggestions made to him by Frederick II., but several times — Güdemann has counted seventeen — he offers the exegetic remarks of a certain Christian savant of whose association he speaks most reverently, and whom, furthermore, he names as his second master besides Samuel ibn Tibbon.
Noting that Whale's reputation has been subsumed by the " Karloff cult ", Sarris cites Bride of Frankenstein as the " true gem " of the Frankenstein series and concludes that Whale's career " reflects the stylistic ambitions and dramatic disappointments of an expressionist in the studio-controlled Hollywood of the thirties ".

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