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first and makes
If `` Jack the Courtier '' is really to be taken as Swift, the following remark is obviously Steele's comment on Swift's change of parties and its effect on their friendship: `` I assure you, dear Jack, when I first found out such an Allay in you, as makes you of so malleable a Constitution, that you may be worked into any Form an Artificer pleases, I foresaw I should not enjoy your Favour much longer ''.
Thus in Mary wrote an account of the trip first strong stress on Mary marks Mary as the first in a series of people who wrote accounts of the trip, strong stress on wrote marks the writing as the first of a series of actions of Mary's concerned with an account of her trip ( about which she may later have made speeches, for example ), and strong stress on trip makes the trip the first of a series of subjects about which Mary wrote accounts.
Only in its final scene, where Beatie Bryant ( Mary Doyle ) shakes off the disappointment of being jilted by her intellectual lover and proclaims her emancipation do we get much which makes worthwhile the series of boorish rustic happenings we have had to watch for most of the first two and one-half acts.
* 1926 – Varney Airlines makes its first commercial flight ( Varney is the root company of United Airlines ).
* 1908 – Wilbur Wright makes his first flight at a racecourse at Le Mans, France.
* 1975 – Takeo Miki makes the first official pilgrimage to Yasukuni Shrine by an incumbent prime minister on the anniversary of the end of World War II.
* 2007 – Hurricane Dean makes its first landfall in Costa Maya, Mexico with winds at.
* 1991 – The Airbus A340 aircraft makes its first flight.
Another account makes him the son of Pleisthenes ( the son or father of Atreus ), who is said to have been Aerope's first husband.
The river, named Hamza after the discoverer, an Indian-born scientist Valiya Mannathal Hamza who is working with the National Observatory at Rio, makes it the first and geologically unusual instance of a twin-river system flowing at different levels of the earth's crust in Brazil.
* 1965 – The Aero Spacelines Super Guppy aircraft makes its first flight.
* 1967 – The first Boeing 737 ( a 100 series ) makes its maiden flight.
* 1969 – The first British-built Concorde 002 makes its maiden flight from Filton to RAF Fairford.
* 1919 – Leslie Irvin of the United States makes the first successful voluntary free-fall parachute jump using a new kind of self-contained parachute.
* 2005 – The superjumbo jet aircraft Airbus A380 makes its first flight from Toulouse, France.
Ar., lxiv, and De Syn., xviii ), St Athanasius does not recall from memory being a first hand witness to the onset of the great persecution by the Tetrarchy of Diocletian and Maximian in February 303, for in referring to the events of this period he makes no direct appeal to his own personal recollections, but falls back on tradition.
In the first two cases above, " on an error " includes situations where the batter makes a clean hit ( or walks, is hit by pitch, reaches base on a fielder's choice in which no out is made, or reaches base on a wild pitch on a called or swinging third strike ), but should have been out earlier in his at bat on a foul fly ball which was dropped by a fielder for an error.
The dealer's hand receives its first card face up, and in " hole card " games receives its second card face down immediately ( the hole card ), which the dealer peeks at but does not reveal unless it makes the dealer's hand a blackjack.
Lamellar bone, which makes its first appearance in the fetus during the third trimester, is stronger and filled with many collagen fibers parallel to other fibers in the same layer ( these parallel columns are called osteons ).
The first player ( A ) makes a sacrifice at move 7 ; B accepts the sacrifice, getting one box.
The first identifies the content of consciousness with the experiences that are reported by human subjects ; the second makes use of the concept of consciousness that has been developed by neurologists and other medical professionals who deal with patients whose behavior is impaired.
Partial application makes it easy to define these functions, for example by creating a function that represents the addition operator with 1 bound as its first argument.

first and cameo
The engravings, mainly cameo, but sometimes intaglio, depict scarabs at first and then scenes from Greek mythology, often with heroic personages called out in Etruscan.
The Art Nouveau movement in particular made great use of glass, with René Lalique, Émile Gallé, and Daum of Nancy important names in the first French wave of the movement, producing colored vases and similar pieces, often in cameo glass, and also using lustre techniques.
As the 1990s drew to a close, he even acted for the first ( and only ) time, appearing in a cameo as a U. S. General in The General's Daughter ( 1999 ).
Kinnock had a cameo role in Sky1's Stella ( Episode 3, Series one ), first broadcast 19 January 2012.
" She has a brief cameo in Jean-Luc Godard's 2010 Film Socialisme, which was first screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.
This version of Sordid does not actually appear in the first game except for a cameo at the end, and even then only a large mechanical arm is seen dragging Simon through a portal back to the fantasy world.
Throughout the ages this " tall, leavened fruitcake " makes cameo appearances in the arts: It is shown in a sixteenth-century painting by Pieter Brueghel the Elder and is possibly mentioned in a contemporary recipe book written by Bartolomeo Scappi, personal chef to popes and emperors during the time of Charles V. The first recorded association of Panettone with Christmas can be found in the writings of 18th century illuminist Pietro Verri.
He also makes a cameo appearance in the film, his first appearance in a movie and his second appearance as an actor ( the first being " Sleeping In Light ," the final episode of Babylon 5 ).
Terminator 2 screenwriter and frequent Cameron collaborator William Wisher had a cameo in the scene as a reporter in Santa Monica who catches the first tidal wave on camera.
* 1958 a cameo appearance in the first episode of the radio series Beyond Our Ken
) He had a cameo appearance in the Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries episode " When Granny Ruled the Earth ", first airing on March 27, 1999.
In early 1963 while Raymond Burr was recovering from surgery, Davis guest starred in the first of four episodes of Perry Mason, with Burr doing only cameo roles.
Federico Fellini was Allen's first choice to appear in the cinema lobby scene because his films were under discussion, but Allen chose cultural academic Marshall McLuhan after both Fellini and Luis Buñuel declined the cameo.
Oswald made a cameo appearance in the first animated sequence with both sound and color ( two-strip Technicolor ), a 2½ minute animated sequence of the live action movie The King of Jazz ( 1930 ), produced by Laemmle for Universal.
In Return to Plain Awful, this rand makes his first appearance, a cameo, and has nothing to do with the story.
Katy had a cameo in the film The Hi-Lo Country by the filmmaker Stephen Frears, who called for his first Western as his " lucky charm.
In the explicitly-canonical Whedon stories of 2007, Spike and Angel first appear in a joint cameo in Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight ( Dark Horse ) as part of Buffy's sexual fantasies.
In 1987, he also had a cameo in " Encounter at Farpoint ", the first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, as by-that-time Admiral Leonard McCoy, Star Fleet Surgeon General Emeritus.
* Scream 3 ( cameo ) ( Note: While their appearance in Scream 3 suggests that the Scream series and the View Askewniverse are on the same plane of existence, other factors may contradict this ; in the first Scream film, a VHS tape of Clerks is shown in the background ; also, in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Jay and Silent Bob see the filming of the then fictional Scream 4.
Anka's first acting role in a major film was in a cameo performance in The Longest Day ( 1962 ).
John Wayne was also on hand for his first cameo appearance since 1968.
According to Associate Producer Mort Abrahams, Heston refused initially to appear in the sequel but " he made so much money out of the first one " that studio head Richard Zanuck asked Heston to do a cameo as a favor.
Batting first, Waugh hit 16 from the final over of the innings in a cameo of 32 *, a match that Australia won by 18 runs.

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