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went and Hollywood
Dwan also helped launch the career of two other very successful Hollywood directors, Victor Fleming, who went on to direct The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind, and Marshall Neilan, who became an actor, director, writer and producer.
In the 1970s, De Palma went to Hollywood where he worked on bigger budget films.
He cites as examples Hollywood coverage and the use of language in publications like Empire Magazine, as well as blockbuster dominance in multiplexes, but he also notes that this is an industrial matter: " The Full Monty was entirely financed and distributed by one of the US majors, Twentieth Century Fox, The praise went to Britain, but all the film ’ s profits went to America.
After the play closed, however, she went to Hollywood, but insisted on continuing her career and they divorced in 1937.
Cotten went to Hollywood, but discovered there that his stage success in The Philadelphia Story translated to, in the words of his agent Leland Hayward, " spending a solid year creating the Cary Grant role.
In 1930 the esteemed Soviet film director Sergei Eisenstein went to the United States with fellow director Grigori Aleksandrov to study Hollywood ’ s filmmaking process.
In 1929, Steiner went to Hollywood to orchestrate the European film version of the Florenz Ziegfeld show Rio Rita for RKO.
As hardcore became the dominant punk rock style, many bands of the older California punk rock movement split up, although X went on to mainstream success and The Go-Go's, part of the Hollywood punk scene when they formed in 1978, adopted a pop sound and became major stars.
In 2001, Rodríguez enjoyed his first $ 100, 000, 000 ( USD ) Hollywood hit with Spy Kids, which went on to become a movie franchise, with the third film released in a crude form of 3D.
On the next play, Dallas linebackers Mike Hegman and Thomas " Hollywood " Henderson went after Bradshaw on a blitz.
Martin left everything behind, including her young son, Larry, and went to Hollywood while her father handled the divorce for her.
Buñuel then went back to Hollywood where he worked in the dubbing department of Warner Brothers from 1942 to 1946.
Novello later went to Hollywood and appeared in numerous successful films, but at the same time he continued to have successes on stage.
The show went " on the road " several times, taping episodes from Radio City Music Hall in New York City, as well as at an outdoor set in Hollywood, Florida ( using signs with water skis for marking Xs and oranges for Os ) and the Bahamas.
This was the first time Marshall had hosted an episode of Hollywood Squares since the first nightly syndicated series went off the air in 1981.
Verhoeven later went on to direct such Hollywood fare as RoboCop and Basic Instinct.
Stone went with Douglas even though he had been advised by others in Hollywood not to cast him.
Stone initially wanted Richard Gere but the actor passed, so the director went with Douglas despite having been advised by others in Hollywood not to cast him.
When talkies arrived, he went to Hollywood in 1928 where he played his first American role in Innocents of Paris.
After the war he went to Hollywood, where he first worked as a film cutter, and later as an assistant director.
Eventually, Lorre went to Hollywood, where he specialized in playing sinister foreigners, beginning with Mad Love ( 1935 ), directed by Karl Freund.
After the close of Funny Face, the Astaires went to Hollywood for a screen test ( now lost ) at Paramount Pictures, but were not considered suitable for films.
Fred Astaire went on to achieve success on his own on Broadway and in London with Gay Divorce, while considering offers from Hollywood.

went and next
The first time I went there he asked me to bring him water from Flagler's well -- water that reminded him of his first days in the mountains -- and before I came the next time I filled a five-gallon jug for him and brought it to the hospital.
After it had reappeared the next two nights, Jenks went to higher headquarters and said:
He went on to the next building and found what he expected -- the mingled cooking aromas of a public vestibule.
And the bed that sagged in a certain place where all the weight had been put too many times before and the walls fine and thin for overhearing talk in the next room when Gratt went out for ice, the sound coming through the walls like something on the other side of the curtain, so you knew they heard you when they were quiet and while you lay wondering what they had heard you listened.
And the next morning, not sure of why he went, he took the train to Fudomae and walked to Ryusenji.
Furthermore, he could go on repeating the maneuver endlessly: every time he went in the bedroom, he could drop a slip or a brassiere, or maybe a girdle, next to his shorts.
The next morning, while Dolores was out of the room, he went to her bureau drawer, took out a pair of nylon lace pants, and tenderly dropped them next to his shorts.
Under Brearley's leadership, England went on to win the next two matches before a drawn final match at The Oval.
Soon after 21: 00 on December 14, 1989, Sakharov went to his study to take a nap before preparing an important speech he was to deliver the next day in the Congress.
" Holly went to her guardian's house the next morning and Maria came running at him and jumped into his arms, which was a sign to him that it was a " yes ".
The Rockies went 73 – 89 in both years that Hampton and Neagle were in Colorado, and the amount of money owed them ( the Rockies paid a sizable portion of Hampton's salary even after he was traded to the Atlanta Braves ) crippled the team for the next several years.
The next day he went to Arlington to see his family and his brother Ira, whose prominence in Vermont politics had risen considerably during Allen's captivity.
They next went on to achieve their second best result in the 1990 World Cup by finishing fourth – losing again to West Germany in a semi-final finishing 1 – 1 after extra time, then 3 – 4 in England's first penalty shoot-out.
In December 1929, after nearly two years in Paris, Blair returned to England and went directly to his parents ' house in Southwold, which was to remain his base for the next five years.
When opponents tried to appease him, he accepted the gains that were offered, then went to the next target.
The next season he went back to the car lot gig but changed the number.
Emigration continued into the next century ; over half a million Irish went to Britain in World War II to work in industry and serve in the British armed forces.
Although Polgár recovered by the end of the tournament, she went into a slump over the next six rounds, gaining only half a point.
Whale next went to work for independent film producer and aviation pioneer Howard Hughes, who planned to turn the previously silent Hughes production Hell's Angels ( 1930 ) into a talkie.
Whale's career went into sharp decline following the release of his next film, The Road Back ( 1937 ).
During the next years the prototype went through extensive testing and several new prototypes were built.
She went to the Alps to meet the film's director, Arnold Fanck, hoping to secure the lead in his next project.
Tarquinius next went to war with the Rutuli.

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