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wrote and 1939
Faulkner's total works today, and in fact those of his works which existed in 1946 when Mr. Cowley made his comment, or in 1939, when Mr. O'Donnell wrote his essay, reveal no such simple attitude toward the South.
Under the 1939 Code this item was permitted to survive a tax-free reorganization in the Stanton Brewery case, but only over the dissent of Judge Learned Hand, who wrote the majority opinion in the Sansome case, a leading case requiring carryover of earnings and profits in a non-taxable reorganization.
The Beowulf manuscript was transcribed from an original by two scribes, one of whom wrote the first 1939 lines and a second who wrote the remainder, so the poem up to line 1939 is in one handwriting, whilst the rest of the poem is in another.
From 1935 to 1940 he lectured at the University of Rochester and wrote The Clinical Treatment of the Problem Child ( 1939 ), based on his experience in working with troubled children.
He returned to Wallington, and in the autumn of 1939 he wrote material for his first collection of essays, Inside the Whale.
In 1939, Nagib Mahfuz wrote the novel Khufu's Wisdom, which leans on the stories of Papyrus Westcar ; In 1997, French author Guy Brachet composed the novel series Le roman des pyramides, including five volumes, of which the first two ( Le temple soleil and Rêve de pierre ) are picking out Khufu and his tomb as a theme.
The British historian Richard Overy wrote that what Hitler thought he was starting in September 1939 was only a local war between Germany and Poland, and his decision to do so was largely because he vastly underestimated the risks of a general war.
Newman wrote Elements of the topology of plane sets of points ( 1939 ), a definitive work on general topology, and still highly recommended as an undergraduate text.
Rabbi Philip R. Alstat, an early leader of Conservative Judaism, known for his fiery rhetoric and powerful oratory skills, wrote and spoke in 1939 about the power of the Passover story during the rise of Nazi persecution and terror:
The first novel that Heinlein wrote, For Us, The Living: A Comedy of Customs ( 1939 ), did not see print during his lifetime, but Robert James tracked down the manuscript and it was published in 2003.
In a review of it, John Clute wrote: I ’ m not about to suggest that if Heinlein had been able to publish works openly in the pages of Astounding in 1939, SF would have gotten the future right ; I would suggest, however, that if Heinlein, and his colleagues, had been able to publish adult SF in Astounding and its fellow journals, then SF might not have done such a grotesquely poor job of prefiguring something of the flavor of actually living here at the onset of 2004 .”
In 1939 Bradbury joined Laraine Day's Wilshire Players Guild where for two years he wrote and acted in several plays.
The convention is named for Sam Stayman, who wrote the first published description in 1945, but its inventors were two other players: the British expert Jack Marx in 1939, who published it only in 1946, and Stayman's regular partner George Rapée in 1945.
In December 1939, the New York Times wrote, " Miss Leigh's Scarlett has vindicated the absurd talent quest that indirectly turned her up.
In another letter to his parents in June 1939, before the beginning of war, Powell wrote: " It is the English, not their Government ; for if they were not blind cowards, they would lynch Chamberlain and Halifax and all the other smarmy traitors ".
The Canadian historian Holger Herwig wrote that the Z Plan was Raeder's fantasy given that the Z Plan fleet would take 8 million tons of oil whereas in 1939 Germany imported a total of only six million tons of oil.
Raeder wrote in the Seekriegsleitung war diary on 3 September 1939: " Today the war against England and France, which the Führer had previously assured us we would not have to confront until 1944 and which he believed he could avoid up until the very last minute, began ... As far as the Kriegsmarine is concerned, it is obvious that it is not remotely ready for the titanic struggle against England.
The American historians ' Williamson Murray and Alan Millet wrote about Raeder's thinking about Norway: "... since fall 1939, Admiral Raeder had advocated an aggressive policy toward Scandinavia to protect ore shipments and to establish naval bases in the area.
In 1939 he wrote the ballet Ghost Town for the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, with choreography by Marc Platoff.
Examples of performers who went on to universal recognition are Jeremy Brett, Judi Dench, Rosemary Harris, Ian McKellen, Christopher Plummer, Harold Pinter, Imelda Staunton, Lynn Redgrave, Vanessa Redgrave, Patrick Stewart, Geraldine McEwan, Ronnie Barker, Dirk Bogarde, who wrote about his start at tiny Amersham rep in 1939, and Michael Caine, who recounts his time spent at Horsham rep in the early fifties, to present just a few.
Hemingway wrote For Whom the Bell Tolls in Cuba, Key West, and Sun Valley, Idaho in 1939.

wrote and
:“ In 1882, she said, it was first spoken of when the Sporting Times, after the Australians had thoroughly beaten the English at the Oval, wrote an obituary in affectionate memory of English cricket whose demise was deeply lamented and the body would be cremated and taken to Australia ”.
Pinchot wrote McCreight, we shall all be indebted to you for having made the suggestion .”
One of the cookbooks that proliferated in the colonies was The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy written by Hannah Glasse, wrote of disdain for the French style of cookery, stating the blind folly of this age that would rather be imposed on by a French booby, than give encouragement to a good English cook !” Of the French recipes, she does add to the text she speaks out flagrantly against the dishes as she “… think it an odd jumble of trash .” Reinforcing the anti-French sentiment was the French and Indian War from 1754-1764.
In 2007, she wrote that she did not want to belittle the issue but was sceptical of the claims that specific actions would prevent catastrophe, then in 2008 that her doubts had been crystalised ” by Nigel Lawson's book An Appeal to Reason, before stating in 2009 that " There is no climate change, hasn ’ t anybody looked out of their window recently?
" Comics ,” wrote Capp in 1970, can be a combination of the highest quality of art and text, and many of them are .” Capp would produce many giveaway educational comic books and public services pamphlets, spanning several decades, for the Red Cross, the Department of Civil Defense, the Department of the Navy, the U. S. Army, the Anti-Defamation League, the Department of Labor, Community Chest ( a forerunner of United Way ), and the Job Corps.
A visit to the ground has only confirmed me ,” Lucas wrote in 1921 ; and it was interesting to find that Mr. Apostolides, son of the large local landowner, the hospitality of whose farm at Tekés I enjoyed, was convinced too that the site was by Driskole Krini, for the very sound reason that neither the hills nor the river further east suit Caesar ’ s description .” John D. Morgan in his definitive Palae-pharsalus – the Battle and the Town ”, arguing for a site closer still to Krini, where he places Palaepharsalos, writes: My reconstruction is similar to Lucas ’ s, and in fact I borrow one of his alternatives for the line of the Pompeian retreat.
The late author Sheldon H. Harris in his book " Factories of Death: Japanese Biological Warfare, 1932-1945, and the American cover up " wrote that, The test program, could be part of Project AGILE or Project OCONUS which began in fall 1962 and which was funded at least through fiscal year 1963, was considered by the Chemical Corps to be an ambitious one .” The tests were designed to cover not only trials at sea, but Arctic and tropical environmental tests as well .” The tests, presumably, were conducted at what research officers designated, but did not name, satellite sites .” These sites were located both in the continental United States and in foreign countries.
In his article The Old Man and the Daiquiri, Wayne Curtis tells us how Hemingway ’ s home bar also held a bottle of Bacardí rum .” Hemingway wrote in Islands in the Stream “… this frozen daiquirí, so well beaten as it is, looks like the sea where the wave falls away from the bow of a ship when she is doing thirty knots .”
The great historian of the Crusades, Sir Steven Runciman, wrote that the sack of Constantinople is unparalleled in history ”.
A woman doctor wrote to a friend in June 1933 that she had not yet become a cannibal, but was not sure that I shall not be one by the time my letter reaches you .” The good people died first.
In his memoirs published in 1970, Khrushchev wrote, In addition to protecting Cuba, our missiles would have equalized what the West likes to call ‘ the balance of massive nuclear missiles around the globe .’”
Sending antiaircraft missiles into Cuba, he reasoned, made sense only if Moscow intended to use them to shield a base for ballistic missiles aimed at the United States .” On August 10, he wrote a memo to President Kennedy in which he guessed that the Soviets were preparing to introduce ballistic missiles into Cuba.
After attending one such lecture, UFO investigator Robert Sheaffer wrote " Some of his rods ” were obviously insects zipping across the field at a high angular rate.
The writer calls himself simply James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ .” Jesus had two apostles named James, but it is unlikely that either of these wrote the letter.
Tertullian ( c. a. d. 160 – 225 ) wrote that when it was discovered that a church elder had composed a pseudonymous work, The Acts of Paul ( which included a purported Pauline letter, 3 Corinthians ), the offending elder was removed from his office ” ( On Baptism 17 ).
He wrote, cursed those Jesuits, saying, ' Our world used to be peaceful, but it has been filled by greedy colonialists, who make war every year and shorten our lives ’”.
Martineau also wrote: Bopp's Sanskrit studies and Sanskrit publications are the solid foundations upon which his system of comparative grammar was erected, and without which that could not have been perfect.
Simon wrote many articles on the topic over the course of his life mainly focusing on the issue of decision-making within the behavior of what he termed bounded rationality ”.
Dyer Lum, Ezra & Angela Haywood represent this school of thought ; Jo Labadie, who wrote for Tucker ’ s Liberty, made himself a link between the American plumb-line ” anarchists, the philosophical ” individualists, & the syndicalist or communist branch of the movement ; his influence reached the Mackay Society through his son, Laurance.

wrote and So
So impressive were those serious years of study at the university that Hans later wrote, `` to be perfectly free, the young man must revel in the great kingdom of thought and imagination ; ;
So wrote a ten year old student in a letter to his parents from North Country School, Lake Placid, New York.
After Christians in Ephesus first wrote to their counterparts recommending Apollos to them, he went to Achaia where Paul names him as an apostle ( 1 Cor 4: 6, 9-13 ) Given that Paul only saw himself as an apostle ' untimely born ' ( 1 Cor 15: 8 ) it is certain that Apollos became an apostle in the regular way ( as a witness to the risen Lord and commissioned by Jesus-1 Cor 15: 5-9 ; 1 Cor 9: 1 ).< ref > So the Alexandrian recension ; the text in < sup > 38 </ sup > and Codex Bezae indicate that Apollos went to Corinth.
So popular were his works, that, for centuries after his death, Christian authors wrote hundreds of pseudepigraphal works in his name.
In 1702, Thomas Savery wrote in The Miner's Friend: " So that an engine which will raise as much water as two horses, working together at one time in such a work, can do, and for which there must be constantly kept ten or twelve horses for doing the same.
" So I wrote him this idea of a federale from Mexico who gets hired to do hatchet jobs in the U. S. I had heard sometimes FBI or DEA have a really tough job that they don't want to get their own agents killed on, they'll hire an agent from Mexico to come do the job for $ 25, 000.
Although Orbison recorded and wrote standard structure songs before " Only the Lonely ", he claimed never to have learned how to write them: " I'm sure we had to study composition or something like that at school, and they'd say ' This is the way you do it ,' and that's the way I would have done it, so being blessed again with not knowing what was wrong or what was right, I went on my own way .... So the structure sometimes has the chorus at the end of the song, and sometimes there is no chorus, it just goes ... But that's always after the fact — as I'm writing, it all sounds natural and in sequence to me.
So in August 1851, Wagner wrote in " Eine Mittheilung an meine Freunde " ( A Communication to My Friends ), " I propose to produce my myth in three complete dramas ....".
For the hit Broadway show, " Hot Chocolates ", he and Razaf wrote "( What Did I Do to Be So ) Black and Blue " ( 1929 ), which became a hit for Ethel Waters and Louis Armstrong.
The Cambridge cryptographer Ross Anderson has great concerns that " TC can support remote censorship [...] In general, digital objects created using TC systems remain under the control of their creators, rather than under the control of the person who owns the machine on which they happen to be stored ( as at present ) [...] So someone who writes a paper that a court decides is defamatory can be compelled to censor itand the software company that wrote the word processor could be ordered to do the deletion if she refuses.
So, as another of his traditional goofs, he wrote that his true name was " Walter Foghorn Matthau ".
So we wrote the dialogue in a way that made the beginnings and ends of sentences unnecessary ; they were there for overlapping.
Alexander Walker of the London Evening Standard wrote, " So precisely nuanced is the speech, so subtle the behaviour of a group of friends, lovers, mistresses and cuckolds who keep splitting up and pairing off like unstable molecules ".
With Joe Sample, Jennings wrote " Street Life " ( a world-wide hit for the Crusaders with singer Randy Crawford ) and several songs for various albums by the Crusaders for guest vocalists, including Joe Cocker (" I'm So Glad I'm Standing Here Today "), Bill Withers (" Soul Shadows "), and Nancy Wilson (" The Way It Goes ").
So I wrote a new score ( with four trumpets and three cellos ) and we recorded that, but he didn't like it.
Also that the band should have called it quits after losing Paul Russo and therefore their strong political message ( Paul Russo wrote and sang most of ' Lower Class Crucifixion ' and " So This Is Freedom ?').
* August 31 – a U. S. district court decision rules that George Harrison had " subconsciously " copied The Chiffons ' hit " He's So Fine " when he wrote the song " My Sweet Lord ".
Among the hits he wrote were " Your Cheatin ' Heart ," " Hey, Good Lookin '," and " I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry.
Ben Vaughn wrote and released " I'm Sorry ( But So Is Brenda Lee )" in 1985, which has also been covered by Marshall Crenshaw.
In 1988, the Washington Post wrote: So working against AIDS, especially after years of raising money for work on many blood-related diseases such as sickle-cell anemia, seemed the right thing to do.
Also, Viv Albertine wrote " So Tough " for this band, with the song eventually appearing on The Slits ' debut album Cut.
He also wrote " So Fine ", which was originally recorded by The Sheiks in 1955 on Federal, and in 1959 was a hit for The Fiestas.
The conflict discouraged Froude from continuing his biography of Carlyle, as he wrote in 1881, " So much ill will has been shown me in the case of the other letters that I walk as if on hot ashes, and often curse the day when I undertook the business.
So when Rodgers wrote two extra songs for the film, he wrote the lyrics as well.

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