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Henning and died
* January 10 – Henning von Tresckow, Major General in the German Wehrmacht ( died 1944 )
He claimed that Henning had immersed himself so thoroughly in TM that he " abandoned regular medical treatment for liver cancer, continued to pursue his diet of nuts and berries, and died of the disease.
Henning was preparing a dictionary of Khwarezmian when he died, leaving it unfinished.
) who married a Henning and may have been buried in Mount Olive Cemetery ; Perry Olsen ( 1885-1971 ) who died in Oakland, California ; and Harriet Olsen ( 1889 -?
His wife Ruth Barth Henning died, aged 88 from a heart attack on January 15, 2002 at their home in Los Angeles, California.

Henning and aged
Henning retired to Toluca Lake, California, dying in a Burbank hospital on March 25, 2005, aged 93.

Henning and February
Douglas James Henning ( May 3, 1947 – February 7, 2000 ) was a famous Canadian magician, illusionist, escape artist and politician.
Harket has three children with his ex-wife Camilla Malmquist Harket, to whom he was married between 11 February 1989 and 1998: Jakob Oscar Martinus Malmquist Harket ( b. 14 May 1989 ), Jonathan Henning Adler Malmquist Harket ( b. 30 December 1990 ), and Anna Katharina Tomine Malmquist Harket ( b. 14 April 1993, uses Tomine as her first name ).

Henning and 2000
* 1947 – Doug Henning, Canadian magician ( d. 2000 )
* Jan Henning Sørensen-drums ( joined in 2000 )
* May 3-Doug Henning, magician, illusionist and escape artist ( d. 2000 )
From 1981 onward, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson has composed music for several movies, both Icelandic and foreign, and worked with film directors such as Henning Carlsen ( Pan, 1995 ), Jane Campion ( In the Cut, 2003 ) and Friðrik Þór Friðriksson ( Brennu-Njálssaga, 1981-Skytturnar, 1987-Börn Náttúrunnar, 1991-Bíódagar, 1994-Cold Fever, 1995-Djöflaeyjan, 1996-Englar Alheimsins, 2000 and Falcons, 2002 ).

Henning and at
But by the beginning of September 1943, after a somewhat slow recovery from his wounds, he was propositioned by the conspirators and was introduced to Henning von Tresckow as a staff officer to the headquarters of the Ersatzheer (" Replacement Army " – charged with training soldiers to reinforce first line divisions at the front ), located on the Bendlerstrasse ( later Stauffenbergstrasse ) in Berlin.
In that game, Bob Nystrom continued his overtime heroics, scoring at 7: 11 of the extra frame, on assists by John Tonelli and Lorne Henning, to bring Long Island its first Stanley Cup.
On 19 August 2008, the club announced that Henning Berg would take over as head coach on 1 January 2009, after leaving his post at Lyn.
The Pettit Grain and Potato Company did an annual business of about $ 400, 000 and had elevators or warehouses at Verndale, Leaf River, Wadena, Aldrich, Philbrook, Hewitt, Parkton, Menahga, Henning, Sebeka, Bluffton, New York Mills, Deer Creek, Park Rapids, Battle Lake, and Staples.
Henning is located at ( 35. 673563 ,-89. 577366 ).
Xenakis frequently gave lectures ( for instance, from 1975 to 1978 he was Professor of Music at Gresham College, London, giving free public lectures ), taught composition ( notable students include Pascal Dusapin, Henning Lohner, and Miguel Ángel Coria ), and his works were performed at numerous festivals worldwide, including, for instance, the Shiraz Arts Festival in Iran.
His colleagues at the studio have included Harry Gregson-Williams, James Dooley, Geoff Zanelli, Henning Lohner, Steve Jablonsky, Mark Mancina, John Van Tongeren, John Powell and Thomas J. Bergersen.
* Henning Solberg ( older brother to Petter Solberg ), current WRC rally driver for Ford, is still living at Spydeberg.
* " The envolvement of the City ", sculpture of Professor Karl Henning Seemann at Schützenbahn street.
Henning was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, began practicing magic at Oakenwald School in Fort Garry, and later moved to Oakville, Ontario.
Within a few months of placing an ad in a local newspaper, Henning launched a series of performances on local television in Toronto, and as an entertainer at parties.
The official Bundeswehr traditions are based on three major lines: the military reformers at the beginning of the 19th century such as Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, and Clausewitz, the members of the military resistance against Hitler such as Claus von Stauffenberg and Henning von Tresckow and its own tradition since 1955.
Guus Hiddink was caretaker manager of Chelsea in 2009, leading his team to the semi-final of the UEFA Champions League where they shut out FC Barcelona at Nou Camp and tied them back at Stamford Bridge ( the latter being a very controversial game, the match official being Tom Henning Øvrebø ), with Chelsea eliminated on away goals ), and finished off his tenure with the team as they won the FA Cup The club was reported happy to have Hiddink as manager even on a temporary basis.
The word " minimal " was perhaps first used in relation to music in 1968 by Michael Nyman, who " deduced a recipe for the successful ' minimal-music ' happening from the entertainment presented by Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik at the ICA ", which included a performance of Springen by Henning Christiansen and a number of unidentified performance-art pieces.
* August 9 – Roland Levinsky Building at the University of Plymouth, Devon, England, by Henning Larsen from Denmark.
In December 2007, he played the lead character, Roland Henning, who suffered writer's block in Michael Gow's play, Toy Symphony, at the Belvoir Street Theatre Sydney, winning the 2008 Helpmann Award for best male actor in a play.
Henning John Bergenholtz ( born August 26, 1944 ) is a Danish linguist, who is head of Center for Lexicography at Aarhus School of Business in Denmark.
During 1976 and 1977, Henning Kure and Arne Stenby at Interpresse, a Danish publishing house, were planning to create a comic series based on the world of the Vikings.
New coach Vicente del Bosque utilised him in a powerful midfield combination with Steve McManaman ; in the quarterfinals against Manchester United at Old Trafford, he was the author of a spectacular play in which he dribbled past defender Henning Berg by backheeling the ball around him, recovering it and assisting Raúl for Real Madrid's third goal ( 3 – 2 win, 3 – 2 on aggregate ).
* 1944: Botho Henning Elster ( German Wikipedia ) – a surrender at Beaugency
He missed the chance to be the first Danish sportsman in 20 years ( since Henning Lynge Jakobsen at the 1984 Summer Olympics ) to win two medals in the same Olympic Games.
* General Henning von Tresckow, 1901 – 1944, chief of operations at the HQ of Kluge's Army Group Centre.

Henning and Medical
* Jonathan Henning, representing the students of the University of Nebraska Medical Center
Medical student Paula Henning ( Franka Potente ) wins a place in a summer course at the prestigious University of Heidelberg Medical School.

Henning and Center
* Localities, Distribution and Stratigraphical Context of the Late Devonian Tetrapods of East Greenland ( Meddelelser om Grønland ), with Henning Blom and Per Erik Ahlberg, Danish Polar Center, 2005, ISBN 978-8790369767.
* Major General Henning von Tresckow – Chief Operation Officer, Army Group Center, Russian Front
* Bomb on Hitler's aircraft: On 13 March 1943, Colonel Henning von Tresckow and Lieutenant Fabian von Schlabrendorff planted a bomb on an aircraft that Hitler was to fly between his military headquarters in Rastenburg, East Prussia and Army Group Center Headquarters in Smolensk, USSR.

Henning and Los
Henning, Los Angeles, California, City Council member, 1929 – 33
Erle Palmer Halliburton ( September 22, 1892, near Henning, Tennessee-October 13, 1957, in Los Angeles ) was an American businessman specializing in the oil business.

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