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Her and award-winning
An award-winning field hockey player, former typist, and daughter of a British army officer turned innkeeper, Lieutenant-Colonel Walter Percy Gardiner, she was given the title Her Royal Highness Princess Muna al-Hussein and retained this title after they divorced on 21 December 1971.
Her 1956 book The Nun's Story was a best-selling novel which was made into an award-winning 1959 movie starring Audrey Hepburn and Peter Finch.
Her first appearance was in the premiere of the fourth season which was the award-winning live episode " Ambush ".
Her award-winning film Lawn Dogs, and The War Boys are both available on DVD.
Her life was the subject of China Doll, The Imagined Life of an American Actress, an award-winning fictional play written by Elizabeth Wong in 1995.
Her mother, Shirley Hills, is an actress, and her father, Tariq Anwar, is an award-winning film producer and editor.
Her local fame is due to her award-winning column in The Seattle Times newspaper, which she gave up to run for City Council.
Her career blossomed, with performances in such award-winning productions as The Rivals, The Way of the World and The Chairs.
Her film debut came in 1999, when she played the younger sister in Park Chong-wan's award-winning feature Rainbow Trout.
Her stepfather is Peter Worthington, award-winning Canadian journalist and founder and former editor of the Toronto Sun.
Her many books include her award-winning Holy Saturday: An Argument for the Restoration of the Female Diaconate in the Catholic Church.
Her first novel Rice Bowl was published in 1984, and co-wrote the award-winning short play The Amah: A Portrait In Black And White in 1986.
Her award-winning and hugely popular 1986 debut Space Demons introduced the themes of growing up and fantasy worlds which emerge often in her other writings.
Her venture into this particular genre started off with Umrao Jaan, and was followed by other such films as Shyam Benegal's award-winning drama, Kalyug ( 1981 ), Govind Nihalani's Vijeta ( 1982 ), Girish Karnad's Utsav ( 1984 ) and Gulzar's Ijaazat ( 1987 ), among others.
Her voice and arrangements can be heard in the Academy award-winning score by composer James Horner for Wolfgang Petersen ’ s Troy, including the end titles duet with Josh Groban ( produced by David Foster ) and in the original score by the Academy award-winning composer Gabriel Yared ( The English Patient ) for Troy.
Her fieldwork in Africa resulted in two ethnographic monographs relating to the Igbo-African Matriarchal Foundations ( 1987 ), and the award-winning Male Daughters Female Husbands ( Zed Press, 1987 ).
Her award-winning 2010 short film Tooty's Wedding, which Solon co-wrote with Ben Willbond, will be screened as part of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.
Her character appeared briefly in the second season of the award-winning series when it aired on Sunday, 14 January 2007.

Her and 1974
Her books with photographs of the tribes were published in 1974 and 1976 as The Last of the Nuba and The People of Kau and were both international bestsellers.
The Niue Constitution Act 1974 ( NZ ) vests executive authority in Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand and the Governor-General of New Zealand.
It was performed in Edinburgh in 1974 and in a revised form at Her Majesty's Theatre, London, in 1977.
Her last public appearance was September 23, 1974, at a party honoring her old friend Rosalind Russell at New York's Rainbow Room.
Her low score of 1. 57 % in the first round was the party's worst electoral result, and the French ecologist's worst showing since René Dumont in the 1974.
Her last big-screen appearance came in the spectacular disaster film The Towering Inferno ( 1974 ), in which she danced with Fred Astaire before a fire threatened partygoers in a new San Francisco skyscraper who were celebrating its official opening as tallest building in the world.
*** Her Royal Highness Princess Haya bint Hussein ( born 1974 ).
Her historical novel Comme un vol de gerfauts ( 1947 ) was translated into English as A Flight of Falcons, and extracts from her essay ' Feminism or Death ' appeared in the 1974 anthology New French Feminisms.
She has made numerous appearances in the West End including the role of Miss Trant in the 1974 musical version of The Good Companions at Her Majesty's Theatre.
Her role as the grand Russian princess in a huge commercial success, Murder on the Orient Express ( 1974 ), won her international acclaim and the Evening Standard British Film Award as Best Actress.
Her father, Edward Zimmermann ( 1879 – 1977 ), was an accountant with James H. Dunham & Company, a Manhattan wholesale dry-goods company, and her mother, Agnes ( née Gardner ; 1883 – 1974 ), was a school teacher.
Her later appearance in the controversial Les Valseuses ( 1974 ) made her increasingly recognized by the public.
Knight and the Pips charted with five of Weatherly's songs in 1973 and 1974: " Midnight Train to Georgia ," " Neither One of Us ," " Where Peaceful Waters Flow ," " The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me ," and " Between Her Goodbye and My Hello.
* 6 November 1935 – 10 June 1974: Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Gloucester
* 10 June 1974 – 29 October 2004: Her Royal Highness Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester
Her close friend Sandra Gould, who was featured with her on Bewitched, recalls that long before Moorehead developed the uterine cancer that killed her in 1974, she recounted rumors of " some radioactive germs " on location in Utah, observing: " Everybody in that picture has gotten cancer and died.
Her siblings are Rafael ( born 1971 ), Dante ( born 1974 ), and Pia ( born 1976 ).
* March 1, 1973January 8, 1974: His Excellency Jules Léger, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Belgium and Luxembourg for Her Majesty's Government in Canada
Her first book of poems, The Unlooked-for Season won a Gregory Award in 1960 and she won a Cholmondeley Award for her second collection, Rose in the Afternoon in 1974.
Her father, Mont Clair Carpenter ( 1877 – 1974 ), was a dentist who came from a working-class background and attended dental college in Kansas City.
Her brother Alexander died in a plane crash in 1973 and her mother committed suicide in 1974.
Her books of poetry include Presentation Piece ( 1974 ), which won the National Book Award, Love, Death, and the Changing of the Seasons ( 1986 ), and Going Back to the River ( 1990 ).
), MA, Documents on British Foreign Policy 1919 – 1939, 1st Series, volume XI, Upper Silesia, Poland, and the Baltic States, January 1920 – March 1921, Her Majesty's Stationary Office ( HMSO ), London, 1961 ( amended edition 1974 ), ISBN 0-11-591511-7 *
* I'll Take Her Like a Father ( 1974 )

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