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from Brown Corpus
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Her and heart
Her optimism gave me heart.
Her heart was thumping painfully ; ;
" The review went on to state that " The heart of the production, in both senses, is Judi Dench's superb Desiree Armfeldt ... Her husky-voiced rendering of " Send in the Clowns " is the most moving I've ever heard.
Her parents, unaware of her trials of the heart, try to bring her up to her usual spirits, with little effect.
On 15 April 1984, Cooper collapsed and soon after died from a heart attack in front of millions of television viewers, midway through his act on the London Weekend Television variety show Live From Her Majesty's, transmitted live from Her Majesty's Theatre.
" Her heart sank, however, when she saw their rented apartment: " There was one double bed, a cot with no mattress and a stove with one gas jet.
Her favorite fairy tale, which she reads to her younger brother at the beginning of the film is " Rigoletto ", the story of a cursed fairy prince who must live as an ugly monster until he can find someone who can see through his appearance to the heart within.
Her English tutor, Sydney Gibbes, who later became a Russian Orthodox priest, disagreed and felt that religion for Tatiana was a duty rather than something she felt in her heart.
Her heart travelled with the body and was buried in the abbey church at Blackfriars.
Her father recovered, but only five percent of his heart is currently working.
Her symbol is a heart, her colours are pink, blue, white and gold, and her favourite sacrifices include jewellery, perfume, sweet cakes and liqueurs.
Her symbols are a pierced heart and knives or swords.
Her feather was the measure that determined whether the souls ( considered to reside in the heart ) of the departed would reach the paradise of afterlife successfully.
Her peevish cry goes out: " Oh, my weak heart!
Her Japanese name is a combination of " Doki ", the Japanese onomatopoeia for a quickly beating heart, " baikin " ( meaning " germ "), and the diminutive / affectionate suffix "- chan ".
Her new world, that in which she sets the standards by which all will live in regards to any association with Dominique, is worthy of her beautiful mind and heart because it belongs to her and no one else, and is shared on her terms alone.
Her admonishments to other characters are always made with love, with their best interests at heart.
Her mother, Sara Zwilling, was a writer and producer who died of heart disease ; her father, Boris Sagal, was a director, born in the Ukraine, who died in an accident on the set of the television movie World War III.
Her heart was taken to London where it was buried at the Franciscan priory.
Her shiny, golden hair complements the light orange hue of her heart necklace, and, with an upturned chin, she embodies the regal air implied by the title.
Her jealously interferes with Tutu's attempts to restore Mytho's heart, fearing that he will fall in love with someone else.
Her statement to the press read, " Toni got a house for charity, and I got a broken heart ", referring to the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation.
Her mother Ineke is Dutch ; her father Rudolf, who died of a heart attack in the fall of 2001, was a German-speaking Swiss national.

Her and her
Her blond hair was frowzy, her dress torn in several places, and her shoes were so completely worn out that they were practically no protection.
Her hat had come off and fallen behind her shoulders, held by the string, and he could see her face more clearly than he had at any time before.
Her own body protested, aching painfully where the blood in her veins had congealed, where cold demon wisps still clung and caressed.
Her impact in the zing commercials had led to her being considered for an excellent part in an upcoming TV series, Underwater Western Eye, a documentary-type show to be sponsored by Oatnut Grits.
Her form was silhouetted and with the strong light I could see the outlines of her body, a body that an artist or anyone else would have admired.
Her white blond hair was clean and brushed long straight down to her shoulders.
Her face was pale but set and her dark eyes smoldered with blame for Ben.
Her long thin arms moved in a slow rhythmical gesture over the family possessions which were placed in front of her.
Her clothes, her hair, everything about her is both graceful and simple.
Her mother called her Paus'l, a Luxemburg endearment meaning `` pussycat ''.
Her parents, pious Roman Catholics, christened her Mary Anne Elizabeth Magdalene Steichen.
Her brother Karl was a very gentle soul, her mother was a quiet woman who said little but who had hard, probing eyes.
Her mother, now dead, was my good friend and when she came to tell us about her plans and to show off her ring I had a sobering wish to say something meaningful to her, something her mother would wish said.
Her quarters were on the right as you walked into the building, and her small front room was clogged with heavy furniture -- a big, round, oak dining table and chairs, a buffet, with a row of unclaimed letters inserted between the mirror and its frame.
Her mother wrote Kate of her grief at the death of Kate's baby and at Jonathan's decision to go with the South `` And, dear Kate '', she wrote, `` poor Dr. Breckenridge's son Robert is now organizing a militia company to go South, to his good father's sorrow.
Her house stood on a rise of ground, and before she got into her car she looked at the houses below.

Her and maternal
Her family hailed from Arkansas, where her great-grandparents and her maternal grandfather, Henry Eliot, were born into slavery.
Her maternal grandmother was the Italian-born fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, and her maternal grandfather was Count Wilhelm de Wendt de Kerlor, a Theosophist and psychic medium.
Her daughter Imogen has been quoted as saying " The truth is Enid Blyton was arrogant, insecure, pretentious, very skilled at putting difficult or unpleasant things out of her mind, and without a trace of maternal instinct.
Her father was Czech Jewish and her mother was Austrian-Slovene Catholic — she was Ludwig's maternal grandparent and only non-Jewish grandparent, whose ancestry was Austrian < ref >
Her maternal grandparents were immigrants from England.
Her maternal grandmother, Eileen Pearce, emigrated from Newbridge, Kildare, Ireland.
Her maternal grandparents were of mixed European and Eastern Cherokee ancestry ; of particular importance to her as a child was her grandfather, Calvin Clinton Copeland, who was a great source of inspiration and guidance to her as a young child, offering a more pantheistic spiritual alternative to her father and paternal grandmother's traditional Christianity.
Her maternal grandfather was the Ban of Slavonia Count Herman II of Celje, whose parents were Count Herman I of Celje and Catherine of Bosnia, who apparently descended also from Nemanjić kings of Serbia and from Catherine of Hungary, a daughter of Stephen V of Hungary.
Her godparents were: the Prince of Wales ( her paternal uncle, for whom his brother the Prince George stood proxy ); Princess Ingrid of Sweden ( her paternal cousin, for whom another cousin Lady Patricia Ramsay stood proxy ); the Princess Victoria ( her paternal great-aunt ); the Lady Rose Leveson-Gower ( her maternal aunt ); and the Hon David Bowes-Lyon ( her maternal uncle ).
Her mother's maternal grandfather was an Italian immigrant ; her mother's other ancestry is Scottish, Irish, and a small amount of Greek.
Her Iowa-born maternal grandmother, Dorothy ( Anderson ) Fries, was a voice coach.
Her children included the Princes in the Tower and Elizabeth of York ; the latter made her the maternal grandmother of Henry VIII.
Her maternal grandparents were Malcolm III of Scotland and Saint Margaret of Scotland.
Her mother's family had left Germany before World War II to avoid the Nazi regime ( Newton-John's maternal grandfather was Jewish, and her maternal grandmother was of paternal Jewish ancestry ).
Her maternal great-grandfather was jurist Victor Ehrenberg and her matrilineal great-grandmother's father was German jurist Rudolf von Jhering.
Her maternal Polish Catholic grandparents were imprisoned at Auschwitz because they were considered to be intellectuals by the Nazi occupiers.
Her maternal grandparents were Millicent Green, a dancer with the George White's Scandals, a series of 1920s musical revues similar to the Ziegfeld Follies, and Johnny McAfee, a multireedist and vocalist of the big band era ; her grandparents met while touring with Johnny Hamp and his orchestra.
Her maternal grandmother was Lettice Knollys.
Her maternal grandfather was David Greer, a RIC sergeant in Castlewellan, County Down, Ireland in the 1880s and who later became a land steward to the Annesley family ( wealthy landlords who built the town of Castlewellan ).
Her paternal grandparents were Hungarian Jewish immigrants and two of her maternal great-grandparents were Danish.
Her maternal grandfather was Zibeon the Hivite son of Seir the Horite.

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