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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 364
from Brown Corpus
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Here and there
Here and there she stayed to visit and drink a glass of sherry.
Here there is a specific preventive component which applies in a more generalized sense to any casework situation.
Here again, in the written language it is possible to help the reader get his stresses right by using underlining or italics, but much of the time there is simply reliance on his understanding in the light of context.
Here again it was vacation time and there were many things I could not see, but I was able to visit with a professor who is famous in Japanese circles and be guided through the grounds by his assistant.
Here and there on work table or pedestal stood a shape with a sheet or a tarpaulin draped over it.
Here and there
Here and there
Here and there
Here, as in `` Journal '', Mr. Louis has given himself the lion's share of the dancing, and there is no doubt that he is capable of conceiving and executing a wide variety of difficult and arresting physical movements.
`` Here and there.
Here I sit and there you are lying ; we have so much to say, and we shall never say it.
Here, there is a two-manual and pedal board electric organ, with speakers at the front and sides of the church.
Here " a great door and effectual " was opened to him, and the church was established and strengthened by his diligent labours there.
He famously put the point into dramatic relief with his 1939 essay " Proof of an External World ", in which he gave a common sense argument against scepticism by raising his right hand and saying " Here is one hand ," and then raising his left and saying " And here is another ," then concluding that there are at least two external objects in the world, and therefore that he knows ( by this argument ) that an external world exists.
Here and there would be a Company post where Company agents seemed imprisoned, captive by the business of ivory ; now and then on shore an occasional native village would be seen, with a frenzied uproar by the natives.
Here and there a few natural islands permit slightly larger clusters.
Here there are stone mansions and walled orchards.
In a 1961 speech, Eisenhower recalled Thorpe: " Here and there, there are some people who are supremely endowed.
Here, there are four energy levels, energies E < sub > 1 </ sub >, E < sub > 2 </ sub >, E < sub > 3 </ sub >, E < sub > 4 </ sub >, and populations N < sub > 1 </ sub >, N < sub > 2 </ sub >, N < sub > 3 </ sub >, N < sub > 4 </ sub >, respectively.
Here, as in the other great mountain ranges of central Europe, there is great evidence of a much wider extension of the glaciers during the Ice Ages.
Here, the classical simulation of the experiment breaks down because there are no " directions " other than heads or tails to be measured in the coins.
Here Steiner suggests that there is an inconsistency between Kant's philosophy, which posits that knowledge is representation and that the essential verity of the world is inaccessible to human consciousness, and modern science, which assumes that all influences can be found in what Steiner termed the “ sinnlichen und geistlichen ” ( sensory and mental / spiritual ) world to which we have access.
In Final Fantasy, there is a tombstone in the elven town which reads, " Here lies Link.

Here and may
Here in these little rooms -- or stages arched open to the sky and river -- they choose a few lines out of the hundreds they may know and sing them according to one of the modes into which Persian music is divided.
Here we may observe that at least one modern philosophy of history is built on the assumption that ideas are the primary objectives of the historian's research.
Here may be found regular and impact styrene, cellulose acetate, cellulose butyrate and cellulose propionate, acrylic, vinyl, expandable styrene foam, and polyethylene.
Here Hume tackles the problem of how liberty may be reconciled with metaphysical necessity ( otherwise known as a compatibilist formulation of free will ).
Here variables are still supposed to be integral, but some coefficients may be irrational numbers, and the equality sign is replaced by upper and lower bounds.
Here, controlled and randomized experiments provide statistical inferences that may yield better empirical performance than do purely observational studies.
Here English may serve as a useful lingua franca between ethnic and language groups.
: Hermes bringing to Paris the son of Priam the goddesses of whose beauty he is to judge, the inscription on them being: ' Here is Hermes, who is showing to Paris, that he may arbitrate concerning their beauty, Hera, Athena and Aphrodite.
A different ontology arises if we need to attend to the electrodynamics in the device: Here signals propagate at finite speed and an object ( like a resistor ) that was previously viewed as a single component with an I / O behavior may now have to be thought of as an extended medium through which an electromagnetic wave flows.
Here you may roast your goose.
Here the glottis moves downward, but the lungs may be used simultaneously ( to provide voicing ), and in some languages no air may actually flow into the mouth.
:" Here are all the minstrels rare Who now acquit themselves so fair In playing on their pipes whate ' er The dances be that one may do.
Here, the particle may only move backwards and forwards along a straight line with impenetrable barriers at either end.
Here are some examples of code refactorings ; some of these may only apply to certain languages or language types.
Here, symptoms usually begin between the ages of 25 and 40 and may worsen with straining or any activity that causes cerebrospinal fluid pressure to fluctuate suddenly.
Here we may have troops in time of peace.
Here they may have passed the Combo Waterhole, where Macpherson may have told this story to Paterson.
Here are the remains of a Roman town, belonging to the 1st and 2nd centuries, extending over an area of some 600 by 500 meters (( 2, 000 by 1, 600 ft ), and consisting of fine buildings along the lagoons, including a large open piscina or basin, surrounded by a double portico, while farther inland are several very large and well-preserved water-reservoirs, supplied by an aqueduct of which traces may still be seen.
Here are just a few commonly used hardwood and softwood species ; many more may be found in List of woods.
It has been asserted that Muir's words, however, while certainly pro-British, were not anti-French, and he revised the lyrics of the first verse to " Here may it wave, our boast, our pride, and join in love together / The Lily, Thistle, Shamrock, Rose, the Maple Leaf forever "; adding " Lily ", a French symbol, to the list.
Here, social partners are typically genealogically close kin, and so altruism may be able to flourish even in the absence of kin recognition and kin discrimination faculties — spatial proximity and circumstantial cues serve as a rudimentary form of discrimination.
Here, one expresses anger in a way fellow organizational members find acceptable, prompting exchanges and discussions that may help resolve concerns to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

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