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However and Christopher
However, misinterpretations of maps by subsequent Spanish explorers led Saint Kitts to be named San Cristobal ( Saint Christopher ), a name originally applied to Saba 20 miles north.
However, in a 1962 letter to Christopher Collins, Huxley says that he wrote Brave New World as a reaction to H. G.
However, after a reign of a little over two months, Leo was captured by Christopher, the Cardinal-priest of San Lorenzo in Damaso, and thrown into prison.
However, the church of St Mary-le-Bow was destroyed in 1666 by the Great Fire of London and rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren.
During a trip from Dublin, Ní Mháille attempted to pay a courtesy visit to Howth Castle, home of Christopher St Lawrence, 8th Baron Howth ( d. 1589 ) However, she was informed that the family was at dinner and the castle gates were closed against her.
However, the song writers were the performers, so that the recipients were the same in only 16 cases ( Domenico Modugno, Paul Simon, Christopher Cross, Michael Jackson & Lionel Richie, Billy Joel, Bobby McFerrin, Natalie Cole, Eric Clapton, Seal, Shawn Colvin & John Leventhal, James Horner, U2, the Dixie Chicks, Amy Winehouse, Coldplay, Lady Antebellum, and Adele ).
However, he also said that in 1977 United States Deputy Secretary of State Warren Christopher made a special trip to Sydney to meet with him and told him, on behalf of US President Jimmy Carter, of his willingness to work with whatever government Australians elected, and that the US would never again interfere with Australia's democratic processes.
However, support for the idea of regionalism continued, so when Eric's nephew Christopher of Bavaria came to the throne in 1440, he managed to get himself elected in all three kingdoms, briefly reuniting Scandinavia ( 1442 – 1448 ).
However, Christopher Tolkien notes in Unfinished Tales that the assumption Radagast failed in his task may not be entirely accurate considering that he was specifically chosen by Yavanna, and he may have been assigned to protect the flora and fauna of Middle-earth, a task that would not end with the defeat of Sauron and the end of the War of the Ring.
However, Christopher Tolkien indicates that his father intended to change this derivation and bring Radagast in line with the other wizard-names, Gandalf and Saruman, by associating it with the old language of the Men of the Vales of Anduin.
However it was, by the end of the year Bertrada and Charlemagne had successfully encircled Carloman: Charlemagne had married Desiderata, the daughter of the Lombard king Desiderius, Carloman's immediate eastern neighbor, and the marriage created an alliance between Charlemagne and the Lombards ; Bertrada had also secured for Charlemagne the friendship of Tassilo, Duke of Bavaria, her husband's nephew ; she had even attempted to secure Papal support for the marriage by arranging for Desiderius to cede to Rome certain territories to which the Papacy laid claim, although Pope Stephen III remained in theory hostile to an alliance between his allies the Franks and his enemies the Lombards, and in reality deeply conflicted between the threat the Lombards posed to him and the chance to dispose of the anti-Lombard Christopher the Primicerius, the dominant figure at the Papal court.
However, scholars such as Jason Burke, Steve Coll, Peter Bergen, Christopher Andrew, and Vasily Mitrokhin have argued that Osama Bin Laden was " outside of CIA eyesight " and that there is " no support " in any " reliable source " for " the claim that the CIA funded bin Laden or any of the other Arab volunteers who came to support the mujahideen.
However, scholars such as Jason Burke, Steve Coll, Peter Bergen, Christopher Andrew, and Vasily Mitrokhin have argued that Osama Bin Laden was " outside of CIA eyesight " and that there is " no support " in any " reliable source " for " the claim that the CIA funded bin Laden or any of the other Arab volunteers who came to support the mujahideen.
However in June 2009, Attorney-General Hon Christopher Finlayson announced that the title of Queen's Counsel would be reinstated, and a bill to implement the restoration was introduced into Parliament in March 2010, with new conferences during 2010 and 2011 to the position.
However, Christopher Eccleston and Brendan Gleeson were well-known character actors.
However, there are moments where Chico's characters appear to be genuinely Italian ; examples include the film The Big Store, in which his character Ravelli runs into an old friend he worked with in Naples ( after a brief misunderstanding due to his accent ), the film Monkey Business, in which Chico claims his grandfather sailed with Christopher Columbus, and their very first outing The Cocoanuts, where Mr. Hammer ( Groucho ) asks him if he knew what an auction was, in which he responds " I come from Italy on the Atlantic Auction!
However, other scholars do not accept the tradition that separates Bon from Buddhism ; Christopher Beckwith calls Bon " one of the two types of Tibetan Buddhism " and writes that " despite continuing popular belief in the existence of a non-Buddhist religion known as Bon during the Tibetan Empire period, there is not a shred of evidence to support the idea ...
However, his producers had been disappointed by its box office returns, particularly given that its shoot had been prolonged and expensive, with Wong, who had come out of the Hong Kong industry, first attempting to work more independently, including collaborating for the first time with cinematographer Christopher Doyle, who favored jazz-like spontaneity in his shooting methods.
However, Swedish General Johan Christopher Toll managed to concluded the convention of Schlatkow with Marshal Brune on favorable terms and his forces withdrew to Sweden with all of their munitions of war on 7 September.
However, scholars such as Jason Burke, Steve Coll, Peter Bergen, Christopher Andrew, and Vasily Mitrokhin have argued that Bin Laden was " outside of CIA eyesight " and that there is " no support " in any " reliable source " for " the claim that the CIA funded bin Laden or any of the other Arab volunteers who came to support the mujahideen.
However, after taping a pilot episode, Jim Breuer was fired and replaced with actor Christopher Gartin.
However, such arguments have yet to succeed, with the registration continuing to be upheld by the United States Patent and Trademark Office as recently as 2001, in the case of Christopher Wade v. Riles & Co.
However, some cricket followers find the chanting of the Barmy Army to be annoying, lowbrow and disruptive and veteran cricket writer / commentator Christopher Martin-Jenkins has accused the Army of " demeaning English cricket ".
However, the account of Auxilius of Naples says that Sergius III murdered both Leo V and Christopher.

However and Holland
However, the southern provinces ( present day Belgium ) remained under Habsburg rule, Holland benefiting greatly from the resulting eclipse of Flemish cities and massive influx of refugees.
However, due to funding disputes within the Irish Republican Brotherhood and disagreement over payments from the IRB to Holland, the IRB stole Fenian Ram and the Holland III prototype in November 1883.
However, occasional military actions continued in Italy, Spain, and Holland throughout the spring of 1814.
However, the new Dutch political leader Johan de Witt deemed commerce more important than territory, and saw to it that New Holland was sold back to Portugal on August 6, 1661 through the Treaty of the Hague.
However, when supplying cranes for use at New Holland on the Humber Estuary, he was unable to do this because the foundations consisted of sand.
However, as shipping became increasingly important economically, the city of Amsterdam became the main Dutch city of North Holland during the Dutch Golden Age.
However, under writer Alan Moore, Swamp Thing was reinvented as an elemental entity created upon the death of Alec Holland, having somehow absorbed Holland's memory and personality into itself.
However the Treaty of Westminster planted the seeds of future conflict as its secret annex, the Act of Seclusion, forbade the Province of Holland ( and by practical extension, any other province of the Netherlands ) from installing any member of the House of Orange as their stadtholder.
However, a 2004 attempt by the VH1 show Bands Reunited to reassemble the mid-1980s line-up of Squeeze ( Difford, Tilbrook, Holland, Wilkinson and Lavis ) ended in failure.
However, the original Lincoln Highway Association made no attempt to map a route from Times Square to the Holland Tunnel, so today, use West Side Highway ( not a part of the Lincoln Highway ) to connect from the west end of 42nd Street down to east portal of the Holland Tunnel.
However, the European Commission has confirmed that " Gouda Holland " is to be protected ( although " Gouda " itself is not ).
However American scholars L. Ross Taylor and L. Adams Holland on the grounds of a passage of Statius maintain that it was an earlier structure ( tradition has it the Ianus Quadrifrons was brought to Rome from Falerii ) and that Domitian only surrounded it with his new forum.
However, Pierre Boulez wrote for two five-octave xylorimbas in Pli selon pli ( Blades and Holland n. d .).
However, in an attempt to enjoy more free time with his young wife, Iris ( Glenne Headly ), and to enable him to compose a piece of orchestral music, the 30-year-old Holland accepts a teaching position.
However, during his absence on foreign service, Joan, under pressure from her family, contracted another marriage with William Montacute, 2nd Earl of Salisbury ( of whose household Holland had been seneschal ).
However, until about 1100, the usual names for the county were West-Friesland, Frisia or Kennemerland ; in spite of this the counts from Dirk I onwards are named of Holland.
However, in the 1949 elections, thirteen years after the party's foundation, National finally won power, and Holland became Prime Minister.
However, occasional military actions continued in Italy, Spain and Holland throughout the spring of 1814.
However, people skim in many other locations throughout North America, Europe ( the main locations being Portugal, France, Spain, United Kingdom & Holland ), Australia, Asia, and South America.
However he obtained a special remainder of the marquessate, in default of his heirs male, to his granddaughter, Jemima Campbell ( who was the daughter and only surviving child of his eldest daughter, the former Lady Amabel Grey, who was the late wife of Lord Glenorchy ( later 3rd Earl of Breadalbane and Holland )).
However, Holland America Line ( owner of Windstar Cruises at the time, itself a subsidiary of Carnival Corporation & plc ) was unwilling to pay the costs involved, and even scrapping was uneconomical, because of the ship's small size and remoteness from shipbreakers in India, China, and elsewhere.
However, later mirror test research indicates that while toddlers are usually fascinated by mirrors, they do not recognize themselves in mirrors until the age of 15 months at the earliest, leading psychiatrist Norman N. Holland to declare that " there is no evidence whatsoever for Lacan's notion of a mirror stage.

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