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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 547
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

However and I
However, when there's a job to be done, I'm a monstrosity of grim determination, I like to think.
However, it was not of innocence in general that I was speaking, but of perhaps the frailest and surely the least important side of it which is innocence in romantic love.
However, at eighty-five, he had still been busy writing articles, reviewing and speaking, and I had never before known an Englishman who had visited and lectured in three quarters of the United States.
However, by comparing the TV snatches, two different radio station re-runs, and the censored Los Angeles Times version, I found that the radio stations had edited out questions ( ABC removed the one regarding Laos ) or even a paragraph out of the middle of the President's answer.
However, I am recommending that development work on the B-70 air-frame and engines be continued.
However, first I thoughtfully study my sketch for improvement of color and design along the lines I have described.
But on meeting Mackenzie, Dufferin revised his opinions: " However narrow and inexperienced Mackenzie may be, I imagine he is a thoroughly upright, well-principled, and well-meaning man.
However, Curie also worked with unshielded X-ray tubes during World War I, and analysis of her skeleton during a reburial showed a relatively low level of radioisotope burden.
However, this was not successful, for according to Gregory of Tours, Amalaric pressured her to forsake her Roman Catholic faith and convert to Arian Christianity, at one point beating her until she bled ; she sent to her brother Childebert I, king of Paris a towel stained with her own blood.
However I will come to Sardis, as I think it very desirable to become a friend of yours.
However, Andrew denied to transfer the agreed territories to Duke Leszek I who made an alliance with Prince Mstilav of Novgorod and they drove away Andrew's troops from the principality.
However, there are notable exceptions to this in all major translations, such as: “… I am with you always, to the end of the age ” ( NRSV ), the word “ age ” being a translation of aion.
However, brews made using DMT containing plants are illegal since DMT is a Schedule I drug.
However, in 1513 and 1514 Dürer created his three most famous engravings: Knight, Death, and the Devil ( 1513, probably based on Erasmus's treatise Enichiridion militis Christiani ), St. Jerome in his Study, and the much-debated Melencolia I ( both 1514 ).
However his style here is a development of that of a number of miniatures of battle-scenes he had done much earlier for Maximilian I in his illuminated manuscript Triumphal Procession in 1512-14.
However, the need to engage targets at night, in depth or hit the target with the first rounds quickly led to predicted fire being developed in World War I.
However, after the 1440 death of Frederick I, Elector of Brandenburg, the Franconian cadet branch of the family was not politically united with the main Brandenburg line, remaining independent as " Brandenburg-Ansbach ".
However, Marlborough was convinced of the urgency – " I am very sensible that I take a great deal upon me ", he had earlier written to Godolphin, " but should I act otherwise, the Empire would be undone ..."
However, the 1552 book was used only for a short period, since Edward VI died in the summer of 1553 and, as soon as she could do so, Mary I, restored the old religion.

However and confess
However, Caligula is shown in a later episode to confess to his uncle Claudius that he killed his father in revenge for trying to discipline him, by working on his father's superstitions ( planting various ' curses ' around his father's residence ) and eventually frightening him to death-therefore, Piso and Plancina were technically innocent ( Zeus, by Jove!
However, neither the Fifth Amendment nor Miranda extend to prearrest silence, so if a defendant takes the stand at trial ( thereby waiving his Fifth Amendment rights ), the prosecutor can attack his credibility with his prearrest silence ( where he failed to turn himself in and confess immediately ).
" However, Mencken did enjoy certain aspects of Dayton, writing, " The town, I confess, greatly surprised me.
However, as Alasdair MacIntyre notes ( in After Virtue, 2007 ), Sidgwick reluctantly had to confess that he had gone in search for Cosmos and found only Chaos, i. e., he could find no rational foundation to basic moral beliefs ; where he had hoped to find unity, he could only locate heterogeneity.
However, when applying for a state professional license or job that is considered a public office or high security ( such as security guard, law enforcement, or related to national security ), you must confess that you have an expunged conviction or else be denied clearance by the DOJ.
However, they all know that if they are caught, they will be expelled so decide not to try and confess their love for their interests.
However, after Midori fully wakes up from her coma, it is a note from him which leads her to Seiji and the point where they confess their love for each other.
However, I must confess that I have been lucky to get the true love of all the members of both the wings of the communist party all through my life.
However he was plagued by the feeling that what he had done was very wrong and turned to go back to the church to confess his sin.
While at Boston Bay Jen briefly dated musician Charlie ( Chad Michael Murray ) and ran a school radio show, However she found out that Charlie was cheating on her and she comically made him confess --- with the help of Charlie's other girlfriend Nora, Jen convinces Charlie to " shut-up and get naked " just before locking him out of his dorm room in a hallway full of students.
However, the moral complications plagued Richie's conscience, and he felt the need to confess.

However and my
However, the East Providence Rescue Squad made its way through to my home in time of desperation.
However, such a hotbed of gossip had grown up during the trial, that every precaution had to be taken to keep my visit from being whispered to the world, Society, and even, alas, to my own mother.
However, the chaos on my desk prevented my being in the U.N. gallery.
However, it's a half-mile walk down a steep hill from our house to the bus, and it's too hard on my legs.
However, my principal objection in this sort of novel is to the hackneyed treatment of race-drivers, pilots, submariners, atomic researchers, and all the machine-masters of our age as brooding mystics or hysterical fatalists.
" However, Jesus ' death on the cross makes believers dead to the law (, " Wherefore, my brethren, ye are also become dead to the law by the body of Christ "), according to an antinomistic interpretation.
However Rouran kaghan Anagui sent an emissary to Bumin to rebuke him, saying, " You are my blacksmith slave.
However, despite aligning with the Maoists, Sartre said after the May events: " If one rereads all my books, one will realize that I have not changed profoundly, and that I have always remained an anarchist.
However, my usage is the one that is common among historians of religion, literary critics, and social scientists.
However, in Luke 24: 39, the resurrected Jesus expressly states " behold my hands and my feet, that it is I myself.
However, the Messiah, the Anointed One, was uniquely called the Son of God, as in: The " Lord hath said to me: Thou art my son, this day have I begotten thee ".
However, Sayers ' first reference to Le Fanu appears in an earlier Lord Peter Wimsey novel, The Nine Tailors ( 1934 ), where he is quoted directly ( from Wylder's Hand, in the opening to the seventh " part " of Chapter II and again in the opening to the second " part " of Chapter III ) and a mysterious letter is referred to ( first by Wimsey's valet, Mervyn Bunter ) as " written by a person of no inconsiderable literary ability, who had studied the works of Sheridan Lefanu and was, if I may be permitted the expression, bats in the belfry, my lord.
" However, all these are replaced by Caxton with a final colophon reading: " I pray you all gentlemen and gentlewomen that readeth this book of Arthur and his knights, from the beginning to the ending, pray for me while I am alive, that God send me good deliverance and when I am dead, I pray you all pray for my soul.
" However, he also said, " For every ( negative ) post, there's somebody saying, ' You made my life a lot easier because I now have someone I can relate to on screen '.
" However, he was not entirely complimentary: " Always at the back of my mind was the troubled thought that there was something wrong about placing a 12-year-old character in the middle of this action.
However, he afterwards considered this his best film performance, saying in an interview: " If I was to be judged by any one film performance, it would be my five minutes in Lawrence.
" However, Sherman himself stated that " f I had made up my mind to burn Columbia I would have burnt it with no more feeling than I would a common prairie dog village ; but I did not do it ..." Sherman's official report on the burning placed the blame on Confederate Lt. Gen. Wade Hampton III, who Sherman said had ordered the burning of cotton in the streets.
However, this generalization was statistical and was not approved of by de Broglie, who said " that the particle must be the seat of an internal periodic movement and that it must move in a wave in order to remain in phase with it was ignored by the actual physicists are wrong to consider a wave propagation without localization of the particle, which was quite contrary to my original ideas.
However, in that first-person novel, the secret agent is anonymous, although at one point in he is greeted by someone saying " Hello, Harry "; he later says, " Now my name isn't Harry, but in this business it's hard to remember whether it ever had been.
However, my work is entirely transformed in that my purpose and perception are entirely different.

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