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However and narrow
But on meeting Mackenzie, Dufferin revised his opinions: " However narrow and inexperienced Mackenzie may be, I imagine he is a thoroughly upright, well-principled, and well-meaning man.
However, tidal currents occur in narrow passages in the western parts of the Baltic Sea.
However, he inadvertently marched his command into a narrow valley where the Oromo cavalry under Ras Mikael slaughtered his brigade, while shouting Ebalgume!
However, the narrow gauge railway, totalling 935 kilometres, is presently undergoing major rehabilitation and inroads to the interior are now being made.
However, swords could narrow down to the shinogi, then narrow further to the blade, or even expand outward towards the shinogi then shrink to the blade ( producing a trapezoidal shape ).
However the consumption of moose liver or kidneys significantly increased cadmium intake, with the study revealing that heavy consumers of moose organs have a relatively narrow safety margin below the levels which would probably cause adverse health effects.
However, the resonance width ( the range of semi-axes compatible with the resonance ) is very narrow and only a few times larger than Pluto ’ s Hill sphere ( gravitational influence ).
However, when the well becomes very narrow ( on the scale of a few nanometers ), quantum effects become important.
However, Park became presidential candidate of the new Democratic Republican Party ( DRP ), which consisted of mainly KCIA officials, ran for president and won the election of 1963 by a narrow margin.
However, after a narrow 21-20 win against the Giants, the Cowboys regained their dominating form, trouncing the Arizona Cardinals ( who were playing their home games at Sun Devil Stadium ) 37-13 on Christmas night at Arizona as part of Monday Night Football, and then cruising through the playoffs with convincing wins against the Eagles and the Packers.
However, the Coast Guard remained loyal and was able to isolate the mutineers at Teteron ( as the only way out was along a narrow coastal road ).
However the left-wing bloc in the Knesset only won an overall narrow majority, facilitated by the disqualification of small nationalist parties that did not manage to pass the electoral threshold.
However, the onward sections from Braunston to Birmingham had been built as ' narrow ' canals – that is, the locks could accommodate only a single narrowboat.
However, gamma-ray bursts are thought to be highly focused explosions, with most of the explosion energy collimated into a narrow jet traveling at speeds exceeding 99. 995 % of the speed of light.
However, in the narrow frequency ranges that are often studied in practice, the permittivity can be approximated as frequency-independent or by model functions.
However, the term is frequently used in the more narrow sense of radiation from electrons ( from whatever source ) stopping in matter.
However, stations are far apart so the use of an underground ticket can narrow down the possibilities of Mr. X's location.
However, the Fosen peninsula, and the most northern coast ( Leka ) is more dominated by mountains and more narrow valleys.
However, its entry point is at a narrow location from the south crossed by a wooden bridge.
However, Aeschines drags up the inappropriate past of one of Demosthenes ' associates, Timarchus and is acquitted by a narrow margin.
However, it should be understood that " vibrato " occurs over a wide range of intensities: slow, fast, wide, and narrow.
However, partly in response to the Asian financial crisis in 1998, China has been concerned that the mainland Chinese financial system would not be able to handle the potential rapid cross-border movements of hot money, and as a result, as of 2012, the currency trades within a narrow band specified by the Chinese central government.
However, his narrow support among his peers led to failure once again.

However and strip
However, prior to 1950 the strip went through a number of significantly different formats.
However during the Orinoco's flood stage, that single, simply defined " origin of the canal " is turned into a region, and an entire strip along the southern bank of the Orinoco River.
However, during this conflict, Rome took advantage of the opportunity to strip Carthage of Corsica and Sardinia as well.
However their necks are often reinforced with a strip of harder wood, such as an ebony strip running down the back of a cedar neck.
However, it is mentioned in more than one strip that Jon cannot understand Garfield.
However, Hergé accepted an offer to produce a new Tintin strip in Le Soir, Brussels ' leading French daily, which had been appropriated as the mouthpiece of the occupation forces.
However, the Sunday strip remained popular for decades.
However, during the late 20th and early 21st centuries, the strip received more recognition.
However, Lackey has displayed occasional resentment about his position ; in one strip, when he informs the king that a vendor has arrived selling slaves, the indignant King orders Lackey to tell the visitor that the King doesn't believe in slavery.
However, searches that intrude upon a traveler's personal dignity and privacy interests, such as strip and body cavity searches, must be supported by " reasonable suspicion.
However, in Safford Unified School District v. Redding, 557 U. S. __ ( 2009 ), the Court ruled that school officials violated the Fourth Amendment when they strip searched a 13 year old girl based only on a student claiming to have received drugs from that student.
However, the project was ultimately aborted as it turned out that Rockwell, known for his perfectionism as an artist, could not deliver material as fast as required of him for a daily comic strip.
However, the monks suffered from the inclement Atlantic ; in 709, a storm washed away the strip of land which connected the island with the small uninhabited island of Jethou.
However, there is information about a possible third flag between the Transitional and final, which would have exchanged the order of white and blue stripes and incorporated the five-pointed white star on the central strip, but there is no certainty of this, and it is not accepted by the majority of Chilean historians.
However, some breadboards only provide a single-column power distributions bus strip on each long side.
However, for AP's first 30 issues or so, they had a thin strip on the back cover upon which they wrote a few lines on next month's issue, and included a very small screenshot of an upcoming game.
However it remained a grass strip and was virtually unusable in Winter.
( However, there is nothing in the strip itself to indicate that Lodge is a Freemason.
However, the strip began to return to The Beano on an occasional basis from issue 3162 onward, dated 22 February 2003.
However, in early 2001, Gnasher and Gnipper were revamped in their strip.
However, in the 25th September 2010 issue, there has been a reprint of the strip.
However, the artwork style of the comic strip changed, instead of fairly tall characters, they have now been shrunk and made ' cuter '.
However, the strip only made three appearances which were spread over the year, and was dropped once again.

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