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However and similar
However, this did not explain similarities between different atoms, as expressed by the periodic table, such as the fact that helium ( 2 electrons ), neon ( 10 electrons ), and argon ( 18 electrons ) exhibit similar chemical behavior.
However, many people, notably Jehovah's Witnesses, believe that the wisdom in this proverb symbolizes Jesus Christ because he is later described in a similar way.
However, evidence indicates that harmala alkaloids act only on MAO-A, in a reversible way similar to moclobemide ( an antidepressant that does not require dietary restrictions ).
However, the defining recommendation indicates a change to a system similar to ISO 8601 and astronomical year numbering is likely in the future.
However, FuturePhone ( as well as other similar services ) ceased operations upon legal challenges from AT & T and other service providers.
" However some earlier high zinc, low iron brasses such as the 1530 Wightman brass memorial plaque from England may have been made by alloying copper with zinc and include traces of cadmium similar those found in some zinc ingots from China.
However, breathy-voiced and aspirated stops are acoustically similar in that in both cases there is an audible period of breathiness following the stop, and in the history of various languages ( e. g. Ancient Greek, Mandarin Chinese ), breathy-voiced stops have subsequently developed into voiceless aspirated stops.
However, a similar resolution was defeated by thirty-three votes in the House of Commons on December 15, 1927 when the MPs William Joynson-Hicks and Rosslyn Mitchell " reached and inflamed all the latent Protestant prejudices in the House " and argued strongly against it on the grounds that the proposed book was " papistical " and was a restoration of the Roman Mass and implied the doctrine of Transubstantiation.
However, stare decisis, the principle that similar cases should be decided according to consistent principled rules so that they will reach similar results, lies at the heart of all common law systems.
However, the two codes are similar in many respects due to common roots.
However, there are some exceptions: many of the stars in the constellation of Ursa Major ( including most of the Big Dipper ) are genuinely close to one another, travel through the galaxy with similar velocities, and are likely to have formed together as part of a cluster that is slowly dispersing.
However on the confiscation of lands relating to Hugh Maguire, Fermanagh was divided in similar manner to the other five escheated counties among Scottish and English undertakers and native Irish.
However, this term is used in Australia ( Sydney for example ) to describe the regional trains operating beyond the boundaries of the suburban services, even though some of these " inter-city " services stop all stations similar to German regional services.
However, glass making involves several steps of the ceramic process and its mechanical properties are similar to ceramic materials.
However, many common modern bus systems can be used for both ; SATA and the associated eSATA are one example of a system that would formerly be described as internal, while in certain automotive applications use the primarily external IEEE 1394 in a fashion more similar to a system bus.
However, they adhere to a very similar ecclesiology, refusing to permit outside control or oversight of local affairs.
However, similar to the stabilizability condition above, if a state cannot be observed it might still be detectable.
However, his power was undermined in parliament, which chose to disregard the army's authority in a similar fashion to the pre – Civil War parliament.
However, most colas now use other flavoring ( and caffeinating ) ingredients with a similar taste.
However, because fiat money is backed by government guarantee of a certain amount of goods and services, where the value of this is in turn determined by free market currency exchange rates, similar to the case for the international market exchange values which determines the value of metals which back commodity money, in practice there is very little economic difference between the two types of money ( types of currencies ).
However, on CRT displays with a similar pixel arrangement as flat-panel displays, such as aperture grille and Trinitron CRT displays, it can result in a slightly improved readability.
However, the PDP-6 proved to be a " hard sell " with customers, as it offered few advantages over similar machines from the better established vendors like IBM or Honeywell, in spite of its low cost around $ 300, 000.
However, the charter made Mali more similar to a constitutional monarchy than a democratic republic.

However and privilege
However, the Proto-Deacon still has the privilege of bestowing the pallium on a new pope at his papal inauguration.
However, the privilege was not formally recognized by the U. S. Supreme Court until United States v. Reynolds ( 1953 ) where it was held to be a common law evidentiary privilege.
However, appeal is merely a privilege provided by statute in 47 states and in federal judicial proceedings ; the U. S. Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that there is no federal constitutional right to an appeal.
However, one federal court held that employees can assert the attorney-client privilege with respect to certain communications on company laptops.
However, spanking children is illegal in several countries, and other back-up penalties could be used, such as privilege withdrawal substantial enough to encourage serving time-outs instead.
However, particularly in earlier criticism, the narrative trajectory of Rome ’ s triumph and Cleopatra ’ s perceived weakness as a ruler have allowed readings that privilege Shakespeare ’ s representation of a Roman worldview.
However, she withdrew the intended privilege in apparent disgust when Tydeus gobbled down the brains of the hated enemy who had wounded him.
However, in July 2006, the hybrid / HOV privilege was revoked.
However, the suspension of the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus continued in the autonomous regions of Western Mindanao and Central Mindanao.
However, the owner or lawful possessor of property has a privilege to use any degree of non-deadly force necessary to protect his possession or recover his property, regardless of no physical threat to his person.
However, the sergeants of London later gained this privilege, as did later those of York ( 1396 ), Norwich ( 1403 – 1404 ), and Chester ( 1506 ).
However, they were expected to pay for this privilege, effectively forcing them to fund their own incarceration.
However, critics argued that the entire political arrangement in Rhodesia was poised deliberately to entrench indefinite economic and political privilege for the country's whites, and that the maintenance of the tribal system was done to discourage blacks from participating in mainstream politics.
However, the parliamentary privilege charter and the coat of arms were attested in 1652 after the town layout by Erik Aspegren was affirmed.
However, the other justices in the Supreme Court were able to convince Burger to excise that language from the opinion-the judicial branch alone would have the power to determine whether something qualifies to be shielded under executive privilege.
However, the Federal Circuit determined that the waiver of attorney – client privilege should not be extended to trial counsel.
However, the fact that the Church proclaims Mary free from original sin by a unique divine privilege does not lead to the conclusion that she also received physical immortality.
However, this represented only roughly one percent of population, and as the requirements for voting were tax-based, only the wealthiest gained the privilege.
However, when James Stewart, 1st Duke of Richmond suggested in January 1642 that the parliament adjourn for six months, Northumberland led a protest which favoured sanctioning Richmond for breach of privilege.
However, whilst Alexander first agreed, after his coronation he refused to affirm this privilege.
However, the alliance between Catholic and Protestant was never fully regained as Protestants were drawn closer to a " British " identity through fear of having a perceived position of privilege eroded by the slowly growing political power of the Catholic majority.
However, general protection faults are still used to report other protection violations ( aside from memory access violations ) when paging is used, such as the use of instructions not accessible from the current privilege level.
However, peers are free from arrest in civil cases only ; arrests in criminal matters are not covered by the privilege.

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