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However and despite
However, despite the insight of many of his observations, his own conclusions are open to suspicion because of his failure to employ at all times the correct research methods.
However, despite the fact that he never officially bore the name Octavianus, to save confusing the dead dictator with his heir, historians often refer to the new Caesar — between his adoption and his assumption, in 27 BC, of the name Augustus — as Octavian.
However, despite a push for new antibiotic therapies there has been a continued decline in the number of newly approved drugs.
However, despite her outwardly placid appearance, Anne was determined, and with experience, made a success of her position, becoming well liked by her employers.
However, in a decision of great historic significance, the Persian king Darius the Great decided that, despite successfully subduing the revolt, there remained the unfinished business of exacting punishment on Athens and Eretria for supporting the revolt.
However, since Paul was from Cilicia and refers to himself using this name ( see Acts 21: 39, 22: 3 ), it seems very natural that the name Cilicia would have continued to be in colloquial use among its residents despite its hiatus in official Roman nomenclature.
However, not everyone appreciates his work and River Landscape ( 1660 ), despite being widely regarded as amongst his best work, has been described as having " chocolate box blandness ".
However, MUL and DIV are special cases, other arithmetic-logical instructions ( ADD, SUB, CMP, AND, OR, XOR, TEST ) may specify any of the eight registers EAX, ECX, EDX, EBX, ESP, EBP, ESI, EDI as the accumulator ( i. e. left operand and destination ); x86 is thus a fairly general register architecture, despite being based on an accumulator model.
However, despite those efforts, the presence of the Armed Forces on the border regions of the Brazilian Amazon continues to be sparse and disperse, given the fact that the Army has just 28 border detachments in that area, a total of 1, 600 soldiers, or 1 men for every of borders.
However, the most important influence on Bauhaus was modernism, a cultural movement whose origins lay as far back as the 1880s, and which had already made its presence felt in Germany before the World War, despite the prevailing conservatism.
However, both the Soviet Union and Iraq, at a minimum, secretly defied the treaty and continued research and production of offensive biological weapons, despite being signatories to it.
However, despite claims of government corruption, favoritism of Zaghawas, and abuses by the security forces, opposition party and labor union calls for general strikes and more active demonstrations against the government have been unsuccessful.
However, despite the success of Drude's free electron model, it had one notable problem, in that it was unable to correctly explain the electronic contribution to the specific heat of metals, as well as the temperature dependence of resistivity at low temperatures.
However, despite the contributions of its ban Jelačić in quenching the Hungarian war of independence, Croatia, not treated any more favourably by Vienna than the Hungarians themselves, lost its domestic autonomy.
However, despite the widespread legend of tipping cows, numerous publications have debunked the practice's feasibility.
However after falling in love with Peter Barlow, despite doing nothing about it, Carla calls off their wedding.
However, his crew, despite their previous eagerness to seize any available prize, refused to attack Culliford and threatened instead to shoot Kidd.
However, despite earlier concepts of a strict Early Historic evolution, Irish excavations are increasingly uncovering examples which date to the ' missing ' Iron Age in Ireland.
However, existing law requires judicial approval of all class action settlements, and in most cases class members are given a chance to opt out of class settlement, though class members, despite opt-out notices, may be unaware of their right to opt out because they did not receive the notice, did not read it, or did not understand it.
) However, pipelining at that level was already used in some high performance CISC " supercomputers " in order to reduce the instruction cycle time ( despite the complications of implementing within the limited component count and wiring complexity feasible at the time ).
However, it never succeeded in this goal, despite making progress on several ecumenical fronts.
However, his initial reprogramming of Wolverine lasted several years, despite how Wolverine's healing factor works around such a reprogramming much faster than an ordinary human mind.
" However, despite popular belief, the name was not meant to insult the Kennedy family, but according to Biafra, " to bring attention to the end of the American Dream ".
However, despite playing in the NFC Championship Game three consecutive years ( 1980 – 1982 ), the Cowboys did not reach the Super Bowl during the 1980s.
However, despite having Howe, Delvecchio, Norm Ullman, and Parker MacDonald as consistent goal-scorers, Lindsay's sudden one-year comeback in 1964 – 65, and Sawchuk and later Roger Crozier between the pipes, the Wings came away empty-handed.

However and dozens
However, the vast herds of bison attracted market hunters, who killed dozens of bison for their hides only, leaving the rest to rot.
However, maximum naturalness typically require unit-selection speech databases to be very large, in some systems ranging into the gigabytes of recorded data, representing dozens of hours of speech.
However, the production of a plane for one company is a process that actually involves dozens, or even hundreds, of other companies and plants, that produce the parts that go into the plane.
However, dozens of formerly thriving cities, especially in the Western Empire, had been ruined, their populations dispersed and, with the breakdown of the economic system, could not be rebuilt.
However, Frankl's logotherapy is but one of dozens of psychological systems or methods of psychotherapy that compete with psychoanalysis.
However, while they issued dozens of singles throughout the decade, they never once hit the US top 40 ( although " Lipstick Traces " made it to # 19 in Canada.
However, dozens of garment factories also opened ; clothing manufacture became the island's chief economic force, employing thousands of foreign contract laborers while labeling their goods " made in the U. S. A ." and supplying the U. S. market with low cost garments exempt from U. S. tariffs.
However, Aachen's defenders could make use of dozens of streets which occupied its historical center.
However, the assassination attempt was unsuccessful in that the car bombing near Fadlallah's residence killed dozens of bystanders, but left Fadlallah unscathed.
However, Kabuto perfected Impure World Resurrection to the point where he is able to revive dozens of ninja in one execution, needing to focus all his mental energy to fully control them.
However, dozens of photos related to the history of the Beast are archived for viewing on the Web site of the Indianapolis Star.
However, despite the variety of spelling patterns in English, there are dozens of rules that are 75 % or more reliable.
However, the only people who appear truly to suffer are her daughters-in-law, of whom she has dozens and rules over with a tyrannical authority.
However, the Whirlwind was not reliable or fast enough for the processing needed for analyzing data coming in from dozens of, perhaps even 100, radars.
However, dozens of family members contested the will, which was finally settled by the Supreme Court of Georgia in 1897 when the college received $ 16, 000 of the $ 100, 000 estate.
However, an important legacy of the native-language and bilingual education policies over the years was the nurturing of widespread literacy in dozens of languages of indigenous nationalities of the USSR, accompanied by widespread and growing bilingualism in which Russian was said to be the " language of internationality communication.
However, the Xiangs lured Yin Tong into a trap and killed him instead, with Xiang Yu personally striking down dozens of Yin's men.
However, each root can then form dozens of derivations which may bear little resemblance to equivalent words in the source languages, such as registaro ( government ), which is derived from the Latinate root reg ( to rule ) but has a morphology closer to German or Russian.
However, in 1994, Stenholm was held to only 53 percent of the vote against an unknown Republican in an election that saw dozens of other moderate and conservative Democrats toppled.
However, the company failed later that year, shuttering dozens of locations throughout the USA.
However, dozens of kinds of non-native invasive plants have become abundant there, often locally outcompeting the native species.
However, the right field bleachers collapsed in 1906 leading to dozens of injuries and lawsuits.
However, large-scale storage is impractical using Linear Flash because of small card sizes ( typically under 40 megabytes ) and prohibitive costs ; megabyte-for-megabyte, Linear Flash cards are often dozens of times more expensive than ATA cards.
However, with dozens of Flash animated television series, countless more Flash animated television commercials, and award-winning online shorts in circulation, Flash animation is enjoying a renaissance.

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