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However and supposedly
However, Orwell pointed out that its proprietor François Coty also owned the right-wing dailies Le Figaro and Le Gaulois, which the Ami de Peuple was supposedly competing against.
However, Randi has stated that both of his recruits deceived experimenters over a period of three years with demonstrations of supposedly psychic abilities: blowing electric fuses sealed in a box, causing a lightweight paper rotor perched atop a needle to turn inside a bell jar, bending metal spoons sealed in a glass bottle, etc.
However, a later date better explains the attack on England by his sons in 865 ; supposedly to avenge their father's death.
However, Gondorff relents and decides to resurrect an elaborate and supposedly obsolete scam known as " the wire ", using a large number of con artists to create a phony off-track betting parlor.
However, little links this figure, supposedly active in the late 1st century, to the Prester John legend beyond the name.
However, these counties lying on the Potomac River east of the mountains, with the consent of the Reorganized Government of Virginia supposedly voted in favor of annexation to West Virginia in 1863 in a dubious election supervised by the occupying Union Army.
However, the Admiralty disapproved of the invention, which led to the fortunate contact with the encouraging American captain Robert Stockton who had Ericsson design a propeller steamer for him and invited him to bring his invention to the United States of America, as it would supposedly be more welcomed in that place.
However, El Dorado did not exist until 1895, well after the date John Wayne's El Dorado was supposedly set in a fictional Texas town.
However, Zhao's policy had huge popular support and the supporters of the Gang of Four turned to assassination after all other supposedly legal means failed.
However, FLUDD becomes damaged during the battle with Bowser, supposedly beyond repair.
However, Sophie is aware that Nathan is self-medicating with drugs, including cocaine and benzadrine, that he supposedly obtains at Pfizer, his employer.
However, when he was trying to annul his marriage to Catherine, he ordered bloodstained bedsheets, supposedly from his brother's marriage night as proof of the consummation.
However, it was also noted that many of the supposedly best schools in the Commonwealth, such as Brookline High School ( with 18 National Merit Scholarship finalists ) were declared to have failed.
However, Herodotus recorded three earlier sources that supposedly mentioned the Hyperboreans, including Hesiod and Homer, the latter purportedly having written of Hyperborea in his lost work Epigoni: " if that be really a work of his.
However, Taylor was supposedly deemed too tall for the part, and the role instead went to John Saxon.
However, no record of any such killing or of Bailey, the man supposedly killed, exists in news or legal accounts of the day.
However, Eddy proceeded to pray for Ira audibly and this prayer supposedly healed him of his grief.
However, the original book, supposedly written on birch barks, was lost ( if indeed it ever existed ), and thus its authenticity cannot be established at present.
However, the historical integrity of some of the hangars has been alleged to be compromised thereby, in contradiction to the protections supposedly imposed by their inclusion on the National Register and under their management by the NPS.
However, when a person with a supposedly neutral position cherry picks, for example journalists, scientists, and judges, that is generally regarded as inappropriate.
However, charges of alleged massive corruption or misuse of funds blemished the resulting programs and various projects, one of which was the Centennial Expo and Amphitheater at the former Clark Air Base in Angeles City, Pampanga, supposedly Ramos ' pet project.
However, in the myth the arrow had been covered in the blood of the Hydra, which was supposedly toxic.
However, Wei was disappointed by his supposedly supervisor, on account the latter used Ma Su as the vanguard for the first campaign, which ended up with a total disaster.
However, the Ottoman Empire, basing its decision upon its ( supposedly ) superior naval force, declined to accept the treaty.

However and surrendered
However, instead of continuing their fight, the city of Mecca surrendered to Muhammad and his followers who declared peace and amnesty for the inhabitants.
However, this power can be surrendered to other organizations if the Attorney General declares the case to be linked to an intentional criminal act, although the NTSB would still provide technical support in such investigations.
However, not knowing who the assassins were, King Aegeus surrendered the whole town to Minos ' mercy.
However he immediately surrendered himself to the local police and offered his services to MI5.
However, the resistance gained momentum after the Italian surrendered in 1943 when the German armies occupied Vichy France.
However, Canterbury surrendered peacefully to the Parliamentarians after their victory at the Battle of Maidstone.
However, a few months later the commander of the new fort sold it to the commander of an Army of the Holy Roman Empire, and Toulon surrendered.
However, Aernoutsz's appointed administrator, John Rhoades, quickly lost control of the territory after Aernoutsz himself left for Curaçao to seek out new settlers, and with effective control of Acadia remaining in the hands of France, Dutch sovereignty existed only on paper until the Netherlands surrendered their claim in the Treaties of Nijmegen.
However only 250, 000 refugees were ethnic Italians ( 76 % of which born in the territories surrendered ), the others being ethnic Slovenians, ethnic Croatians and ethnic Istro-Romanians.
However, some of the towns that had surrendered later revolted.
However, Genoa surrendered on June 4, freeing a large number of Austrians for operations against the French.
However, Hashemite guns were slowly brought up to Tā ' if, and then the city held out a little longer ; it finally surrendered on 22 September.
However, pressure there eventually overwhelmed, and when this combined with an advance on Damascus from Iraq, the French surrendered.
However, Smith surrendered before Sheridan reached New Orleans.
However, the war continued until Sandile, the chief of the Ngqika, surrendered.
However, in 1937, roughly halfway through the war, Basque troops, then under control of the Autonomous Basque Government surrendered in an action brokered by the Basque church and the Vatican in Santoña to the Italian allies of General Franco on condition that the Basque heavy industry and economy was left untouched.
However, the Minbari mysteriously surrendered just prior to the final invasion of Earth.
However, even traditional French allies had scalped wounded British when the garrison at Oswego surrendered, and then forced the French to buy back a number of English prisoners.
However, in the biographies of Cao Cao and Yuan Shao, Zhang He surrendered to Cao once he heard Wuchao was attacked ; and his action served as a catalyst for the breakdown of Yuan's massive army.
However, when SS guards surrendered before the Allied advance, " O ' Leary " took command and refused to leave before Allies agreed to take care of the inmates.
However, during action in Kokura, he surrendered to Kumamoto forces, and was imprisoned until just after the Meiji Restoration.
However, in 1645 Qing armies started to move against the remnants of the Ming, and Nanjing surrendered on 8 June 1645.
However, in the struggle between Emperor Frederick and the Papacy, in 1228 it rebelled against Frederick II and surrendered to the pope, after the Papal forces destroyed the imperial castle in the fray.
However, Japan surrendered in August 1945 following the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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