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However and 2005
However, recent classifications have abandoned Mon – Khmer as a taxon, either reducing it in scope or making it synonymous with the larger family ( Diffloth 2005, Sidwell 2009 ).
However, some of the more successful American League teams of recent memory, including the 2002 Anaheim Angels, the 2001 Seattle Mariners and the 2005 Chicago White Sox have experienced their success in part as a result of playing " small ball ," advancing runners through means such as the stolen base and the related hit and run play.
However, in a 2005 poll by British film magazine Empire, Braveheart was # 1 on their list of " The Top 10 Worst Best Pictures ".
However, no borough was actually created under law until 2005 – 2006, when Neve Monosson and Maccabim-Re ' ut, both communal settlements ( Heb: yishuv kehilati ) founded in 1953 and 1984, respectively, were declared to be autonomous municipal boroughs ( Heb: vaad rova ironi ), within their mergers with the towns of Yehud and Modi ' in.
However, only three had paved runways, as of 2005.
However, in October 2004, the Cuban government announced an end to this policy: from November US dollars would no longer be legal tender in Cuba, but would instead be exchanged for convertible pesos ( since April 2005 at the exchange rate of $ 1. 08 ) with a 10 % tax payable to the state on the exchange of US dollars cash — though not on other forms of exchange.
However, fewer than 165, 000 passenger journeys were made in 1999, as compared with more than 5 million in 1972, and the figure was only 160, 130 in 2005.
However, according to 2005 data reported by the Colombian government, the road network totaled 163, 000 kilometers, 68 percent of which were paved and in good condition.
However, a bombing in February 2005 shut the pipeline for several weeks, and attacks against the electrical gird system that provides energy to the Caño Limón oilfield have continued.
However, a 2005 study by H. Michael Crowson and colleagues suggested a moderate gap between RWA and other conservative positions.
However, an Idaho census taken in 2005 showed that individual coyotes were one-twentieth as likely to attack livestock than individual wolves.
However, a 2005 study claimed the drop may have been due to an increase in the incorrect classification of many bankruptcies as " consumer cases " rather than " business cases ".
However, on 1 November 2005, he announced his decision to stay in Bavaria.
However, on 28 December 2005, the leadership of the two factions agreed to submit a single list to voters, headed by Barghouti, who began actively campaigning for Fatah from his jail cell.
However, in August 2005 it was announced that Brooks had signed a deal with Wal-Mart, leasing them the rights to his back catalog following his split with Capitol.
However, the Daleks return in " Bad Wolf "/" The Parting of the Ways " ( 2005 ), and subsequently in " Army of Ghosts "/" Doomsday " ( 2006 ), " Daleks in Manhattan "/" Evolution of the Daleks " ( 2007 ), " The Stolen Earth "/" Journey's End " ( 2008 ) and " Victory of the Daleks " ( 2010 ), the penultimate of these being the series 4 finale where Davros also returns, and the final of these being the first time the Eleventh Doctor meets the Daleks.
However, celebrations were cut short the following day when, on 7 July 2005, London was rocked by a series of terrorist attacks.
However, since the release of The Complete New Yorker on DVD in 2005, the story is once again widely available.
However, whilst the mid 1980s GDP per capita shrank by 23 % amid the Iran-Iraq War, GDP has now almost doubled since 2005.
However, most of the Group's profit is spent on investments, the foundation expects to spend € 45 million on charitable giving in 2010 ( compare the Gates Foundation, which made gifts of more than $ 1. 5 billion in 2005.
However, in 2005 an estimated 100, 000 applicants were waiting for telephone line installation.
However, mosque bombings have not been exclusive to Iraq ; in June 2005, a suicide bomber killed at least 19 people at an Afghan Shia mosque near Jade Maivand.
However, the situation in Western Australia and South Australia, where the party is more clearly differentiable from the Liberals, is quite different, with the Nationals narrowly missing out on winning a second seat in South Australia in 2006 and winning a safe Liberal seat in Western Australia in 2005.
However, the theory was revived and expanded by Elisabeth Sears in Shakespeare and the Tudor Rose ( 2002 ), and Hank Whittemore in The Monument ( 2005 ), an analysis of Shakespeare's Sonnets which interprets the poems as a poetic history of Queen Elizabeth, Oxford, and Southampton.
However, low membership and voter support in Germany's western states continued to plague the party on the federal level until it formed an electoral alliance in July 2005 with the Electoral Alternative for Labor and Social Justice ( WASG ), a leftist faction of dissident Social Democrats and trade unionists, with the merged list being called the Left Party.

However and UK
However, perhaps the first organised attempt to conserve cultural patrimony was the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings in the UK, influenced by the writings of John Ruskin the society was founded by William Morris and Philip Webb in 1877.
However, the disease found in northern Europe ( including the UK ) in 2006 and 2007 has been caused by serotype 8.
However, the UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence did not find any convincing evidence in favor of Z-drugs.
However, UK Home Secretary Jack Straw took the responsibility to release him on medical grounds, and refused to extradite him to Spain.
However, Commodore UK lost its financial backing after several larger companies, including Gateway Computers and Dell Inc., became interested, primarily for Commodore's 47 patents relating to the Amiga.
However, following NTL's acquisition of Virgin Mobile, the NTL and Telewest services were rebranded Virgin Media on February 8, 2007, creating a single cable operator covering more than 95 % of the UK cable market.
However, some UK universities such as Oxford and Sussex ( and, until recently, York ) retain the D. Phil.
However, in the UK, the symbolism ends there, since the real governing authority of the monarch was all but extinguished by the Whig revolution of 1688-89 ( see Glorious Revolution ).
However, in the UK, the eurosceptic United Kingdom Independence Party achieved second place in the elections, finishing ahead of the governing Labour Party, and the British National Party ( BNP ) won its first ever two MEPs.
However, Germany, along with some other larger European countries ( with the exception of the UK and the Netherlands ), have been criticised by the British and Canadians for not sharing the burden of the more intensive combat operations in southern Afghanistan.
However, in the last couple of years the British graffiti scene has been struck by self-titled ' art terrorist ' Banksy, who has revolutionized the style of UK graffiti ( bringing to the forefront stencils to aid the speed of painting ) as well as the content ; making his work largely satirical of the sociological state of cities, or the political climate of war, often using monkeys and rats as motifs.
However, here the vowel does not match, nor does the vowel length ( contrast with inscriptional Garmangabi ( UK ) and Garma ( Alise, G-257 )).
However, with the implementation of the European Working Time Directive limiting UK surgical residents to a 48-hour working week there are concerns that upon completion of training UK surgeons will not be confident enough to work independently.
However, due to the nature of the political union between Scotland and England forming the UK the reunification of Berwick goes largely unpursued.
However, the territory north of the 49th parallel ( including the Milk River and Poplar River watersheds ) was ceded to the UK in exchange for parts of the Red River Basin south of 49th parallel in the Anglo-American Convention of 1818.
However, a survey by the UK Office for National Statistics ( ONS ) in 2010 found that 1. 5 % of Britons identified themselves as gay or bisexual, and the ONS suggests that this is in line with other surveys showing the number between 0. 3 % and 3 %.
" However, on its initial release in the UK, the film was banned by several town councils – some of which had no cinemas within their boundaries, or had not even seen the film.
However, a number of them ( of varying quality ) were shown the following year on the Paramount Comedy Channel in the UK ; it has not been disclosed how these scenes were saved or where they came from ; possibly the source was the Criterion laserdisc.
However, no action was ever taken as the UK slid into the winter of discontent.
However, one can still find smaller mosques in more suburban and rural regions throughout Europe where Muslims populate, an example of this is the Shah Jahan Mosque in Woking, the first purpose built mosque in the UK.
However, it was in the 1980s under the leaderships of Margaret Thatcher in the UK and Ronald Reagan in the USA, that privatization gained worldwide momentum.
However, in 2010 data from the same source ( the UK General Practice Research Database ) was analysed a second time, and reported a different trend: risk of fracture more than doubled immediately after initiation of medication, but dropped to slightly less than double baseline with prolonged use.
However, Neighbours and Home and Away both continue to achieve significant ratings in the UK.
However, it also performed at larger venues, supporting Blur on a 1997 UK tour, taking in several stadia, and appearing at Glastonbury festival in 1997.

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