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However and January
However, during the January to September 2010 period, the sector experienced a 5. 2 percent year-on-year decrease, which according to the Civilitas Foundation is an indication of the unsustainability of a sector based on an elite market, with few products for the median or low budgets.
However, later that month, on 22 January, the English were defeated at the Battle of Basing and, on the 22 March at the Battle of Merton ( perhaps Marden in Wiltshire or Martin in Dorset ), in which Æthelred was killed.
However, floating ice was additionally observed near Świnoujście harbour in January 2010.
However, four seasons can be distinguished: the long dry season ( June – August ), the short wet season ( September – November ), the short dry season ( December – January ), and the long wet season ( February – May ).
However, in January 2008, Selig agreed to a three-year contract extension, announcing he planned to retire after the 2012 season.
However, Goukouni ’ s January 1981 statement that Chad and Libya had agreed to work for the realization of complete unity between the two countries generated intense international pressure and Goukouni's subsequent call for the complete withdrawal of external forces.
However, fears of a conservative restoration in progressive sectors of the army led to another coup in January, which ended with the establishment of the January Junta as interim government while waiting for Alessandri's return.
However, in January 1927, Wang Jingwei and his KMT leftist allies took the city of Wuhan amid much popular mobilization and fanfare.
However, in January 2011, the Spanish government denied a request by the U. S. ambassador to return the painting to the Cassirer family in California, which claims with proof that it was among those illegally taken by Nazis in Germany.
However, in January 2008, Hero started to broadcast the Digimon series with Digimon Adventure.
However, Draper ’ s scheduled appearance in January 1950 was met with opposition from Hester McCullough, a woman who involved herself in the hunt for subversives.
However, Free Mobile obtained its licence in December 2009 and operates since January 2012.
However the United Arab Emirates switched to using litres on 1 January 2012.
However, the trial progressed and Louis XVI was executed by guillotine on 21 January 1793.
However, this story is now considered baseless: although no birth certificate has ever been found, his birth notice did appear in a New York newspaper in early January 1900, which supports the December 1899 date, as do other sources, such as the 1900 census.
However, 1 and 2 January remain public holidays in Scotland and Hogmanay still is associated with as much celebration as Christmas in Scotland.
However, as of January 2006, there's no formal diplomacy link between Indonesia and Israel.
However, the Weights and Measures Act of 1825 pushed back the date to 1 January 1826.
However, except for a few sheltered inland valleys during December and January, precipitation in Japan is above of rainfall equivalent in all months of the year, and in the wettest coastal areas it is above per month throughout the year.
However, medieval calendars were still displayed in the Roman fashion of twelve columns from January to December.
However, in the European Teams Championship in Batumi, Georgia, also in January, she won the gold medal playing Board 2, scoring 6½ – 2½.
However, on January 7, 2008, George W. Bush appointee H. Dale Hall, Director of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service ( USFWS ), signed a recommendation to abandon jaguar recovery as a federal goal under the Endangered Species Act.
However, in January 1954, Oswald's mother Marguerite returned with him to New Orleans.
However, control did not pass to the new authority until 1 January 1970.

However and 69
However, James ' successor as leader of the Jerusalem church, Simeon, is not, in tradition, appointed till after the siege of Jerusalem in AD 70, and Eusebius ' notice of Simeon implies a date for the death of James immediately before the siege, i. e. about AD 69.
However, the account of Josephus differs from that of later works by Hegesippus, Clement of Alexandria, and Origen, and Eusebius of Caesarea that it simply has James stoned while the others have other variations such as having James thrown from the top of the Temple, stoned, and finally beaten to death by laundrymen as well as his death occurring during the siege of Jerusalem in AD 69.
However, the bottom of the 1929 Crash came just 2½ months later on November 13, 1929, when intra-day it was at the 195. 35 level, closing slightly higher at 198. 69.
However, around this time Entertainment Tonight allegedly reported that Rayburn was 70 years old ; he was in fact only 69, however this was still several years older than most producers thought he was.
However, a week or so before the opening night, John Rich, the theatre director, insisted on having Johann Christoph Pepusch, a composer associated with his theatre, write a formal French overture ( based on two of the songs in the opera, including a fugue based on Lucy's 3rd act song " I'm Like A Skiff on the Ocean Toss'd ") and also to arrange the 69 songs.
However, as part as a dramatic shift in diesel pricing, by July 2009, the US DOE was reporting average costs of B20 15 cents per gallon higher than petroleum diesel ($ 2. 69 / gal vs. $ 2. 54 / gal ).
However, Minnesota was not left without an ABA team as league champion Pipers ironically relocated to Minneapolis to play as the Minnesota Pipers for the 1968 – 69 ABA season.
However, complications developed and she died on April 22, 1996, aged 69.
However, a leg injury restricted him to only 69 games.
However, the Colts ' 2004 season ended in Foxborough for a second straight year with a 20 – 3 loss against New England, when Manning recorded a season-low passer rating of 69. 3.
However, in 1978, 69 % of American students enrolled in public health schools had only a bachelor's degree.
However, the Joker tricks Mxyzptlk into revealing his secret imp name and thus acquires 99. 9 % of Mxyzptlk's power, leaving him mostly powerless while the Joker remakes Earth in 69 seconds to suit his own vision.
However, 69, 105 is the highest number with this property with fewer than six digits.
However, the Type 69 wasn't formally accepted into PLA service until 1982, and then only in limited quantities.
However, legionary diplomas were exceptionally issued after the Civil War of 68 / 69 AD.
However, in 1968, the California Supreme Court issued a vastly influential opinion, entitled Rowland v. Christian ( 1968 ) 69 Cal. 2d 108, which abolished the significance of legal distinctions such as invitee, licensee, or trespasser in determining whether one could hold the possessor of a premises liable for harm.
However, about 400 1980 models sold in California, all 1981 models --- of which only 352 were produced including 20 carbed cars for the UK market --- and all 1982 models ( of which all 69 went to Canada ) featured a Bosch L-jetronic fuel injection system with a specially designed Lucas fuel injection computer ( ECU ).
However, she is ranked at 69 and unlikely to enter Parliament.
However, a land claim dispute between the Government of Ontario and the Wahta Mohawk Territory prevented the twinning of Highway 69 between the Musquash and Moon Rivers.
However, it was numbered as Highway 69 for the moment.
However, the Highway 69 designation remained in place as far south as the Musquash River.
However, work was already underway in 2003 to expand Highway 69 south of Sudbury to four lanes.
However, like the majority of bounding mines, most of the Valmara 69 is hidden underground and may be difficult to see, particularly in heavy undergrowth.
This was viewed by many as a de-facto nationalization of Yugansk, and was denounced by Andrei Illarionov, then a senior Putin economic advisor, as “ the scam of the year .” However, despite criticisms, the addition of Yungansk resulted in Rosneft becoming Russia ’ s second-largest producer of oil and gas by 2005, with an average output of 1. 69 million bpd.

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