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However and Soviets
However, the Soviets did have medium-range ballistic missiles in quantity, about 700 of them.
However, in formulating policies regarding the atomic bomb and relations with the Soviets Truman was guided by the U. S. State Department and ignored Eisenhower and the Pentagon.
However, later archival work by the Soviet physicist German Goncharov has suggested that while Fuchs ' early work ( most of which is still classified in the United States, but copies of which were available to the Soviets ) did not aid the Soviets in their effort towards the hydrogen bomb, it was actually far closer to the final correct solution than was recognized at the time, and indeed spurred Soviet research into useful problems which eventually resulted in the correct answer.
However, when visiting Moscow in 1966, Kim expressed to the Soviets his bewilderment at the Cultural Revolution.
However, because the Soviets were removing Poles from annexed formerly Polish territories, Banach prepared to return to Krakòw.
However, because the Soviets were removing Poles from annexed formerly Polish territories, Banach began preparing to leave the city and settle in Kraków, Poland, where he had been promised a chair at the Jagiellonian University.
However, the whole of Lithuania was annexed by the Soviet Union on 3 August 1940 following a June ultimatum from the Soviets demanding, among other things, that unspecified numbers of Red Army soldiers be allowed to enter the country for the purpose of helping to form a more pro-Soviet government.
However, the Soviets insisted the border be drawn at the Lusatian Neisse farther west.
However, in another episode – Season 3, Episode 21, " Born in the USSR " – the Soviets mentioned that they encountered a mathematical limitation of the time travel mechanism that they were working on, in which it would appear that time travel is limited to only seven days to the past, and nothing more than that.
However the Soviets were not pleased about the developments in Afghanistan and Brezhnev impressed upon Taraki the need for party unity.
However, the arrival of the Soviets had the opposite effect as it incensed instead of pacified the people, causing the mujahideen to gain in strength and numbers.
However, despite suffering heavily, the mujahideen were able to remain in the field and continue resisting the Soviets.
However many M38 carbines were fitted into M44 stocks by the Soviets as a wartime expedient.
However, of great concern to the Soviets was Czechoslovakia's eagerness to accept the aid and indications of a similar Polish attitude.
However, by 1962, with the publication in the Marshal of the Soviet Union Vasily Sokolovsky's volume, Military Strategy, the Soviets laid out their officially endorsed thoughts on the matter, and their ideas on how to cope with nuclear conflict.
However, the USSR did gain reparations from Germany, and made Eastern European countries make payments in return for the Soviets having liberated them from the Nazis.
However, the Soviets spent a colossal amount of money on their Buran space shuttle in an attempt to compete with a perceived military threat from the American Space Shuttle program, which was to be used in the SDI.
However, there were always great worries that the Soviets would also advance through Finland and the very sparsely defended extreme north of Sweden ( north of Kiruna, south of Treriksröset ) and attack the Lyngen position from the rear via Signaldalen.
However, Jonathan Chait has pointed out that Perle vehemently opposed the INF Treaty when it was initially signed, calling it " flawed enough to require renegotiation with the Soviets " and arguing that " the treaty does not do many of the key things the Administration says it does.
However, due to the increasing volume of radio traffic from one-time pads ( used by the Soviets ), the Japanese began to suspect a spy ring operating.
However, the Soviets declined all the offers, maintaining that Sorge was unknown to them.
However, the Soviets refused to supply the plane in adequate numbers, and their aerial victories were soon squandered because of their limited use.
However, the Soviets were close to King Zahir Shah and his cousin Daoud Khan-the first Afghan President-and it could have damaged their relations.

However and harshly
However, in individual cases, Claudius punished false assumption of citizenship harshly, making it a capital offense.
However, there was strong opposition from the estates of Saxony, not only because this expensive campaign was exhausting the finances of the Electorate of Saxony but also because they were not pleased at this support for the catholic Emperor, who had often proceeded harshly against Protestants in his own country.
However, to contemporaries, Robert's " piety " also resulted from his lack of toleration for heretics: he harshly punished them.
However, the growing of cannabis, even for medicinal benefits by genuine sufferers, is often treated harshly by the courts.
However, Kira allegedly continued to treat Asano harshly, because he was upset that the latter had not emulated his companion.
Plutarch also states that Spartans treated the Helots " harshly and cruelly ": they compelled them to drink pure wine ( which was considered dangerous-wine usually being diluted with water ) "… and to lead them in that condition into their public halls, that the children might see what a sight a drunken man is ; they made them to dance low dances, and sing ridiculous songs …" during syssitia ( obligatory banquets ) However, he notes that this rough treatment was inflicted only relatively late, after the 465 BC earthquake.
However, Poemy appears to do more bad than good, as she harshly punishes citizens for small incidents, and accidentally sends a nuclear missile off-course, completely destroying an entire country.
However Hagar, when pregnant by Abraham, began to act superciliously toward Sarah, provoking the latter to treat her harshly, to impose heavy work upon her, and even to strike her ( ib.
However, he did not oppose the existence of Israel or question the legitimacy of Israeli patriotism, and developed friendly relations with the Israeli Labor Party and the Peace Now movement, though he harshly criticized the Israeli right wing and the Likud party as fascists.
However these errors do not make the decision of condemnation easy, for there were no good precedents for dealing harshly with the memory of men who had died in peace with the Church.
However, the piece was harshly criticised by the Union of Soviet Composers for its " western influences ", " erudition instead of creativity ", and " total composer's arbitrary " ( Tikhon Khrennikov ).
However, instead of a fear of embarrassing themselves or being harshly judged by others because of their social ineptness, sufferers of taijin kyofusho report a fear of offending or harming other people.
However, he also spoke rather harshly of Kiki's father, referring to him as a man who " may have had large expectancies, but seems to have been a drain upon his mother's financial resources ".
However, the Peloponnesians criticized Aratus harshly, for he allowed the Macedonians to torture, execute, pillage, and so forth indiscriminately.
However, Bache was not always as harshly critical of Washington's presidency.
However, Campo was harshly criticized after a Thanksgiving Day game against the Denver Broncos when, trailing 26 – 10 early in the fourth quarter, Dallas scored a touchdown to make the score 26 – 16.

However and protested
However, he was modest, and he protested the title as being " a credit to which I have no claim ...
However, machinima artists, such as Edgeworks Entertainment, protested the prohibitions on extending Microsoft's fictional universes ( a common component of fan fiction ) and on selling anything from sites hosting derivative works.
However, students protested, and the idea was abandoned.
However within only five months of his assuming office, he protested vehemently, in a sermon in the cathedral, against the brutalities of the Kraras massacre ( 1983 ) and condemned the many Indonesian arrests.
However he protested against the 2003 invasion of Iraq, because it was not accepted by the UN and was seen as unnecessary aggression with a risk of high civilian casualties.
However, the residents protested and the name was changed to Rogers County, after Clem Vann Rogers, a mixed-blood Cherokee rancher and father of Will Rogers.
However after the City of Seattle protested Burien's proposal, Burien opted to withdraw their annexation plan and resubmit it after new countywide planning policies went into effect.
However, prominent citizens of St. George protested the vote, claiming irregularities in the voting.
However Prince Albert came to learn of Palmerston's favourable opinion of the coup and the Queen learnt that Palmerston had sent a dispatch without showing it to her first, in which he protested that he had merely expressed his personal opinion.
However, in disregard of international conventions, Parkes refused to back down in order to save face and protested that the Chinese did not know it was not a British ship at the time they accosted it.
However, Hamilton protested, saying that he was the senior officer.
However, Leija's camp protested the result, resulting in the fight being changed to a no-contest.
However, as Eutyches protested against this verdict and received the support of Dioscorus I of Alexandria, the Emperor convoked another Council to Ephesus.
However, the inaugural E3 gaming show was scheduled to be held on the West Coast that same weekend and many exhibitors protested, causing the Philly Summer CES show to be cancelled.
However, visiting teams often protested about the condition of the playing area and the cramped conditions.
However, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals protested and other ways were considered.
However, most of the UDF's deputies protested and formed the New Centre ( to support Nicolas Sarkozy ).
However, a majority of dancers at the Commission on the Status of Women's meetings and San Francisco Board of Supervisors ' meetings protested against these efforts, fearing for their income and claimed that these rooms are safer than other venues.
However, Cyrix, a microprocessor corporation and rival of Intel, protested.
However, the ever-decreasing minority in the Free Church Assembly protested, and threatened to test its legality in the courts.
However Carr's decision and handling of the situation is still being protested by many sports historians, as well as by the people of Pottsville, Pennsylvania, and controversy still lingers about who actually won the 1925 NFL Championship, since the Maroons had earlier beaten Chicago and were actually awarded the league championship before they were suspended.
However, he again protested paganism by setting fire to the temple of Cybele ( the local mother-goddess ) at Amasea.
However local groups, including Hispanic Americans, protested that Fallon represented American imperialism and repression of the Mexican population.
However, she vocally protested when the defense suggested that the group might have suffered from mental instability while performing the act.

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