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However and WHO
Prior studies had also assumed a clear glycemic threshold between people at high and low risk of diabetic retinopathy .< ref name =" pmid9203460 "> However, it has been shown that the widely accepted WHO and American Diabetes Association diagnostic cutoff for diabetes of a fasting plasma glucose ≥ 7. 0 mmol / l ( 126 mg / dl ) does not accurately identify diabetic retinopathy among patients.
However, it is China that has steadfastly opposed Taiwan's participation in the WHO.
However, the influential WHO Classification ( published in 2001 ) emphasized a greater emphasis on cell lineage.
" However, with the support of Derek, head of the Policy Coordination Committee at the WHO, the proposal gained momentum.
However, abortions continue to be common in many areas where they are illegal ; abortion rates are similar in countries where the procedure is legal and in countries where it is not according to the World Health Organization ( WHO ), due to unavailability of modern contraceptives in areas where abortion is illegal.
However, the 13th Primary Mathematics World Contest ( 2009 ) was canceled due to the WHO declaring the Influenza A virus subtype H1N1 a pandemic.
However, WHO contributes to minimum requirements definition for developing countries.
However, WHO expert Hassan al-Bushra has said:
However, co-infection with Hepatitis was emphasized as indicating poor hygiene and reuse of syringes by the WHO study authors themselves, as well as all of the other non-Libyan studies used by the defense, the opposite conclusion to this analysis by the court.
However, WHO found wide variation between individuals.
However, since 1988 the WHO has classified diesel emissions as " probably carcinogenic to humans " and this classification ( in part ) has led to the new tighter standards on diesel emission ( such as the Tier 4 emission standards of the ARL ).
" However, this is not an official WHO position, and should not be used or quoted as a WHO definition.
However, he continued to travel regularly to Africa on missions from UNICEF, the World Bank and the WHO.

However and plans
However, it has been shown that some animals, like chimpanzees, were able to generate creative plans of action to achieve their goals, and thus would seem to have a causal insight which transcends mere custom.
However, sometimes in the first half of the 20th century hardcopy artillery fire plans and map traces were distributed.
However, a new operating company, the Stichting Exploitatie Circuit Park, was formed and started work at the realization of the track's reconstruction plans.
However, there were plans at the beginning of the 20th century to establish Neutral Moresnet as the world's first Esperanto state.
However, Prince William Sound's remote location, accessible only by helicopter, plane, and boat, made government and industry response efforts difficult and severely taxed existing plans for response.
However, after they heard Bel Geddes outline his project all other plans were scrapped as they favoured his design for its appeal to a broader audience.
However ever since the European Union formed an over all streamlining and change of route plans have occurred as faster and more direct links to former Soviet bloc countries now exist and are in the works, with intense co-operation among European countries.
However Gaius's plans to extend rights to non-Roman Italians were eventually vetoed by another Tribune.
However, as recording plans were made, Parsons exerted a controlling influence over the group, persuading the other members to leave Los Angeles and record the album in Nashville, Tennessee.
However, in many books and interviews, Jim Davis reveals that he has no definite plans for a Jon / Liz marriage.
However, a Franco-Spanish fleet was defeated at Trafalgar ( 21 October 1805 ) and all plans to invade Britain were then made impossible.
" However Carmack revealed that " there are no plans for a native Linux client " of id's most recent game, Rage.
However, many of the plans framed by Nehru and his colleagues would come undone with the unexpected partition of India in 1947.
However, the financial crisis of 1998 put these plans to an end.
However, she argues this a distortion of " a healthy relationship of mutual submission " actually specified in Christian doctrine where " ove is based on a deep, mutual respect as the guiding principle behind all decisions, actions, and plans ".
However the plans changed a year later.
However, Nights rebels against Wizeman's plans, and is punished by being imprisoned inside an Ideya palace, a gazebo-like container for dreamers ' Ideya.
However, when he got as far as Copenhagen he changed his plans.
However, the plans did not come to pass, as Freawine was killed by a marauding Viking warlord ( a Swede called Atisl ).
However, the plans resulted in an outcry from the German minority population of Opolskie, who feared that should their region be abolished, they would lose all hope of regional representation ( in the proposed Silesian Region, they would have formed a very small minority amongst a great number of ethnic Poles ).
However, the US Fish and Wildlife Service still considers the red wolf a valid species and plans to make no changes to its recovery program.
However, he did not make these plans known and misled both the Englishman, Robert F. Scott and the Norwegians.
However, it was later announced that because of economic issues with running daytime dramas on the internet, those plans were canceled.
However, the ruling party then lost its majority in by-elections in 2005, as discontinued reform plans, continual labor unrest, Roh's personal feuds with the media, diplomatic friction with the United States and Japan, caused criticism of the government's incompetence of political, socioeconomical issues and foreign affairs.
However, Watson did not condone Holmes's plans when they manipulated innocent people, such as when he toyed with a young woman's heart in " The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton " although it was done with noble intentions to save many other young women from the clutches of the villainous Milverton.

However and continue
However, the monetary authorities will continue to be required to pay attention to the consequences of their actions with respect to our international balance of payments position and the outflow of gold, as well as with regard to avoiding the creation of excessive liquidity in the economy, which would delay the effectiveness of monetary policy measures in the next expansion phase of the business cycle.
However, the building of freeways and garages cannot continue forever.
However, the limitations of the 1844 Act only affected banks in England and Wales, and today three commercial banks in Scotland and four in Northern Ireland continue to issue their own sterling banknotes, regulated by the Bank of England.
However, quite a few cartoonists ( e. g.: George Herriman and Charles Schulz, among others ) have done their strips almost completely by themselves ; often criticizing the use of assistants for the same reasons most have about their editors hiring anyone else to continue their work after their retirement.
However, this practice did cause some controversy: Numerous politicians, journalists, and authors, such as Robertson Davies, decried the change at the time, and some continue to maintain that it was illegitimate and an unnecessary break with tradition.
However the term inhibitor is preferred since they do not work by introducing a reaction path with higher activation energy ; this would not reduce the rate since the reaction would continue to occur by the non-catalyzed path.
However, this strongly conflicts with the evidence for cosmological evolution mentioned earlier: the Universe has progressed from extremely different conditions at the Big Bang, and will continue to progress toward extremely different conditions, particularly under the rising influence of dark energy, apparently toward the Big Freeze or Big Rip.
However, ten years later, Stadtholder Maurice of Orange, proposed to continue the war with Spain, but also to distract attention from Spain to the Republic.
However, he allowed a replacement tanker truck to continue the refueling and a third one after that, when the second ran dry.
However, the fasces, as a widespread and long-established symbol in the West, has avoided the stigma associated with much of fascist symbolism, and many authorities continue to display them, including the federal government of the United States.
However, in all these cases, photons continue to propagate at the expected speed of light in the medium.
However, some designers continue to use manual and traditional tools for production, such as Milton Glaser.
However, GDP per capita amounting to $ 425 in FY 2002 will continue to decline as population growth is estimated at 1. 3 % p. a.
However, since network news use of the term pertained primarily to the criminal activities despite this attempt by the technical community to preserve and distinguish the original meaning, the mainstream media and general public continue to describe computer criminals with all levels of technical sophistication as " hackers " and does not generally make use of the word in any of its non-criminal connotations.
However, at this high point, his army was reduced in size, as MacColla and the Highlanders preferred to continue the war in the north against the Campbells.
However, the elite Delta Force and other special operations units have fielded the HK416 in combat, and Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn has called for a " free and open competition " to determine whether the army should buy the HK416 or continue to purchase more M4 carbines.
However safety issues continue to be problematic.
However some of the historic Italian clubs have not joined the new league and continue to participate in different tournaments organized by other federations.
However, many free addresses still remain within most assigned blocks, and each RIR will continue with standard address allocation policy until it is at its last block.
However, since Servetus was also condemned and wanted by the Inquisition, outside pressure from all over Europe forced the trial to continue.
However, from 1557 onwards, he could not find the time to continue this method, and he gave permission for his lectures to be published from stenographers ' notes.
However, hats will continue to be made at their sites in Eastern Europe & the United States ..
However, some locomotive hauled passenger trains may utilize more than one locomotive, as do many locomotive hauled freight trains, and so are able to continue at reduced speed after the failure of one locomotive.
" However, they soon resume their fighting and, with two Roman legionnaires watching bemusedly, continue until Brian is left the only survivor, at which point he is captured.
However, as the Angolan government did not continue to make the payments due to the Chinese enterprise in charge of the construction, the firm has suspended its work in 2010.

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