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Page "government" ¶ 717
from Brown Corpus
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However and healthy
However, it should be noted that any individual, even a healthy adult in middle age, can experience a severe case, and each person's case should be measured by the loss of fluids, preferably in consultation with a doctor or other health worker.
However, a group of five or more may attack a healthy adult.
However, she argues this a distortion of " a healthy relationship of mutual submission " actually specified in Christian doctrine where " ove is based on a deep, mutual respect as the guiding principle behind all decisions, actions, and plans ".
" However, as part of their dietary guidelines, the association did not opine against meat consumption, recommending that healthy adults eat lean meat, poultry, fish or beans each day, as lean meat has many essential nutrients without excess fat or cholesterol.
However, even a government with a healthy majority can on occasion find itself unable to pass legislation.
However, there is debate concerning whether the quinolones still have such an adverse effect on the DNA of healthy cells, in the manner described above, hence contributing to their adverse safety profile.
However, the bourgeois take this signified and apply their own emphasis to it, making ‘ wine ’ a new signifier, this time relating to a new signified: the idea of healthy, robust, relaxing wine.
However, today it is used to help people relax and feel healthy.
However, should a group of Church of Satan members form a " magic circle " for purposes beyond basic social and ritual interaction, and should that circle remain healthy and active for a year and a day, the leader may apply to have it formalized as a Grotto and be chartered as Grotto Master.
However, this method is not yet ready for clinical trials, due to the accumulation of the nanospheres in surrounding healthy tissue.
However recent studies indicate that healthy lobsters move away from infected ones leaving the diseased lobsters to fend for themselves.
However, the link between genetics and self-harm in otherwise healthy patients is largely inconclusive.
However, established hedges kept low by clipping have remained apparently healthy throughout the nearly 40 years since the onset of the disease in the UK.
However, the bourgeoisie relate it to a new signified: the idea of healthy, robust, relaxing experience.
However, he sometimes took a moral stance himself as to what he considered to be mentally healthy and socially appropriate.
However, the disease is generally not a threat to most healthy individuals, and tends to lead to harmful symptoms only in those with a compromised immune system and the elderly.
However, single beat PVC arrhythmias do not usually pose a danger and can be asymptomatic in healthy individuals.
However, Carlos has repeatedly stated that he is healthy.
However, he believed baseball was a healthy and even patriotic form of recreation, so long as it was not played on Sundays.
However, the young king, never a healthy child, died in Acre in the summer of 1186.
However, Gilbert's syndrome can arise without TATA box promoter polymorphic mutations ; in some populations, particularly healthy southeast and east Asians, Gilbert's syndrome is more often a consequence of heterozygote missense mutations ( such as Gly71Arg also known as UGT1A1 * 6, Tyr486Asp also known as UGT1A1 * 7, Pro364Leu also known as UGT1A1 * 73 ) in the actual gene coding region, which may be associated with significantly higher bilirubin levels.
However, rather than absolute knowledge, it would seem that ' a healthy sense of self calls for both accurate self-knowledge and protective self-enhancement, in just the right amounts at just the right times.
However, residents near forests such as in Nativitas oppose the cutting of healthy trees.
However, the FRA-backed loans that Ingram sought were thwarted by the lobbying efforts of competing railroads, who considered a healthy Rock Island as a threat.

However and inventory
However, whereas is entirely unknown in indigenous Australian languages, most of the other languages without true fricatives do have in their consonant inventory.
However, it is not obvious that the simplest possible choices for the extended " Grand Unified " symmetry should yield the correct inventory of elementary particles.
However, a report released in January 2005 found that the drives were in fact an artifact of an inconsistent inventory system: the report concludes that 12 barcodes were issued to a group of disk drives that needed only 10, but the two surplus barcodes nevertheless appeared on a master list.
However, given the lack of a full-fledged coarse-grained sense inventory, most researchers continue to work on fine-grained WSD.
However, GM had already decided to retire the brand as it has begun to sell off its remaining inventory and said that, unlike Saturn, the brand was not for sale.
However, in practice, inventory is to be maintained for consumption during ' variations in lead time '.
However, a firm may simply be outsourcing their input inventory to suppliers, even if those suppliers don't use Just-in-Time ( Naj 1993 ).
However the patch also introduced a new bug that made an inventory item disappear, rendering an endgame challenge unsolvable by its intended solution, though alternate solutions exist.
However, in early 2012 the decision was finally made to downsize and sell off the greater portion of his inventory.
However, Enigma is a single-player game so the game includes a Yin-Yang item that is automatically added to the players inventory when the level is started or located somewhere around the level which the player has to find.
However, only Minhotep is named outside chapel TT71 and tomb TT353 in an inventory on the lid of a chest found in the burial chamber of Ramose and Hatnofer.
However, these programs were not added to the base 40-hour network schedule ( which was part of a traditional network arrangement whereby the network retained most of the ad inventory and affiliates were compensated with airtime payments ) – instead, stations had to pay the network for these additional programs, although they would sell all ads locally ( which made the practice more akin to all-cash syndication rather than the more contemporary U. S. practice of reverse compensation ).
However, as those models ' stock cases would not accept the company's large existing inventory of Zephyrus ISA demodulator cards, only their motherboards were used, in custom-designed cases with riser card and backplane modifications.
However, because the " circulating " component of constant capital ( denoted " Cc ") includes purchases of external services and other operating costs, the stock of Cc is sometimes measured as the flow of intermediate consumption divided by the average inventory level.
However, Marotta, writing in 2001, stated that when sales ceased, 400, 000 proof sets and 200, 000 uncirculated sets remained in inventory.
However, at a time when production technologies were relatively inflexible, the need to assemble differently configured engine bays on a single production line, along with the supplementary inventory requirements imposed both on Renault and on the dealership network, did compromise the Renault 21's profitability.
However, it was considered to be the slowest of the three defending yachts, partially due to an old sail inventory, and also a result of neglecting important recommendations from the design team.
However, the gate scrolls allow players to warp back to the nearest shop and sell excess inventory.
However, with the growth of the limited liability company and large scale manufacturing and logistic in Victorian Britain a demand was created for more technically proficient accountants to deal with the increasing complexity of accounting transactions dealing with depreciation of assets, inventory valuation and the Companies legislation being introduced.
However, the buyer of a business with inventory would be expected to complete the bulk sales registration as part of the normal course of closing the sale.
( However, other Indo-European languages attested much earlier than the Germanic languages, such as Hittite, also have a reduced inventory of noun cases.
However, if the player chooses the wrong item, the item is removed from their inventory and returned to the object room in which it was previously located, forcing the player to complete the challenge within that room to re-obtain the object.
However, the maximum quantity of a given item that the player may keep in his inventory at any one time is three.
However, many players criticised the small inventory of characters ( holding up to 6 items ) which required much game time for rearranging.

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