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However and post
However most of the colleges began in the mid-1960s as a response education and training for the then emerging baby boom generation, and to provide training to the post second World War II European immigrants and newer immigrants from around the world, that were starting to enter the country.
However, the Portuguese found they could make considerable amounts of gold transporting slaves from one trading post to another, along the Atlantic coast of Africa.
However, following a visit in early August to Egypt by British prime minister Winston Churchill and the Chief of the Imperial General Staff, General Alan Brooke, Alexander flew to Cairo on 8 August to replace Claude Auchinleck as the Commander-in-Chief of Middle East Command, the post responsible for the overall conduct of the campaign in the desert of North Africa.
However, he would go on to hold this post for 14 years, a period spanning most of the preliminary phase of the Cold War.
However, the terminal illness of Radek's lover, Larissa Reissner, saw Radek lose his inhibitions and he began publicly criticising Stalin, in particular debating Stalin's doctrine of Socialism in One Country at the Communist Academy Radek was sacked from his post at Sun Yat-Sen University in May 1927.
However, a post made by Derrick Bostrom on the official Meat Puppets site dismissed the notion.
However some microorganisms are pathogenic and can post health risk to other organisms.
However, since the start of militancy in the Pakistan Tribal areas in the aftermath of post 9 / 11 US invasion of Afghanistan more than 150, 000 troops have been shifted to Tribal areas and Swat Valley to counter the Taliban invasion.
However, it was in controversial circumstances after first across the line Gordon Moodie ( Thomson Jr's brother-in-law ) was disqualified from the race after being found with carburetor irregularities at post race scrutineering.
However, when multiple replies to the same post occur, care should be taken to prevent multiple signatures from building up so that message lengths remains legible and message size manageable.
However, rather than being directly invasive and inflammatory, it seems to cause local infection, but then its other actions are via toxins: whether affecting kidneys in post strep glomerulonephritis, heart valves in rheumatic fever, the scarlet skin of scarlet fever or dissolving tissue in necrotizing fasciitis.
" However, he also said, " For every ( negative ) post, there's somebody saying, ' You made my life a lot easier because I now have someone I can relate to on screen '.
" However, the post still ultimately represented the government of the United Kingdom ( that is, the monarch in his British council ) until, after continually decreasing involvement by the British government and the passage in 1931 of the Statute of Westminster, the governor general became the direct, personal representative of the uniquely Canadian sovereign ( the monarch in his Canadian council ).
However, Speakers Joseph William Martin, Jr. and Sam Rayburn did seek the Minority Leader post to retain the House party leadership, as their parties swapped control of the House in the late 1940s and early 1950s.
However, despite the first past the post system in the United Kingdom, the Green Party of England and Wales won their first seat in the House of Commons when Caroline Lucas won the seat of Brighton Pavilion.
However looking at results of post graduate exams, medical schools ( specifically Birmingham ) that use prosection as opposed to dissection do very well in these examinations.
However, when Roger Lancelyn Green asked him how a lamp post came to be standing in the midst of Narnian woodland, Lewis was intrigued enough by the question to attempt to find an answer by writing The Magician's Nephew, which features a younger version of Professor Kirke from the first novel.
However, conflicts over food are rarely followed by post conflict reunions, even though they are the most frequent type in foraging primates.
However, the Bundestag is free to disregard the president's proposal and elect another individual to the post, whom the president is then obliged to appoint.
However Clemenceau did not intend to campaign for the post, instead he wished to be chosen by acclaim as a national symbol.
However, provided the annual contribution limits are not exceeded HMRC can be expected to forgive one transgression using too many accounts and merely post a letter reminding about the rules after the annual returns from ISA providers reveal the problem.
However, the above rule cannot apply in criminal cases if the effect of applying the newer law would be to create an ex post facto law to the detriment of the defendant.
However, most of the leadership were not relatives of Lê or Lê Đức Thọ, for instance Phạm Hùng held the post of Minister of Home Affairs.
However, his cocaine use and freebasing continued on and off, although it has been almost unanimously attested by Holmes ' co-stars ( post Wonderland ) that Holmes was consistently professional on set.

However and still
However, at eighty-five, he had still been busy writing articles, reviewing and speaking, and I had never before known an Englishman who had visited and lectured in three quarters of the United States.
However, there are still several types of calls that necessitate the use of telephone operators.
However, i ' thar is also still an Islamic ideal to which all Muslims should strive to adhere at all times.
However, many of the causes of amphibian declines are still poorly understood, and are a topic of ongoing discussion.
However, to make a working computer, users still had to add a case, power supply transformers, power switch, ASCII keyboard, and composite video display.
However, a percentage of the indigenous Assyrian population ( known as Ashuriyun by the Arabs ) resisted this process, Assyrian Aramaic language and Church of the East Christianity were still dominant in the north, as late as the 11th and 12th centuries AD.
However, Eastern Aramaic dialects, as well as Akkadian and Mesopotamian Aramaic personal and family names, still survive to this day among Assyrians in the regions of northern Iraq, southeast Turkey, northwest Iran and northeast Syria that constituted old Assyria.
However, tricyclic antidepressants are still used because of their effectiveness, especially in severe cases of major depression.
However 1. 4 billion people still live without clean drinking water and 2. 6 billion of the world ’ s population lack access to proper sanitation.
However, regular church services still take place.
However, there are still buses to Manchester every thirty minutes as well as more frequent services to other towns in east Lancashire.
However, there was still £ 13, 000 to pay on a mortgage, a fairly large amount of money in the 1880s, and Henry was at the time still only a mere parish priest.
However, the Conservatives were still a minority in the House of Commons, and the passage of the Reform Bill required the calling of new election once the new voting register had been compiled.
However, its influence is still felt because a stripped down and syntactically changed version of BCPL, called B, was the language on which the C programming language was based.
However, other usages still occur.
However, attention is still given to these groups by botanists, and fungi ( including lichens ), and photosynthetic protists are usually covered in introductory botany courses.
However, some virus samples are still available in Russian and American laboratories.
However, subsequent models removed this and the " Graphics Synthesizer " GPU, thus removing support for PS2 titles, but still able to play most original PS games.
However, as the market for large systems shifted from proprietary architectures to common servers, the company eventually dropped the V-Series line, although V-series systems were still in use by customers as of 2010.
However, Boxing Day is still celebrated the day following Christmas Day for many British people.
However, at the end of 2009, the Blissymbolic script is still not encoded in the UCS.
However, in instances an individual director may still bind the company by his acts by virtue of his ostensible authority ( see also: the rule in Turquand's Case ).
However, Switzerland did not join the EU customs regime and customs checks are still conducted at or near the crossings.
However, the length and weight of pieces was still set with some Baroque characteristics: individual movements still focused on one affect or had only one sharply contrasting middle section, and their length was not significantly greater than Baroque movements.

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