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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 1352
from Brown Corpus
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If and broader
If one follows broader linguistic tradition and counts singular and plural as belonging to the same class, then Swahili has 8 or 9 noun classes, Sotho has 11 and Ganda has 10.
If the broader topic of product development " blends the perspective of marketing, design, and manufacturing into a single approach to product development ," then design is the act of taking the marketing information and creating the design of the product to be manufactured.
If the terrorism is part of a broader insurgency, counter-terrorism may also form a part of a counter-insurgency doctrine, but political, economic, and other measures may focus more on the insurgency than the specific acts of terror.
If so, a much larger number of Brazilians ( about 80 % to 95 %) are " mulattoes and mestizos " in a broader meaning, although their constructed identity can be based in many another factors.
) These days, Morgan observed, the College offers a far broader array of recreational opportunities: " If we could have looked forward in time to Bowdoin's standard of living today, we would have been astounded.
If a dependent claim is added that depends from this " parent " claim but is specifically drawn to the narrower interpretation, then the parent claim must necessarily be different-i. e., it must be the broader interpretation.
… “ traditionalism ”; like “ esoterism ,” (…) has nothing pejorative about it in itself and one might even say that it is less open to argument and a far broader term, in any case, than the latter ; in fact, however, (…) it has been associated with an idea which inevitably devalues its meaning, namely the idea of “ nostalgia for the past ” (…) If to recognize what is true and just is “ nostalgia for the past ,” it is quite clearly a crime or a disgrace not to feel this nostalgia.
If task analysis is likened to a set of instructions on how to navigate from Point A to Point B, then work domain analysis ( WDA ) is like having a map of the terrain that includes Point A and Point B. WDA is broader and focuses on the environmental constraints and opportunities for behavior, as in Gibsonian ecological psychology and ecological interface design.
If you use broader definition, even " Manjira " can be used to do Raas.
If then we accept the broader usage of the word " form ", there are a number of other forms besides the ones noted above.
If work is done well enough to impress their boss men are likely to be promoted to higher positions and work in broader tasks such as publishing books, or becoming a dean or college president, allowing them to influence a wider range of people.
If those artists could create a strong regional profile, it would be possible to " export " them to Zomba International for broader exposure.
If " actual malice " cannot be shown, the defense of " fair comment " is then superseded by the broader protection of the failure by the plaintiff to show " actual malice.

If and Atlantic
If you've travelled in Europe a time or two, it is quite certain that you've had that wanting-to-be-alone feeling or that you will get it on your next visit across the Atlantic.
If the impermeable rocks stop the vertical flow, the west to east gradient of the topography directs it to flow towards the Atlantic Ocean.
If the sources for north-eastern Britain, the lands of the kingdom of Northumbria and the former Pictland, are limited and late, those for the areas on the Irish Sea and Atlantic coasts — the modern regions of north-west England and all of northern and western Scotland — are non-existent, and archaeology and toponymy are of primary importance.
Burke returned to the studio on June 25, 1962, and recorded four songs, including " I Really Don't Want to Know " (# 93 Pop ) b / w " Tonight My Heart Is Crying " ( Atlantic 2157 ) and " I Can Make It If I Try " ( Atlantic 2185 ).
Burke's next " massive hit " was his cover of " If You Need Me " ( Atlantic 2185 ), which was recorded on March 15, 1963, which was written and recorded originally by Wilson Pickett for Lloyd Price's Detroit-based Double L Records, which had been rejected by Wexler, but who had purchased the publishing rights.
Although Burke ultimately won the chart war, Burke broke rank and supported his rival: “ I would go to the radio stations and say, ‘ Hi, I ’ m Solomon Burke, and I ’ m here promoting the new record “ If You Need Me ”… by Wilson Pickett .’” Despite his efforts, Burke's version jockeyed with Pickett's for position in the Hot 100, before " beating Pickett to the punch " because of " Solomon ’ s popularity and Atlantic ’ s distribution.
* If You Need Me – 1963 ( Atlantic 8075 )
If these cycles are modified too much it is probable that the Atlantic Puffin will have a difficult time locating food resources.
If the center loses power or becomes incapacitated in some manner, the Central Pacific Hurricane Center backs tropical cyclone advisories and tropical weather outlooks for the northeast Pacific ocean while the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center backs up tropical cyclone advisories and tropical weather outlooks for the north Atlantic ocean.
If a person died after half way across the Atlantic, the surviving family members had to pay the deceased ’ s fare as well as their own.
If this difference is high, a strong westerly wind will result which in winter carries warm and humid Atlantic air masses right down to Europe.
If in the Atlantic ships made a wide swing ( the " volta ") to the west to pick up winds that would bring them back from Madeira, then, he reasoned, by sailing far to the north before heading east he would pick up westerlies to bring him back to the west coast of North America.
If a " hurricane season " were to be demarcated in the South Atlantic, it would most likely be the opposite of the North Atlantic season, from November to the end of April with mid-March being the peak when the oceans are warmest in the Southern Hemisphere.
One of AC / DC's most popular songs, " Whole Lotta Rosie " has been included on each of the band's official live albums: three with Scott ( If You Want Blood You've Got It, Live from the Atlantic Studios, Let There Be Rock: The Movie – Live in Paris, the latter two released in 1997 as part of the Bonfire box set ), and also three with Brian Johnson ( released on Live, Live: 2 CD Collector's Edition, and also the tour edition of Stiff Upper Lip ).
If Halifax had landed the 2014 Commonwealth Games, a stadium likely would have been built for the event, which would have removed a major hurdle facing Atlantic Canada's chances of getting a franchise ; however, Halifax withdrew its bid for the games in early March 2007.
If some different extreme points of the European Union, like some Atlantic Ocean islands, are taken into consideration this point is calculated in different locations.
Two notable projects featuring Kaukonen were David Crosby's debut solo album If I Could Only Remember My Name, on Atlantic ( 1971 ) and Warren Zevon's Transverse City on Virgin in 1989.
If a nuclear explosion did occur, it occurred within the 3000-mile-wide ( 4, 800 km diameter ) circle covering parts of the Indian Ocean, the South Atlantic, the southern tip of Africa, and a small part of Antarctica.
If the data needs of a particular server mean it is constantly " buying " data from another server, notably one with a high cost ( say on the far side of the Atlantic ), the servers will automatically copy the data over.
If the rate of the formation of ( Arctic ) bottom water is slowed, then the entire inward flow of the North Atlantic Drift to the Arctic Ocean may be slowed down.
If he hates his only surviving relative as much as he hates the death tax, why does his last will specify that the woman and her husband get his entire estate, if only both of them will personally push the lead coffin containing Hanson's body, off a boat into the deep waters of the Atlantic?

If and community
If in a town of 2,000 private homes, half of them have shelters, the need for the community shelters will be reduced to that extent.
If they can't chalk up big business here then let's stop this noise about how hip we are, and stick to our community singing,
If one asks about this play, what it is that comes upon this community and works within it with such terrible power, there is no better answer to give than `` spirit ''.
If community exists, both freedom and security may exist as well.
If deliberate, it may also have been used to maintain a sense of community.
If it is correct to identify the community at Qumran with the Essenes ( and that the community at Qumran are the authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls ), then according to the Dead Sea Scrolls the Essenes ' community school was called " Yahad " ( meaning " community ") in order to differentiate themselves from the rest of the Jews who are repeatedly labeled " The Breakers of the Covenant ".
* If we grant a building permit to build a religious structure in our community, then there will be no bound on the number of building permits we will have to grant for religious structures and the nature of this city will change.
* If baptism is a sign that a person is a member of God's covenant community, and if the children of believers are members of that community, it follows that the children of believers should receive the sign that they are members of God's covenant community by being baptized, as an infant is entitled to a passport that indicates the child as a member of a particular country.
If the members of the task group agree that the name is appropriate, it can be retained for use when there is a request from a member of the scientific community that a specific feature be named.
If after twelve months ' probation he perseveres, he may promise before the whole community stabilitate sua et conversatione morum suorum et oboedientia -- " stability, conversion of manners, and obedience ".
If the vendor fails to contact the reporter in those five days, the issue is recommended to be disclosed to the general community.
If the vendor fails to respond or shuts down communication with the reporter of the problem in more than five working days, the reporter should disclose the issue to the general community.
If this letter is authentic, then it might have been written soon after Paul's first letter to this community — or possibly years later.
" I do not refer to real estate, or to personal property or to cold cash, but rather to that in life which tends to make these tangible substances count for most in the daily lives of people, namely, goodwill, fellowship, mutual sympathy and social intercourse among a group of individuals and families who make up a social unit … If he may come into contact with his neighbor, and they with other neighbors, there will be an accumulation of social capital, which may immediately satisfy his social needs and which may bear a social potentiality sufficient to the substantial improvement of living conditions in the whole community.
If this is the case, the continuous change in social structures could bring about a change in social capital, which can cause changes in community atmosphere.
If the market is " tight " ( i. e. not enough staff for the jobs ), employers must compete for employees by offering financial rewards, community investment, etc.
If a pidgin manages to be learned by the children of a community as a native language, it may become fixed and acquire a more complex grammar, with fixed phonology, syntax, morphology, and syntactic embedding.
If any changes were made to the proposal during the APNIC meeting, this eight-week comment period gives the community the opportunity to comment on the modified proposal.
If even those are not sufficient, then on the final round instead of dealing a downcard to each player, a single community card is dealt to the center of the table, and is shared by everyone ( that is, each player treats it as his seventh card ).

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