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Page "editorial" ¶ 772
from Brown Corpus
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If and atom
`` If you substitute ' atom ' for ' angel ', the problem is not insoluble, given the metallic content of the pin in question ''.
If the joining of monomers takes place at such a carbon atom, the free hydroxy group of the pyranose or furanose form is exchanged with an OH-side-chain of another sugar, yielding a full acetal.
If there is still a tie, each atom in each of the two lists is replaced with a sub-list of the other atoms bonded to it ( at distance 3 from the stereocenter ), the sub-lists are arranged in decreasing order of atomic number, and the entire structure is again compared atom by atom.
If an atom A is double-bonded to an atom B, A is treated as being singly bonded to two atoms: B and a ghost atom that has the same atomic number as B but is not attached to anything except A.
If the addition of a functional group takes place at the less substituted carbon atom of the double bond, then the electrophilic substitution with acids is not possible.
If a neighboring atom moves to occupy the vacant site, the vacancy moves in the opposite direction to the site which used to be occupied by the moving atom.
If one cube has an A atom at its center, the atom is on a site usually occupied by a B atom, and is thus an antisite defect.
The well-known historian of physics, C. P. Snow, says about him, " If Fermi had been born a few years earlier, one could well imagine him discovering Rutherford's atomic nucleus, and then developing Bohr's theory of the hydrogen atom.
If the photon energy is absorbed, some of the energy liberates the electron from the atom, and the rest contributes to the electron's kinetic energy as a free particle.
If an atom is already in the excited state, it may be perturbed by the passage of a photon that has a frequency ν < sub > 21 </ sub > corresponding to the energy gap ΔE of the excited state to ground state transition.
If a light source (' the atom ') is in the excited state with energy, it may spontaneously decay to a lower lying level ( e. g., the ground state ) with energy, releasing the difference in energy between the two states as a photon.
If the atom is in the excited state, it may decay into the lower state by the process of spontaneous emission, releasing the difference in energies between the two states as a photon.
* Heavy atom methods ( multiple isomorphous replacement ) – If electron-dense metal atoms can be introduced into the crystal, direct methods or Patterson-space methods can be used to determine their location and to obtain initial phases.
If the ship as a result of capture and utilization of 4 hydrogen atoms is nor accelerated or slowed down, then the momentum lost during their capture is equal to the momentum gained from the release of the helium atom from the nozzle:
If the lost " recoil energy " is small compared with the energy linewidth of the nuclear transition, then the gamma ray energy still corresponds to the energy of the nuclear transition, and the gamma ray can be absorbed by a second atom of the same type as the first.
If the photon is of lower energy, but still has sufficient energy ( in general a few eV to a few keV, corresponding to visible light through soft X-rays ), it can eject an electron from its host atom entirely ( a process known as the photoelectric effect ), instead of undergoing Compton scattering.
... If you could stop every atom in its position and direction ... you could write the formula for all the future ".

If and bomb
If it is possible for an enemy to put an atomic bomb on a city, it should be equally possible to put a cloud of biological agent over that city.
If this would be the case, both the cost and complexity of any protective systems needed to allow the perpetrator to survive long enough to both build the bomb and carry out the attack, would be significantly reduced.
If a fire catches, it could spread, taking in adjacent buildings that would have been largely unaffected by a high explosive bomb.
If she were transporting a live bomb, she would not place it directly under her car seat.
If the wine was bottled in this state, it became a literal time bomb.
If sharp objects, such as nails or broken glass, are added inside the bomb in an attempt to increase the amount of injury, these also add to the risk of premature ignition.
" Once, during a bomb threat, he remarked " If I die, who will teach the children about Bo Diddley?
If his command had been destroyed, the Admiral in command maintains he would have had to " bomb New Chicago back to the Stone Age " to suppress the rebellion, to avoid detaining the Fleet in the system any longer than necessary.
" If that was my fingerprint I did not put it there ," In September 1986, Magee, then aged 35, was found guilty of planting the bomb, detonating it, and of five counts of murder.
Enrique Patterson, writing in the Miami Herald, describes race as " social bomb " and says that " If the Cuban government were to permit black Cubans to organize and raise their problems before ... totalitarianism would fall ".
If the aircraft was properly aligned with the target on the bomb run, the difference between the range and target angles would be continually reduced, eventually to zero ( within the accuracy of the mechanisms ).
If medal or bomb stock is 0, the count is equal to 1 for each affected field for scoring purposes.
If Superman and the rest falls, the Doomsday Protocol, which is a dimensional projecting bomb, will commence by sending the threat to the Phantom Zone after detonating it.
If the ransom is not paid, then security services must find the bomb before it detonates, or else the tower will incur significant damages.
Enrique Patterson describes race as a " social bomb " and says that " If the Cuban government were to permit black Cubans to organize and raise their problems before.
Grew stated, " If surrender could have been brought about in May 1945 or even in June or July before the entrance of Soviet Russia into the war and the use of the atomic bomb, the world would have been the gainer.
If used in conjunction with Iraq's existing centrifuges, Iraq would already have made a nuclear bomb.
If demands are not met, the 50-megaton bomb will detonate, destroying all of Los Angeles County.
If Bomberman runs into an enemy NPC, or is hit on the head by a small object, such as an unexploded bomb, he will make a KAA!
If as much money and talented personnel were available as the government had for the atomic bomb, they said, very rapid progress could be made in cancer research.
If the United States joined the war against the Axis Powers, the fall of Britain would leave no bases in Europe from which the United States Army Air Corps ( AAC ) could bomb Germany.
If a player holds the trigger down for three seconds, either display will show the time remaining or a " bomb " will be triggered that can deactivate all vests around the player, including those on the same team.
If the pirates know an attack is imminent, it may be more logical to bomb their base with aircraft from one of the carriers.
If an army chose to land on a beach somewhere in the world and the opposing army was amassed around the shores to defend them, then the air forces of that army would bomb them into nothing.

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