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Some Related Sentences

If and no
If life and death did not both present themselves to us, there would be no inscrutability.
If a child watched its progress he whispered, `` Hay, hay, load of hay -- make a wish and turn away '', and then stared rigidly in the opposite direction until the sound of the horses' feet returned no more.
If there's no suitable academy in your own neighborhood, there's always New England.
If he condemns the recent or the present, he condemns the past with no less force.
If you cut down these horrible buildings you'll have no more traffic jams.
If they do as well as they did in 1960 there can be no complaint.
If there were no West Berlin problem, imperialist quarters would have invented an excuse for stepping up the armaments race to try to solve the internal and external problems besetting the United States and its NATO partners.
If either one ever started making promises, there is no telling where the promises would end.
If the case is thus determined by us to be domestic, the court has no jurisdiction.
If their schedules were to synchronize, there was no point in wasting time.
If nothing is produced, there is no obligation to repay.
If your principal place of abode for the tax year is outside the United States ( including Alaska and Hawaii ), Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands and you have no legal residence or principal place of business in any Internal Revenue district in the United States, you should file your return with the Office of International Operations, Internal Revenue Service, Washington 25, D.C..
If we return to them today, we have no difficulty spotting their weaknesses but we find them still pleasing.
If your state has no provisions for the numbering of pleasure boats, you must apply for a number from the U.S. Coast Guard for any kind of boat with mechanical propulsion rated at more than 10 horsepower before it can be used on Federal waterways.
If you travel over the vast U.S.A. you will, no doubt, discover that feeding is an expensive business.
If no specific organization plan exists limiting the number of scientists at each salary level, the result is a department top-heavy with high-level, high-salaried personnel ''.
If of the founders of glottochronology Swadesh has escaped our steady plodding, and Lees has repudiated his own share in the founding, that is no reason why we should swerve.
If the transferor has substantial assets other than the claim, it seems reasonable to assume no corporation would be willing to acquire all of its properties in the dim hope of collecting a claim for refund of taxes.
If anyone asked us, after we made the remark that the suffering was a bad thing, whether we should think it relevant to what we said to learn that the incident had never occurred and no pain had been suffered at all, we should say that it made all the difference in the world, that what we were asserting to be bad was precisely the suffering we thought had occurred back there, that if this had not occurred, there was nothing left to be bad, and that our assertion was in that case mistaken.
If, at any time during the assignment pass, the compiler finds that there are no more index words available for assignment, the warning message `` No More Index Words Available '' will be placed in the object program listing, the table will be altered to show that index words 1 through 96 are available, and the assignment will continue as before.
If the compiler finds that there are no more electronic switches available for assignment, the warning message `` No More Electronic Switches Available '' will be placed in the object program listing, the table will be altered to show that electronic switches 1 through 30 are available, and assignment will continue as before.
If a child does lose his first teeth prematurely because of decay -- and if no preventive steps are taken -- the other teeth may shift out of position, become overcrowded and malformed.
A retired professional killer If he was just a nut, no harm was done.
If one asks about this play, what it is that comes upon this community and works within it with such terrible power, there is no better answer to give than `` spirit ''.
If the content of faith is to be presented today in a form that can be `` understanded of the people '' -- and this, it must not be forgotten, is one of the goals of the perennial theological task -- there is no other choice but to abandon completely a mythological manner of representation.

If and campaign
If Diocletian ever did enter Rome shortly after his accession, he did not stay long ; he is attested back in the Balkans by 2 November 285, on campaign against the Sarmatians.
*" If stones could speak " featuring all cemeteries, monuments and relics related to the Gallipoli campaign.
If the German people has again now sacrificed around 160, 000 dead in the eastern campaign, the originators of this bloody conflict will have to pay for it with their lives.
If so, he went back to business as usual in Gaul, for, from June to August of that year, Julian led a successful campaign against the Attuarian Franks.
I like Charles Krauthammer and Bill O ' Reilly ... If McCain had asked me to campaign for him, I would have.
When asked about her campaign, the first lady remarked, " If you can save just one child, it's worth it.
If so many voters give their first preferences to the " weak " candidate that it ends up winning the first round, it is highly likely they will gain enough campaign momentum to have a strong chance of winning the runoff, too, and with it, the election.
If the main objective of a campaign was not the conquest of a particular city, it could simply be passed by.
If the software is expected to live for only a month or two ( e. g., very small mobile phone applications developed specifically for a certain campaign ) very little requirements documentation may be needed.
Powell then said there was " the Hispanic factor ": " If we could gather together all the anxieties for the future which in Britain cluster around race relations ... and then attribute them, translated into Hispanic terms, to the Americans, we would have something of the phobias which haunt the United States and addressed itself to the aftermath of the Falklands campaign ".
If the campaign was successful, Balfour could endorse Imperial Preference at the next general election.
If a candidate meets this minimum requirement, he must file his candidacy with the Maryland State Board of Elections, pay a filing fee, file a financial disclosure, and create a legal campaign financial body.
If this was Malcolm's intent, his death and that of Edward on campaign in Northumbria in November 1093 ( see Battle of Alnwick ( 1093 )) confounded his plans.
Cliff's recording of " You Can Get It If You Really Want " was used as a campaign anthem by the Sandinista National Liberation Front in the 1990 election in Nicaragua.
* Video section of the website of the British Conservative Party, where " You Can Get It If You Really Want " was used as a campaign song
If she wants to know what went wrong with the campaign, maybe she needs to take a good look in the mirror.
If a reasonable person receiving a solicitation would construe the funds they contributed to be for the purpose of funding a campaign to pass or defeat a ballot measure, then they clearly come within the reporting and disclosure requirements.
" If tickets were left to auction online, they'd bring in enough to fund a state Senate campaign ".
If true, this would be a violation of both state and Federal campaign finance laws.
If a soldier is rendered " out of action " during a mission, the person is considered dead and not available for the rest of the campaign.
Humphrey was an enthusiastic successor of his father's New Deal-inspired political philosophy, and throughout his career he remained devoted to traditional progressive ideals as well as their more modern manifestations: " If you think that being too liberal means raising the minimum wage, advocating health care for everyone, protecting the environment, taking on the tobacco industry, enacting campaign finance reform, and putting more cops on the streets, then guess what?
:" If Carl Zeidler had not asked Jim Doolittle to manage his campaign, Doolittle would never have contacted me about it.
Ríos Montt is best known outside Guatemala for heading a military regime ( 1982 – 1983 ) that was responsible for having defeated the guerrillas through the " guns and beans " campaign, maintaining " If you are with us, we ’ ll feed you, if not, we ’ ll kill you ".
If the recall campaign qualified less than 180 days prior to the next regularly scheduled election, then the recall becomes part of that regularly scheduled election.
If the purpose of the ultimate vote was for an election, no speeches from private citizens were heard, and instead, the candidates for office used the Convention to campaign.

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