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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 731
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

If and nothing
If Robinson was a liar and a slanderer, he was also a very canny gentleman, for nothing that Pike could do would pry so much as a single word out of him.
If nothing is produced, there is no obligation to repay.
If it could be shown that judgments of good and bad were not judgments at all, that they asserted nothing true or false, but merely expressed emotions like `` Hurrah '' or `` Fiddlesticks '', then these wayward judgments would cease from troubling and weary heads could be at rest.
If anyone asked us, after we made the remark that the suffering was a bad thing, whether we should think it relevant to what we said to learn that the incident had never occurred and no pain had been suffered at all, we should say that it made all the difference in the world, that what we were asserting to be bad was precisely the suffering we thought had occurred back there, that if this had not occurred, there was nothing left to be bad, and that our assertion was in that case mistaken.
If there is nothing evil in these things, if they get their moral complexion only from our feeling about them, why shouldn't they be greeted with a cheer??
If the latter knows nothing about the absent sitter except his name ( given by the experimenter ), he cannot possibly give any clues, conscious or unconscious, far less ask leading questions.
If they were, Walter Lippmann would be writing the same columns as George Sokolsky, and Herb Lock would have nothing to draw cartoons about.
If nothing is done, the prospect is that that road will be in default of interest in 1962.
If, in Larkin's eyes, they are nothing but Piccadilly farmers, he has as much to learn about them as they have to learn about the ways of truly rural living.
If I am not to be Mrs. Salter I am nothing ''.
`` If I am not to be Mrs. Salter then I am nothing ''.
In the words of Henry Chadwick, " If the Consolation contains nothing distinctively Christian, it is also relevant that it contains nothing specifically pagan either ... is a work written by a Platonist who is also a Christian, but is not a Christian work.
If this is so, there would exist nothing that could bring anything into existence.
If the desired user's code has nothing in common with the signal the correlation should be as close to zero as possible ( thus eliminating the signal ); this is referred to as cross correlation.
If the business ' debts exceed its assets, the bankruptcy restructuring results in the company's owners being left with nothing ; instead, the owners ' rights and interests are ended and the company's creditors are left with ownership of the newly reorganized company.
If the frame contains areas where nothing has moved, the system simply issues a short command that copies that part of the previous frame, bit-for-bit, into the next one.
If we wish for nothing but what God wills, we shall be truly free, and all will come to pass with us according to our desire ; and we shall be as little subject to restraint as Zeus himself.
If this is done on fractals, however, no new detail appears ; nothing changes and the same pattern repeats over and over, or for some fractals, nearly the same pattern reappears over and over.
A bureau chief stated, " If any member had been excluded it would have been the same thing, it has nothing to do with Fox or the White House or the substance of the issues ".
Assume it is true for all numbers less than n. If n is prime, there is nothing more to prove.
If Daniel's Vita is trustworthy ( and there is nothing against which to judge its accuracy ), then John came to the Vatos Monastery at Mount Sinai, now Saint Catherine's Monastery, and became a novice when he was about 16 years old.
If unsuccessful, nothing interesting occurs.
If so, we have nothing to do: finished

If and else
Somebody, got to be somebody If I don't put my two cents in soon, somebody else will I know they're waitin only for one thing: for the bastards what done it to be nailed.
If anyone thought of the John Harvey, it was to observe that she was straddled by a pair of ships heavily laden with high explosive and if they were hit the John Harvey would likely be blown up with her own ammo and whatever else it was that she carried.
If you look at a reading meant for someone else, you will probably see that many of the items could be considered as applicable to you, even when you were not in the picture at all!!
Immanuel Kant, writing in 1790, observes of a man " If he says that canary wine is agreeable he is quite content if someone else corrects his terms and reminds him to say instead: It is agreeable to me ," because " Everyone has his own ( sense of ) taste ".
If that steady-state signal was interrupted, it indicated one of two things: either the operator was about to start transmitting, or something else had happened to break the connection — such as a physical break in the telegraph line.
If the algorithm is symmetric, the key must be known to the recipient and sender and to no one else.
If you slaughter sheep, you will be considered guilty of a crime .” He issued a regulation to that effect ... 1279 / 1280 under Qubilai all the Muslims say: “ if someone else slaughters animal we do not eat ”.
A more specific question could be: " If someone else can make better out of his / her life than I can, is it then moral to sacrifice myself for them if needed?
fac ( 0 ) -> 1 ; % If 0, then return 1, otherwise ( note the semicolon ; meaning ' else ')
If there's anything else Korzybski's work, I don't see it.
If caught with a gun anywhere else severe penalties are in force, including arrest.
: If we have deprived or dispossessed any Welshmen of lands, liberties, or anything else in England or in Wales, without the lawful judgement of their equals, these are at once to be returned to them.
If the chain of events leading up to the person having something meets this criterion, they are entitled to it: that they possess it is just, and what anyone else does or doesn't have or need is irrelevant.
If I'd known that my mother had this plan, I would have become something else.
If someone else bets first, he can raise, thus increasing the value of the pot by two bets.
* If a player has three of a kind and nothing else, he should play three of a kind behind and the remaining high cards in front unless they are aces.
If any part of either wrestler is in contact with the ropes or has otherwise broken the plane of ropes all grappling contact between the wrestlers must be broken within a five count or else the attacking wrestler may be subject to disqualification.
If all else failed, a besieger could claim the booty of his conquest undamaged, and retain his men and equipment intact, for the price of a well-placed bribe to a disgruntled gate-keeper.
* If you or anyone else has any further questions you can contact:
If Buddhist monks " see, hear or know " a living animal was killed specifically for them to eat, they must refuse it or else incur an offense.
If I was a follower of the great man from Pesaro, so was everyone else "
If nothing else, Roger Williams had gathered and resigned from the Providence church before the town of Newport was even founded.
If all else fails, it should issue an INT 18h BIOS interrupt call ( followed by an INT 19h just in case INT 18h would return ) in order to give back control to the BIOS, which would then attempt to boot off other devices, attempt a remote boot via network or invoke ROM BASIC.
Experiments examine how people make inferences from conditionals e. g., If A then B and how they make inferences about alternatives, e. g., A or else B.

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