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Importantly and while
Importantly, he is distinct from the character of Brian, which is also evident in the scene where an annoying and ungrateful ex-leper pesters Brian for money, while moaning that since Jesus cured him, he has lost his source of income in the begging trade ( referring to Jesus as a " bloody do-gooder ").
Importantly, " the pluralistic therapist can hold personal religious beliefs while appreciating those of a client with different religious beliefs.
Importantly, A and B terms are independent of temperature while the C term is dependent on temperature.
Importantly, while this text certainly lays the theoretical groundwork for musical formalism, formal analysis is something that Hanslick himself never did.

Importantly and added
Importantly, scavengers such as cresol are added to the HF in order to prevent reactive t-butyl cations from generating undesired products.

Importantly and is
Importantly, the Convention is legally binding ; countries that join it (' Parties ') are obliged to implement its provisions.
Importantly, a reward was offered in what is called the " qui tam " provision, which permits citizens to sue on behalf of the government and be paid a percentage of the recovery.
Importantly, it is not incumbent upon Muslims to subscribe to the Fatwa of any authority they do not themselves choose to accept as legally binding.
Importantly, however, the fact that the negative argument of irreducible complexity is testable does not make testable the argument for ID.
Importantly, as interactions between proteins are reversible, and depend heavily on the availability of different groups of partner proteins to form aggregates that are capable to carry out discrete sets of function, study of the interactions between specific proteins is a key to understand important aspects of cellular function, and ultimately the properties that distinguish particular cell types.
Importantly, p21 mRNA is clearly present and upregulated after the DDR in hESCs, but p21 protein is not detectable.
Importantly, intervention on the number or structure of promoter-bound proteins is one key to treating a disease without affecting expression of unrelated genes sharing elements with the target gene.
Importantly, the Act defines a vexatious proceeding to include a proceeding brought without merit or any prospect of success, with the consequence that it is not necessary to prove the existence of any improper motive in order to obtain relief under the Act.
Importantly, recent studies have demonstrated that diverse animal and human tissues are in fact capable of producing morphine itself, which is not a peptide.
Importantly, the pharmaceutical company involved in the neem case argued that as traditional Indian knowledge of the properties of the neem tree had never been published in an academic journal, such knowledge did not amount to " prior art " ( prior art is the term used when previously existing knowledge bars a patent ).
Importantly, the existence of full communion, as thus understood, does not presume that there is no difference in rites or in doctrine between the two Churches, but rather that these differences do not touch on points defined as essential.
Importantly, autonomy is linked to a capacity for good governance.
Importantly, an individual's base-line happiness is not entirely determined by their genetics, and not even by the early life influences on those genetics.
Importantly, because coalition governments can fall without the minimum amount of support, even a small number of seats would likely provide the Greens with a significant amount of influence over decisions not seen as being particularly contentious ( such as environmental protection, which is in theory supported by most Israeli political parties ).
Importantly, stereopsis is not usually present when viewing a scene with one eye, when viewing a picture of a scene with both eyes, or when someone with abnormal binocular vision ( strabismus ) views a scene with both eyes.
Importantly, the objective viewpoint is fundamentally unable to help people fully understand ourselves.
Importantly, during air breathing, the sixth gill is still used in respiration ; deoxygenated blood loses some of its carbon dioxide as it passes though the gill before reaching the lung.
Importantly, the risk of erectile dysfunction after brachytherapy is less than after radical prostatectomy.
Importantly, the volume of the pneumothorax can show limited correlation with the intensity of the symptoms experienced by the victim, and physical signs may not be apparent if the pneumothorax is relatively small.
Importantly, because every valid covariance function is a scalar product of vectors, by construction the matrix K is a non-negative definite matrix.

Importantly and no
Importantly, it makes no reference to the microscopic nature of matter.
Importantly, there was no central executive power, and therefore laws were enforced only by the people.
Importantly, Hirsch was very clear that Derech Eretz in no sense allows for halakhic compromise.
Importantly, when the same experiment was carried out with sighted people who did not echolocate, these individuals could not perceive the objects and there was no echo-related activity anywhere in the brain.
Importantly, plants used for cuttings carrying no outward symptoms of infection may still transmit the pathogen.
Importantly, the change is persistent, in that it lasts throughout the animal's life, and specific, in that the same exposure outside of that period causes no lasting change in the tonotopy of A1.
Importantly, Erasmus proposes that the contemporary focus should move from an emphasis on “ Aboriginal Rights to relationship between peoples ; from crying needs to vigorous capacity ; from individual citizenship to nations within the nation state .” He suggests that the pursuit of seeking recognition of Aboriginal Rights through the Canadian courts should change because “ Litgation is no way to build a community .” Erasmus reasserts instead, the importance of treaty making as a way forward to build renewed relationships built on “ mutual trust ” and a bond “ like that of brothers who might have different gifts and follow different paths, but who could be counted on to render assistance to one another in times of need .”
Importantly, none of these questions can be answered with a simple " yes " or " no ".
Importantly, the later players must have some information of the first's choice, otherwise the difference in time would have no strategic effect.
Importantly, no value judgement is entailed as all guna are indivisible and mutually qualifying.
Importantly, there is no central authority which can effectively restrain personal violence such as raids which often escalate by involving friends and relatives to vendettas and wars.

Importantly and between
Importantly, despite the fact that Moore's spirited defense led to more than a 4-to-1 ratio between North Vietnamese casualties and U. S. casualties in their first major engagement of the war, Moore considers the battle a draw because the U. S. forces left the area, allowing the North Vietnamese to reassert control.
Importantly, there was a gap between the tire and foam barriers.
Importantly the ness and the coastline between Pett Level and Hythe are volatile.
Importantly granitoid – greenstone terranes and high-grade gneiss belts in the Gawler Craton, Antarctica, India, and China provide evidence for a second cycle of convergent margin tectonics and collision of cratons between 2. 6 and 2. 42 Ga.
Importantly, the investment will replace the signalling system between Casino and Greenbank with modern equipment.
Importantly, the 4th Division of the V Corps was deployed between Bihac and Bosanski Petrovac and the 9th Division of the VIII Corps was deployed between Livno and Bosansko Grahovo.

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